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04 Nov 2018 07:57:40
Was off line most of yesterday so my post about goals slipped down a couple of pages and like BILLCROCODILESTEARS says, I tell it how it is. but sometimes words on here can be misinterprated. I put up the stat that we have scored just 2 goals less than LFC and yet conceded 11 goals more. The reason was because some were saying we needed to be more clinical and score more. In fact we have scored as many as most of the top 4. We just keep conceding silly goals and in recent weeks have read comments about how brilliantly Keane and Zouma have been. In my view if you are conceding silly goals in the numbers that we are, the way to climb the league is not to expect us to score 4 or 5 every game, but to get 1 nil results and 2-1 wins. If we had done that in the games we drew 2 all or lost 2-1, we would indeed be higher in the table. That is a much simpler thing to do than try and build a team that scores 4 or 5 every game. Like someone else pointed out, we had 3 shots on target yesterday and scored 3 goals. In my view that's great. We also had a few off target and blocked. But we gave away another simple goal. I suspect our manager is no nitwit from what I have seen so far. I expect Mina may make a difference? I also expect that Silva will be in the transfer market again if the conceding continues. Silva vas made more difference to EFC in a positive way than any other manager in his first 11 games other than perhaps Moyes. and he has probably edged him. Before you all start saying this is a Moyes post. remember when he took over we were bottom 3. Next season we qualified for Champions League. If Silva continues growing us at this rate. I can see us in the Champions Leage in 2 seasons.

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04 Nov 2018 08:21:20
Said it would take 2 seasons under this new setup. I am up for that. Just read on the news site that we may be in for Crystal Palace right back (my opinion think we need another LB as cover for Digne also) with Lookman going other way (pity if true) . Mina may indeed make a difference at the back, I believe the majority of us (including Eds) recognise we still have a weakness but also recognise that Silva knows this also. I also believe Silva and Brands are also up for further recruitment at CF and RW. The signs are though looking very positive. Finally that performance yesterday looked more like a Kendal 80's side to me rather than the Moyes era.

04 Nov 2018 08:33:52
I think we may find that Mina has been coached in the new style of football playing center halves. Like Stones, like Van Dyke, Like Harry McGuire etc. ie we will have some of our fans shouting at him as soon as he has not booted it up into the stands when under pressure. Some of our fans have to realise that the way to go is to have 11 footballers on the pitch. Not 9 with a burly center half and a goalkeeper who just boots it away. Look how well Pickford has set up goals this season. Remember how some fans used to shout at Stones for the odd mistake? I met a Liverpool fan in Turkey last week and we debated loads. He was moaning about Van Dyke saying he took too many risks as did the keeper! I just said, "look at the 2 top teams in the league". "look how many goals you have scored and more importantly how few you have conceded". Modern football is all about retaining possession for the right moment. Passing the ball all over the pitch. Yes there are times when just booting it away happen. The problem with British football is we got into the habit of doing it with the slightest little amount of pressure. I have a saying. there is a time and a place to play football. It is the 90 minutes and when you are on the pitch!

04 Nov 2018 09:07:55
The palace defender looks good and he's only young but wouldn't we be better off if we sign the loan players first. Good win yesterday nice to see Coleman back to his best but what's with Walcott?

04 Nov 2018 09:13:43
Good posts above degsy mate keep em coming, I see Moses looks like he is surplus to requirements at Chelsea he could help us out.

04 Nov 2018 09:37:39
I was at the game and thought Walcott played fairly well on an individual basis beating a few players in the first half hour. Problem is there didn’t seem to be any connection with him or others around him. Playing balls to people who weren’t making runs and making runs in the opposite direction to where the ball was played.

I thought Bernard had a bit of an off day as well. We looked more fluent and productive once DCL and Lookman were on with rocharlison out on the wing.

Thought Zouma had a really good game and Gana and Gomes were immense, but Keane still scares me at times. Too slow and ends up wrestling people in his own box for fear of them leaving him for dead. Disaster waiting to happen when VAR comes in.

04 Nov 2018 10:27:35
Thought the same about Walcot yesterday but was an improvement on his recent form. I said this before and saw it yesterday he and Coleman want the same bit of grass. Keane also improved this Season but yes he is slow and slow to turn, wouldn't surprise me if he is flat footed. Anyway if us base fans can see it I am absolutely Silva and his staff can. They are I believe already planned for Jan.

04 Nov 2018 11:38:53
There certainly seems to be an understanding going down the left and center. whereas down the right, Gomez, Gueye and Siggy seem to "avoid" interaction with Walcott. I agree with you all that Walcott has not been on top form but come on, he was a regular for England a couple of seasons ago and when he arrived looked awesome. I think it is a confidence issue and presumably the manager does too because otherwise he would have dropped him by now. If 38,000 can see it, I am sure Silva can. let's hope Walcotts next game continues his improvement. I suspect when he bags one goal, they will come just like buses do.

04 Nov 2018 11:51:49
Yes we gave away a silly goal yesterday but I would argue that we have have improved our defense considerably over the recent games verses the beginning of the season. Keane is much improved and he and Zouma are playing well together. I am sure Silva and coaching staff are working on this aspect and it will only get better as the players get used to each other and silva's playing.

04 Nov 2018 12:51:02
Actually the one that the ball seemed to bounce off particularly first half was Bernard. So both he and Walcot can have their off days. It is slowly coming good and to be honest we are further along than I thought at this stage. Mind you we will have some turnovers as well as us giving them this season. It is next we will (hopefully) start to see some dividends. Meanwhile let's enjoy the ride.

05 Nov 2018 13:33:27
Couldn’t be a harder time to get into too 4 - Man City a shoe in every year. Liverpool look good for next few years. Chelsea also back to being really strong. Leaves 17 teams after last place in my opinion. I just hope Spurs are spent up amfrom stadium. That squad is not good enoughwirg 3-4 injuries. Hopefully Abramovich clears off - no visa for UK and please let Jose stay and Man Utd next 10 years. I think we can close gap - need to start taking points from top 6 regularly though.



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