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02 Sep 2018 09:29:19
Well yesterday was not a great performance.

I like DCL and think he's got a great career ahead of him as a centre forward. However, as a winger he is absolutely shocking and should never be played out there.

We played yesterday like we had one arm tied behind our back with him constantly passing the ball back when he picked it up on the left. There was also no overlapping runs and he constaly wasted the runs of Digne.

On the right hand side Coleman and Theo failed to link up properly and Coleman seemed rather static. So down both flanks it all stopped working.

Sig was also off yesterday and failed to join the left and right attacks and stayed mainly central. One of the real highlights of Wednesday was how he linked up with Digne. There was none of that yesterday.

The big difference though yesterday from the other games was pace. Where did it all go. No one seemed brave enough to take hold of the ball and run at them.

Personally, I would have played Dowell in the no10 and moved Sig out left and drop Davies to the bench. Or make that change in the second half instead of the like for like sub of Digne and Baines. This sub didn't offer anything new.

Lookman came on and showed why he is still a long way off starting for the first team. His positional sense is a huge liability. He failed to track back on a number of occasions and going forward he was almost moving into the no10 than giving support wide on the right and attacking the flank. Sandro for me would have been the better option to stay. He at least attempts to run the flank and help Coleman going forward.

He has got potential and it's one game but it's the same as what I saw last season. In a league dominated by one and a lot of teams more Chamionship and less intense as the EPL maybe Germany is the best place for him. If he wants to succeed here then he needs to up his work rate and use and help his team mates.

We are still struggling with Zonal but from open play again we looked dominant. I would be so much more worried if it was the other way around. Zuma has come in and looks a good player. I think he could be a regular for Chelsea in the next season or so.

However, Holgate drives me insane at the moment. He constantly gave the ball away and never used Davies properly at all. There were times he needed to give a simple pass to him but instead tried going directly to the no10 only to never find him. He didn't succeed once.

As for the zonal marking. For some reason on the goal we had a huge amount of players at the front post but completely neglected the middle. That didn't look like zonal marking for me and there seemed to be players not setting up right at all.

This has been the best game to assess where we are going to end up this season so far for me and I stand by that 10th to 7th is the most realistic. I'll be happy with that and I think there is plenty to be positive about.

People see what they want to see. I personally see a defense that is brilliant in open play and light years ahead of last year. We look strong, quick and alert. We are stopping attacks more from the front and we are set up really well to stop the ball over the top. However, we are a long way off on corners and utilising zonal marking correctly.

Going forward, when the more direct wingers are not on the pitch we lack the ability to play Silvas style of play which is all about pace and quick movement. Lookman needs training on his work rate, positional sense and to use and help the players around him if he to get anywhere near starting in the first team.

Well done to Huddersfield but to learn on how to deal with this type of team.

{Ed025's Note - good well balanced summary there john..

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02 Sep 2018 10:14:23
Can’t disagree with a lot of that BJU I think it’s more a case of a bad day at the office, but we need to stay positive and remember we have players to come in that have been injured and missed a lot of pre season as well as Richarlison back from suspension.
I agree on Holgate he is also guilty of ball watching a lot of the time, I’m sure we have potential targets for January but until then he will need to find a way to get the best from the current players.

02 Sep 2018 10:20:05
Brilliant objective post bluejohn. spot on mate. just to add. Huddersfield came to spoil and make it as difficult as possible. credit to them it worked.

02 Sep 2018 12:40:19
Unbeaten, new manager, new tactics, players not ready or injuried, players suspended, 4 games in, not lost, same team as last year at the moment aparts from zouma and signe yesterday, playing better, not quite getting the result, it's all positive and we shouldn't start being negative, look at West ham, bet they would change places with us .

02 Sep 2018 13:06:30
Simon, Thanks man I think we needed that :)

02 Sep 2018 14:08:32
Agree with most. Thought Lookman did okay, confidence bound to be low, see if Mr Silvas reputed man management prowess can have an affect. Zonal marking nor easy to see live but on motd look at young Davis for their goal resulting corner. The lad is literally looking at the area he is in, not at the corner or ball coming in, then as bluejohn says they were either static or 3 or 4 bunched blue shirts in a 'zone' yards away from the opposing threats. After 4 games we are 5 points behind that is the reality. Under Martinez first season we romped the first few games. Against teams we should quite frankly beat in particular when 2 goals up, it was same old. I agree Mr Silva needs time, he was not my first choice (not second either to be fair) , but as always he is 'our' Manager so should be supported.

02 Sep 2018 16:53:38
Hope people realise I'm not being negative here and just pointing out what went wrong yesterday. Overall, I'm chuffed to bits this season.

However, I like to try and give a fair assessment of the match. I'll praise to the hilt when we win and talk about the positives but if we've had a stinker I'll give a view on that as well. The manager seems to be aware of the same things we are all seeing and that's a good start.

We're doing well boys and loads to be proud of so far. 😉.

