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01 Nov 2018 07:23:00
Some past debates have been regarding ex players who moved on. Some fans suggest that players are worse off when leaving Everton. Whilst that may be true sometimes, I laugh when I see real talent and people mock the players. John Stones and Ross Barkley are 2 such players who had real talent and still do. Both were critiscised a lot at Everton and have been ridiculed for leaving. Whilst Barkley may be a "bit of a thicko" and say the wrong things, you can see that now he has had a run of injury free games, he is returning to be the player he once was and is performing really well. Just as well we got Siggy to replace him. let's hope Mina can replace Stones too.

{Ed025's Note - i dont remember stones getting much stick for leaving degsy, and ross got some pelters due to his attitude and poor lifestyle choices rather than his lack of ability mate..

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01 Nov 2018 07:48:10
Ed025, I was in a big debate about Stones playing "too much" football in defence and losing the ball. Even one of the Eds got involved. Barkley has also often been labelled as rubbish on here. I defended both as footballers. Citing the new type of center half evolving from good grass roots coaching at last in UK. I still hear Dads shouting at their kids to "get rid" when put under pressure in defence! But that is now becoming less common and the FA for all their problems have indeed started coaching in recent years that resembles Ajax, Baecelona etc type "skill" coaching in defence. In Barkley's case quite a few of our fellow Evertonians have labelled him as crap and other stupid things. My last comment to you in a past debate was that given an injury free run of games, we would see exactly what Barkley could get back to seeing as he is still only 24 with probably 7 more years at the top of his game to come! My view was that he was a numbskull but a brilliant footballer! I think we can see both of those things in him now and not just one!

{Ed025's Note - i think brilliant is a bit over the top degsy but certainly a very talented footballer mate..

01 Nov 2018 14:00:48
Barkley had ample time at Everton (injury free) to establish himself as a consistent performer.
He failed every time.
It makes no difference to me if a player needs help getting dressed in the morning or has the ability to understand quantum physics.
When he pulls that blue shirt on I want to see a desire to push himself constantly for the better of the team and more importantly to become consistent in his performances.
Unfortunately Barkley never once looked like he could do this.
3/ 4 great games followed by 5/ 6 stinkers.
He will do the same at Chelsea and they will eventually grow tired of him.
He was coached properly at Everton and he was given a platform to perform. He can't have any gripe really.
He's scored 2 tap ins and a long range effort that I think he scuffed and got lucky with.
John stones left purely for the money. Don't kid yourself with any other fact.
I liked stones but Martinez didn't have the players around him that could cope with the style of play he wanted to implement and therefore stones ran into trouble at times and took a fair bit of blame.
I would've loved to have kept both players but let's be realistic about Barkley. He simply wasn't consistent enough for a team that has ambitions of the top 4.
At Chelsea he is a part player. At Everton we needed him to be a star player and that simply isn't in his locker.

01 Nov 2018 15:44:33
See what I mean ED? FYI Pauly Barkley stats. Played 9 (some as sub) 3 goals and 3 assists. Not bad for a midfielder. The one season we had a center forward (in the last few seasons) Barkley shone. Yes he did get injured. Yes he could have been more consistant. But to say he had ample time at Everton to establish himself injury free is a joke Pauly. He is only just 24 now. Still young for a footballer. In the last year he was out with hamstring injuries for over 6 months. 2015 he had ligament trouble. 2014 he ftactured a toe. When he was 16 he broke his leg and was out just when he was expected to get in the 1st team. Please tell me when he had his consistant run and underperformed without being injured? Like I said. the guy may be an idiot, but a fine footballer. Watch this space.

{Ed025's Note - my issues with ross are nothing to with his ability as a footballer degsy, my only beef with him is as a person(person being the operative word), you confirm this with your stats which tell of a young man treated very well by everton football club for a number of years mate, and one who was paid handsomely even though his injuries meant that he was not available to play for long periods of time, he then washed his hands of the club and wanted out and even though i dont have a problem with that he then comes out with crap like that he was never coached, he is gone now and like every other player of other clubs i dont give a toss whether he succeeds or not..if you would like to discuss ross further please visit the chelsea page as he playes for them and has nothing to do with everton now

01 Nov 2018 18:03:06
I agree 100% with all you say there Ed025. 100%. I will respond no further because as you say he is a Chelsea player. I only responded because of Pauly's comments. Idiot of a man but a fine player who has been inconsistant because of injuries and poor lifestyle. Time will tell whether he continues playing as well as he is now.

{Ed025's Note - it will degsy mate..

01 Nov 2018 20:31:56
Sorry degsy but my statement is very valid.
Yes he had injuries but like I said 3/ 4 good games then disappeared and didn't look interested.
Not the sign of a great. Just look at Gerrard across the park. He too had many injuries and played in awful team but dragged that team by the scruff of its neck and never disappeared.

02 Nov 2018 05:40:46
I could respond Pauly but let's differ to agree. He is not an Everton player. I never said he was as good or consistant as Gerrard. But remember his 1st 5 seasons were hampered by more injuries than you suggest and if he plays as long as Gerrard did he still has another 9 seasons at the top minimum! Oh damn. I responded! let's talk about Richarlison eh mate? If he doesn't get kicked off the pitch like skillful players tend to (especially at non top 6 clubs) , he has the potential to be some player!

03 Nov 2018 08:01:53
I think that the main reason I couldn't give a stuff about losing Barkley is because Sigurdsson is and always will be a far superior player. My only gripe with Ross is his rat behaviour.

03 Nov 2018 13:12:28
Barkley is a bit of a tit to sum up up lol.



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