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01 Sep 2018 17:06:06
Not the greatest of games. Certainly not the greatest of results but let's remember we are a team in transition. We will have more games like this until we gel into the team we all want. Keep the faith. Grab hold of the few positives DCL is scoring more regularly than last season, Lookman is back in the fold, Tosun is due a goal soon - he play deserves it. Zouma and Holgate look good together

Still undefeated but 2 points lost


{Ed002's Note - Transition is always the great Merseyside excuse for "maybe the manager isn't who we thought" and "maybe the money wasn't spent well". I notice that even with Richarlison injured and Bernard struggling that Lookman still didn't get a start - must be a massive confience boost for him.}

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01 Sep 2018 17:29:42
Dcl took his place and scored though, and in fact had more efforts than the other 21 players on pitch. Lookman will get his chance and then we can assess how right/ wrong club were to keep him. No Everton can argue with the draw. sometimes it's not your day. Merseyside excuse or not. Have a GREAT weekend ed.

01 Sep 2018 19:21:32
Ed2. I wonder if you are lookman agent. You slate the club for not giving him a chance but 4 managers have not rated him to start soeither the lad is not good enough or they are not as good a manager as you.
The lad obviously has talent but whether he has the application or not, I don't know.

{Ed002's Note - He was a child when he arrived. If they don’t think he is good enough why are Everton going out of their way tos crew up his career when there is a better side that wants to buy him and the player wants to leave. Clubs like Everton are the reason there will always be work for Sam Allardyce.}

01 Sep 2018 20:11:26
Geoff, doesn't matter what anyone outside club thinks about the Everton-lookman situation. he is an Everton player. got his chance today. and no doubt will get further chances to prove how good we all think he is.

01 Sep 2018 20:18:59
My opinion, Ed, is maybe we are waiting for him to mature and become more consistent with his game. He is very talented but has little or no end product. Similar to Ronaldo at utd. Lots of tricks but poor decision making. Ronaldo learned and Everton must be hoping lookman does the same. If he does, he could be absolutely world class.

{Ed002's Note - He wants to leave and supporters of the Merseyside clubs over use the term “world class”.}

01 Sep 2018 20:20:27
P. s. are Leipzig really a better side than Everton? Put them in the prem and both sides would be finishing 6-10 at roughly same level.

{Ed002's Note - Ok then, a more successful side than Everton.}

01 Sep 2018 20:26:32
P. p. s ed2 you said everton should get proper football advice and we did upon appointing Silva so the fans will accept Silva, at least for 12 months before slagging him off. Plus we spent money in areas we needed to address weaknesses (not necessarily quality but bodies in right spots)
Everton fans are prepared to be patient and give this new management team time, I hope.

{Ed002's Note - I would not say that the person who advised taking on Silva was someone who can give good advice.}

01 Sep 2018 21:10:41
I have in the past criticised Mr Kenwright, believing him to be sometimes the stumbling block when going for transfer negotiations. That does not mean that I do not believe him to be a good bloke that has done his best for our great Club but I honestly believe he should have taken a step back a couple of seasons ago. The appointment of Mr Silva does appear to have been a strange decision, given we are supposed to be a Club with a long term plan (Stadium etc) , Mr Silva's non-achievements (so far) in the Premiership aside, he is not exactly known for staying at any Club for long. Yes we do have to give him time but keep our feet firmly on the ground and remember with respect we have not played any of the supposed Top Clubs yet. The one plus I believe and it is a huge plus is that we have a DoF with superb contacts in the game and one that has respect across the game. To the game, pleased to see Lookman get a game and I did not see a player caught in headlights I saw a player that can attack and cause problems. Zouma I already knew is a good player and he showed his class today. I look forward to seeing how he and Mina get on together, both will not be bullied and both can bring the ball out. Today was indeed a preservation of our unbeaten status but also real case of dropped points. 5 points behind after 4 games, if we are really to progress, that gap must not get any wider.

01 Sep 2018 21:03:04
If i remember rightly you said we had taken 'Good' advice regarding this manager appointment compared to previous advice.
Also, not sure Leipzig are more successful than Everton. They have won very little, if anything plus are only a relatively young club built on red bull money. Otherwise they would be still an amateur club or clubs, if i remeber r8oghtly, as they were. Whereas Everton have won a European trophy, regardless of it being over 30 years ago.
Also just because a player wants to leave doesn't mean he should be allowed to. It seems from you ed that we should let him go. The club own the contract that the player signed willingly so he should honour that contract unless the club decides they don't want the player anymore.

{Ed002's Note - No, I said Everton needed advice, I certainly would not have said Everton paid for “good” advice about the manager - and I have explained over and over that I remain far from convinced about the journeyman Everton recruited as a manager. If you want to go back and talk about Everton winning something when dinosaurs roamed the Earth then fine, but RBL have gotten themselves in a position where the are playing in Europe (Champions League and Europa League) and that with them being a progressive club will be of far more interest and relevance to players than Everton telling tales of long, long before he was born.

