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09 Oct 2018 07:38:14
prople need to calm down, yes wer a stepping stone club that's a fact, but if these players want these big moves to top clubs they have to perform to a very high standard for us.
I can live with that as long as when they are sold the money is reinvested into replacements.
People need to slow down kicking off with the eds for simply stating facts.

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09 Oct 2018 09:34:44
We all know that most players want to play for the best clubs and win trophies. Not a problem with players saying what richarlison has. It shows ambition and drive (hazard just said similar and he not getting pilloried)
I am no way deluded to think we are a big club (in history yes but not currently) so if a player thinks they should more to a bigger club then fine as this shows they are playing well for us and must mean we are getting better. We must also be recompensed appropriately which can then be used to find replacements. The circle then continues.
For over 120 years players have come and gone. Some have been good (kanchelskis, lineker, heath) , some have been absolutely shocking (madar, hottinger, kroldrup) and some have become forever woven into the fabric of our great club (Reid, sharp, Cahill, ferguson) .
The one thing that remains is the club. No player is bigger than the club and we will have ups and downs but we must support the club, regardless of who wears the shirt. Unfortunately at present we have certain 'fans' on here who just don't seem happy regardless if we win, lose or draw. Wonder if they would even be happy if we won every game and every trophy?
Plus we have to respect the eds knowledge and opinion (may not always agree with them) as they do a great job on this site. No point going on and on over a topic as it then becomes personal.

09 Oct 2018 11:28:34
What I am asking for and hopefully we can do as a club is have a decent run of say 3 years with say the current squad ( the the odd addition ) and maybe push for top 4 / silverware.

The past couple of managers have bought large numbers of players at the start of the year and we have struggled for a settled line up - yes players are going to come and go as this is the nature of the beast but we are currently in the second league of the actual league ( top 6 / mid table / the rest ) and until we have a decent run with the same players we are going nowhere.

Most players want to play for the madrids / barcelonas etc but hopefully the likes of Richarlson / bernard etc stay for as long as possible.

09 Oct 2018 12:23:31
I agree a period of stability would be good but I think you should be looking at 2,3 or even 4 additions each season goodison. It seems to be what every side try to do, from the top teams to sides looking to avoid relegation. I think the managers look at strengthening the side and creating fresh challenges within the squad. That's not to say it always works

The last couple of seasons we have brought in too many especially the season before last when they unbalanced the squad and some turned out to be not totally suited to the Premiership. This close season 6 (plus the young goalkeeper) and, fingers crossed, they are looking to be quality signings that are improving the side but it is a sign of our weaknesses that we had to bring in so many. Great respect though for Brands and the rest of the management for getting them and Silva seems to be getting the best out of them
If Gomez works out I don't think he will want to leave, he sounds like he is looking for a home and I hope he finds it with us. Zouma is a different problem as if he continues to play like he is doing there is a danger that Chelsea will want him back, even if it is just to sell on at a profit. Richarlison, Digne and Bernard, I don't see them moving after just a year. I know it's not worth much these days but we have them on long contracts so, even if they do play out of their skins and want to leave we would get a sizeable premium on any sale.

09 Oct 2018 12:31:56
I should have also included Mina with Richarlison, Digne and Bernard. I think his buyback clause doesn't kick in for a couple of seasons so I don't see him leaving as long as he finds a place in the side and plays well.

09 Oct 2018 15:01:54
Goodison i like what your saying mate but unfortunately we are not there yet and honestly may never get to a point were we have star players for more than 2 seasons. That does not mean we can not be successful, look at the likes of porto and to a lesser extent dortmund, they sell there star players quite regularly but continue to be successful, i think that is why brands was bought to the club so when our stars do leave he already has a replacement "next star" lined up.



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