02 Sep 2018 14:00:25
I think it has a lot to do with the zonal marking where we are having teething problems at the moment, do we stick with this and hope sooner or later it will click with the players or do we go back to man marking.

Once we get this sorted and some of the players back, we can move forward and turn draws into wins.

Welcome back Ed25, just wondering if Everton let Ed02 down on his Accra yesterday.

{Ed025's Note - i dont know abut that bignev :), cheers mate and i think zonal marking will take a while to get used to, im not a fan of it myself but it seems silva is set on it..

02 Sep 2018 17:38:46
Bluejohnus, had this conversation with Ed002 when we were having the robust debate about Lookman. My take was that DcL is not suited to the LW role whereas Ed002 thought he would be an adequate alternative to Richarlison during his suspension. I say at this point always respected the Eds point of view and in particular Ed002 and his somewhat informed insight (although disagree on many occasions) . I have also read on some comments that a season finish somewhere between 7th and 10th is respectable and acceptable. I have to say that if that is a given what was wrong with Alardyce and finishing 8th from the starting position he was given. I am of similar, perhaps older age as Keen17. Us old uns know stuff, perhaps not put over now a days as these edumacated young un's, but we do.

02 Sep 2018 18:31:01
There you go Ed025 I am not a fan of Zonal either. I think Mr Silva needs his ears wiping. Your comment of him being set on it, does sound like the obstinance of a certain Mr Martinez. I love this Team, I love this Club and I am absolutely certain to have supported them for longer than the majority on this board. To come out after the game againt Huddersfield and come out with the platitude 'we need to improve' is quite frankly an embarrassment.

{Ed025's Note - it was poor fayre ktf thats for sure, a blip im hoping and i still have faith that things will improve mate..

02 Sep 2018 19:26:21
Hope so Ed, somehow I think your fellow Ed hit the nail on the head with this one, someone at the Club is taking or has taken very poor advice on who to bring in as Manager. This is a Club supposedly going places with a long term vision, we have brought in a head coach/ Manager who is a nomad. Who seriously hand on heart and cold day view can say these 4 results are better than Martinez first season. The reality is with our start we should be up there 4 played 4 won and to draw a game with our supposed quality after being 2 nil up is quite frankly deplorable, you won't like it but even Alardyce would have rubbed his hands with glee at our first 4 fixtures (few more mill in the bank thanks lads - thoughts! ) You have read my comments and of course whoever the Coach/ Manager it is he will have my support even though I do not agree with it.

{Ed025's Note - silva has had a bad press ktf and the fact is that he is far from nomadic its just that he has not found the right club up until now, he has high aspirations and only now will he have the chance to fulfill them, we are still a work in progress and although our start could have been better we are unbeaten and the football has been a great improvement on last year, we still have the likes of mina, bernard and gomez to come in and richarlison will be back very soon, the future is bright my friend...the future is blue..

02 Sep 2018 19:46:13
Don't think he has had a bad press at all Ed025 in fact I think the opposite and that has been the problem. Hark back to the end of May and the big build up and 'press leaks' we all knew what was happening. Perhaps nomadic was a touch harsh, but the guy does not stay long, he is certainly ambitious and does not see us as his long stay Club. I am far more impressed with the acquisition of Brands, that is where our future at ground level will be built (if we can keep hold of him) he genuinely has contacts everywhere and is very well respected. I hope I am wrong about Silva, I really do.

{Ed025's Note - so do i mate, he has been at unambitious clubs before and now he has brands who seems to be singing off the same hymn sheet and a backer in moshiri who believes in him, thats my take on things anyway..

02 Sep 2018 22:41:56
Martinez didn't come into the same situation and your comparison is like chalk and cheese.

We had a very stable period that Martinez inherited and he added attacking flair (and a 90mil striker) into the equation.

Silva has come into a team in chaos for the last 12 months with no confidence, poor performances, poor management and practising terrible football.

He's having to truly build a team from the ground up instead of having one handed to him on a plate.

As for the football. Just because he likes attacking football it doesn't mean they play the same football. They are a million miles apart.

Martinez plays slow and controlling football. Whereas, Silva likes the high press with fluid fast pace attacks. The other difference is defence in that Silva has utilised a quick backline and a robust sweeper keeper to make us solid in open play. However, Martinez played a very high line with little work done in almost three years to stop us being vulnerable against counter attacking and deep lying teams. It's why we got beat in games like the 4nil loss in the derby.

Having a go at him, questioning his management, commitment but then saying "He's our manager" is not supporting him. If you don't like him and want someone else just say it and be honest with yourself. I'd probably respect your comments more KTF.

03 Sep 2018 10:21:59
Said from the beginning I did not want him nothing to do with like, I don't do personal. And nothing wrong with the statement 'but he is our manager, so he has my support' Over the years (many of them) We have had players and Managers I would not have signed, does that mean I should not support the Team? wouldn't that make me a bigot.



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