You clearly don’t have any grasp about how the game works.}

01 Sep 2018 21:05:44
You ok Ed2? You seem a bit down. I’ve been reading the forum for a short time and you seem insightful and mostly helpful and open minded. But what exactly has Lookman done for you to be so down on him?

He’s still very young with lots to learn, including how to respect the club that pays his wages. But the window is closed and he’s still here, so the club must think the relationship is salvageable or maybe just that we can get more money longer term.

They might be wrong, but to write him off as someone who can only play left wing and will get no chances to play seems harsh given his success with England youth teams and at RBL. I can’t see any reason not to give him a few run outs off the bench or otherwise at both LW and RW and maybe even through the middle.

Anyway, cheer up. I don’t think we needed Allardyce last year and hopefully we won’t need his ilk again. And maybe Lookman will get the odd goal and fulfil some of his potential.

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what you are talking about. You clearly don’t understand any of the posts.}

01 Sep 2018 21:38:39
Ed. I give up. Your anti Merseyside bias is becoming tedious. I really love. your knowledge and factual info but i feel sometimes think you get blinkered when discussing Merseyside clubs.
Maybe you would be happy if we let lookman go and he sat on the bench for Leipzig rather than sit on bench for Everton.

{Ed002's Note - I have no anti-Merseyside bias. I explained from the start that Everton paid for advice from someone who should never have been asked and that I am far from convinced about an unproven journeyman manager they have hired - I haven't even bothered to mention the abject stupidity of spending a great deal of money on three players who don't speak English. But at least his failures so far are not hidden by the suggestion that Everton are in a period of transition. Oh wait.

I think you will find that there is no bias there, just "good" opinion and simple truths. RBL were looking to Lookman as a starter - not to sit on the bench.}

01 Sep 2018 22:06:50
There was only rb Leipzig who came in for Lookman, I really hope you were not referring to this team who were formed 9 years ago and as of yet no Silverwere as better than Everton.

{Ed002's Note - Look where they have got to in the past few years - Everton have done nothing for years and years and years. Seemingly simple facts are something you are struggling with.}

01 Sep 2018 22:07:30
Maybe ed but he was a sub for a lot of his games last season. Football is still luck as a player. Right place, right time and talent. So many great players fall by the wayside due to competition and poor attitude. Only time will tell if lookman is good but also maybe the move will do him well, if it happens in the future.
Language barriers are not as much of a problem now because clubs will employ translators and player liaisons and provide language courses etc.
Btw no such thing as a 'Good' opinion. It's just your opinion and everyone is entitled to their own.
As I said during the summer maybe if you offered your services to Everton regarding manager choice then we may have got the 'Right' man for the job.

{Ed002's Note - Please, please tell me about the translators Everton have employed. Who do Everton have as player liaison for players who are at the club. You are living in a fantasy world GJ.}

01 Sep 2018 22:14:46
I'm not saying we have but I'm pretty sure it's an option for the club. I must apologise because i obviously forgot you know everything about every club in the world and their finances, training, employees, advisors, etc.
Maybe if we knew exactly how you know the info you do then we would accept your word as true but until then we must assume you are a Chelsea fan with many connections.

{Ed002's Note - Why be such a cretin? You are not the only Everton fan who seems to know so little about the club that I have to explain these things.}

01 Sep 2018 22:21:42
Wigan Ath were playing in the none league until the mid seventies, look where they got to and where they are now, at least Wigan landed a trophy, so again regardless of Everton not landing any Silverwere for a while, you cannot honestly say rb Leipzig are better, the potential in the future may hold well, but for now you cannot seriously believe Rb are better, just because they worked their way up from the lower leagues, Wimbledon, Watford, Wigan Ath, Bournemouth all rose from the very bottom end of the lower leagues, it happens.

{Ed002's Note - No, you keep searching for more pitiful examples. At least RBL has to now bother with the Champions League and Europa League - something Everton don’t need to worry about.}

01 Sep 2018 22:26:55
Of course we don't know a lot about the club as we are fans not employees. Not being a cretin. Just don't see why our opinion (and the manager) regarding lookman being an option and a future good player makes you so angry. The plate is contracted to the club so the club can keep him until they decide to sell or he goes on strike and forfeits financially.
The club had bought players to play football (regardless of English ability) and must build a squad to become as successful as possible. Other players maybe able to communicate with non-english speaking players.
You may not agree with the term transition but all clubs go through it when changing manager, even when klopp joined Liverpool. Success takes time.

