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02 Sep 2018 10:08:53
I have been an Everton supporter since 1955. Every season new players have been signed and other players have left the club. Years ago new players hit the ground running, there was non of this "needs time to settle in, get to know his team mates etc".

I am not a footballer, only a supporter so am not an expert on these matters, but when paying massive fees and wages for players I would expect it to be for what they can do and so minimal settling in should be necessary.

The club and supporters have high ambitions for Everton F. C. to return to where they once were, ie the top club in England. Supporters seem split on the choice of the current manager as to whether he will succeed or stay the long term. Myself I feel he could develop into a top coach, but don't feel he will be at Everton long term.

After 4 league games played, against Wolves, Southampton, Bournemouth and Huddersfield I would have expected maximum points. With all due respect to those clubs, we should have beaten them all. What I think is that those clubs have a better manager than Everton have in that their managers get 100% from their players and can grind out a result of some sort. To go 2-0 up at Bournemouth and give it away is not good enough, you might say same old Everton again.

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02 Sep 2018 13:03:12
To be fair Keen when you were growing up the league was almost exclusively Uk born players who would have been comfortable with the language and way of life in the country where they would be playing, now they have to come to terms with a new country, a new culture, and in many cases a completely new language I would think all that would take time to get your head around some might never manage it so I am happy to be patient and hopefully we will see the best they have to offer and I doubt us getting on their backs will make all that any easier.

02 Sep 2018 13:14:16
But Keen17, you have to take into consideration the past. Particularly last season and how poor the squad had become over successive seasons. Some of last season's performances were just dire. We improved towards the end, but overall were very poor. The new manager has signed some players, but a couple were/ are out injured. Then there was the sending offs. I would also add that some decisions have gone a little bit against us. So I would say that when he has had time to pick a sttled side. Judge him then. I am certainly happier with the squad now than last season. This time last season we were losing left right and center. So far we are unbeaten and playing football that is much more attractive and entertaining. Richarlison is a quality player. We will see if the others are. but they will certainly offer us more than Baines, Jags and Martina will over the next few seasons. I love Jags and Baines. but have to say both are struggling and should have had replacements in 2 seasons ago. that is not the new managers fault! Nor was the lack of a left sided midfielder, a center forward and cover for the full backs. Martinez and Koeman are to blame! Even Allardyce signed Walcott and Tosun! Anyway, give the guy a chance. He says the right things, is signing what seems to be the right players in the right positions and the team are entertaining once again!

02 Sep 2018 15:34:01
This is a very long competition which is rarely decided in the first 3 weeks. I’d agree that I also expected to have more points by now but the points mage by ToffeAl and Degsy are spot on.

Our biggest problem is zonal marking, which will take time and we’re still waiting for all our defensive resources to become available.

One of the biggest differences for me from last season is that I can see what we are trying to do and it just needs to click and then watch out! Whereas last season I tried to see positives but had to admit defeat.

It’s coming Keen mate.

02 Sep 2018 16:22:28
You've got to be patient after all the changes. With regard to players hitting the ground running I remember Kendall making his debut. He wasn't that great but certainly became a true great and until the red card Richarlson's had an instant impact.

02 Sep 2018 16:49:10
To be honest I expected at least 1 defeat within the first few games. I thought it would take longer, especially after preseason performances for the players to buy into Silva.

However, the players have surprised me and the performances have been much better than expected.

For me I don't expect us to really see the best of this team until January and February and then be ready for next next season for a real push into 5th or 6th.

It always takes time to gel and get used to your teammates and style of play. We just need patience and extend our lower expectation for this team to more than 4 games!

02 Sep 2018 16:53:01
Toffee al, degsyp, Toffee ace and Tedster, I respect and agree with all your comments about my earlier post. While there are encouraging signs with the team and manager I would have expected better results against the less fancied teams. It doesn’t fill me with confidence so far for when we come up against the more so called bigger clubs. Hopefully by year end a better picture can be seen. The last thing I wanted to do was be critical of individuals.

02 Sep 2018 17:25:21
It is quite simple lads and Keen is correct even more so in these days of supposed Professionalism. To go 2-0 up and lose that advantage smacks of poor organisation, lack of concentration and poor defensive strategy. Yesterday after the 1-1 draw with Huddersfield - a team incidentally we beat 2-0 away and home last season - I heard the same 'we should have' 'need to address' 'not what we should be doing' platitudes and excuses we heard under Mr Martinez. Always said about Mr Martinez that he was a coach first and foremost and would benefit from a competent DoF to do the Management stuff - he is now proving that with Belgium (albeit with a group of wonderful players) . Mr Silva is supposedly amongst the top echelon of man-managers, personally I doubt it, he is far to young yet and needs to gather that experience. Two weeks now to give the lads bought with existing injuries (WTF is all that about) , so hopefully once integrated they will somewhat allay my doubts.

02 Sep 2018 19:16:36
The points about zonal marking are spot on. that's why I believe Mina was signed. but as yet we have not been able to play him. Most goals conceded have been set pieces that his 6ft 5inch would have benefitted us on.

{Ed025's Note - fair point that degsy..

02 Sep 2018 21:38:42
Spurs got beat by Watford and City drew with Wolves along with United getting beat by Brighton plus West ham spent 100mil and are bottom of the league. There are no easy games in this league and no guarantees.

There is a little sense of hysteria in some people on here at the moment with little in attempt to go deeper than scratching the surface. There are many shades of blue and not all are the same.

02 Sep 2018 22:30:13
I hope your right guys. Although I've not seen a goal we've conceded this season that would have been prevented by a defender who was taller. It's the positioning that's the issue not their height in my opinion.

03 Sep 2018 18:37:51
I disagree with that one Smit mate. Quite a few goals have been set pieces that were balls over the top and beat the first defender and were also into the 6 yard bax and put away. We know we have a short keeper who is amazing at shot stopping, but not so good on crosses. So we need a giant in the center half position and a few others around who are taller too. Richarlison helps being tall as a wide player for defending set pieces. he was out this week. Jags is out. And Mina out. So we are weak at that position just at the mo. Hopefully that will change soon.

04 Sep 2018 19:33:31
Doesn't matter how tall any of them are if they don't attack the ball.
We are always 2nd to the flick on and being 7 foot 5 won't change that.
Cahill proved for years that it doesn't matter how big the defenders are it's how you attack the ball.



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