{Ed002's Note - I am not angry - to say Lookman will be “world class” is laughable. Holding on to players who want to leave is not a good idea - particularly those who won’t be playing. Buying three players who do not speak English including one who has really struggled to learn is truly dumb. You thoughts about other players translating for them is also truly dumb. It will continue to be a laugherable farce. And as for your transition example, Liverpool - that rather proves my point that it is something that Merseyside clubs use as an excuse. The constant and extremely naive views about Everton are embarrassing - exempt from FFP because of Lukaku, £200M per window on transfers ...}

01 Sep 2018 22:52:57
I, for one, have not mentioned Lukaku or 200 mil. Liverpool have taken 2-3 years to get from Rodgers to challenging for titles under klopp so that is transition period. By your reckoning we should only buy English players and we should let players go whenever they want to.
Also if lookman is not going to be world class then there is no problem with him continuing his career at a lowly club like Everton. He only wants to leave because he is struggling to get first team role due to talent, application, attitude or rift with manager. (We may never know which) .
Us as fans don't buy players, the club do and we just support them. Plenty of clubs have bought players who don't speak the local lingo and they do ok. Bale and mcmanaman for real Madrid for one.

{Ed002's Note - (1) Not you but others have - and at no point did I suggest those particular gems of wisdom were yours. (2) As I said - Liverpool is the other Merseyside club - does that come as a surprise? (3) Could you please point me at where I said Everton should only buy English players? (4) Lookman wants to go, someone wants to buy him. Everton added two players who play in the same position. He wants to leave to improve himself - he has wanted to leave since long before Everton made the mistake over the manger. (5) The fans are generally unsupportive of the players, happy to constantly trash them and call them such nice things as “deadwood”. (6) Please name the “plenary of clubs” who have purchased three players who can communicate with each other but not the rest of the players in the same window?}

01 Sep 2018 22:57:51
Chaps you have to understand everyone has an opinion. Take the information dispensed but also research things for yourselves and use both to come to a conclusion that makes you feel content. You may be wrong but if you feel happy then hey. you're a winner. Like many on here I'm a well educated chap, you may say an expert in my field, with degrees etc and I'd like to think i'm also open minded, with the ability to understand and interpret information without bias or ignorance. anything else is foolish.

01 Sep 2018 23:07:58
1) my assumption of your comment. I apologise.
2) anti-Merseyside bias?
3) just your comment about players not being able to communicate. Football is a universal language.
4) Just because he wants to leave doesn't mean he can. He signed a good contract and must abide by those terms.
5) fans are entitled to their opinion. They but their season tickets.
6) maybe not the same window but it is Silva problem to enable communication not the fans. Hence see point 3.

{Ed002's Note - (2) Actually I think stating Liverpool are a Merseyside club is factually accurate rather than any sort of bias. (3) You will find that the vast majority of players registered to English clubs can speak English but many come from countries that don’t have English as a first language. I find the thought that “football is a universal language” to be cringeworthy. (4) As I have said previously, you seem to struggle with the basic premise of contracts and transfers. (5) You can put your season ticket wherever you wish. My comment was in response to your statement - it now seems you have changed your mind. (6) I don’t understand your comment - nobody has suggested it is the responsibility of the fans. Silva was the DF who created the issue.}

02 Sep 2018 11:18:36
Stop getting so wound up by ed02. He is just giving an inciteful opinion from the outside looking in. Being a blue for many years makes all of us emotionally tied and our success rate in 30 years has been minimal which adds to frustrations. In my opinion Lookman was only kept on because Richarlison got sent off snd Bernard got injured, otherwise he would have been in the squad more. Too many injuries at present to fully assess how the new manager and players will perform. Need at least 25 games before proper analysis.

06 Sep 2018 14:23:28
We have to be realistic about what Everton can achieve in the short to medium term - the top six clubs have been better funded for many years and benefit from larger stadia and better squads. In fact, hardly any players outside the top six would get a regular game at the top six and it’s not realistic to attract their better players. So we have to find a slightly different route to try and disrupt the top six, but hopefully without doing a Leeds and living the CL dream, only to end up in the Championship nightmare.

This might involve paying an inflated price for promising youngsters like Richarlison or buying Barcelona subs and taking a punt on ‘lightweight’ non English speaking players like Bernard. It could even involve keeping some of our U20 World Cup winners like DCL, Dowell, Kenny, Connolly and, wait for it. Lookman, with a view to improving the team as the players mature. They might not be Everton’s version of the class of ‘92 and turn into world beaters, in fact most of them won’t, but I for one would like to see them get a chance to help us evolve. If one or two do break through, hopefully we can hold onto them instead of losing them before their prime a la Jeffers, Rooney and Barkley.

So yes, Lookman isn’t currently first choice and prefers to play LW where we have Richarlison. But he’s only 20 and we aren’t desperate for the cash, so let’s wait and see how he performs if and when opportunities arise. If he’s not performing and is still not happy in January or next summer or is being disruptive, then maybe we’ll cash in.

And Marco Silva might not be the best or most loyal manager around - for example our set piece is not looking great. But at least we are trying to play good football and make progress. I would certainly prefer that than the dross that we played under Allardyce, which would never have made top six. We are going to need some luck (or serious money) to fundamentally change the fortunes of the club, but we have a great history and good prospects. So put us down all you like and if it makes you feel better, tell us that we are simpletons.

I’m proud to be an Everton fan and looking forward to the next few years - it should be a fun time, full of different opinions and banter and hopefully the odd trophy. COYB.



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