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05 Nov 2018 15:20:29
Question for ed2. This European super league which has been leaked by German newspapers. The government is denying knowledge of talks but we have had discussion about this proposal on the past. Is it likely to go ahead or will governments veto the project, if they can?

{Ed002's Note - I have explained all about it at length over the years. From a legal standpoint Governments cannot ban sporting clubs from joining in competitions, but the clubs have to except they could be excluded from their own leagues if they were to join. The clubs involved in the discussions accept that they would be banned from all existing club competition and the players would initially be banned from all FIFA competitions as well, but know that FIFA would be looking to negotiate in any case. It would be the end of UEFA in all probability and UEFA are very aware of this. It would also result in a restructuring of many of the national leagues.}

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06 Nov 2018 08:30:18
I would guess there is a lot to lose and a lot to gain from the "top" clubs and UEFA. UEFA and FIFA stick together pretty much and would resist for obvious reasons. Without there being a promotion/ relegation structure, all other clubs would probably also resist it. I guess it comes down to how much extra could the "top clubs" make financially whilst at the same time how much would they lose domestically? In certain domestic leagues clubs play home and away twice. I could see the "top clubs" in this country pushing for this with a reduced sized Premier League. Say down to 10 clubs who play each other 4 times a season. That then leaves the cup competitions for the other clubs to be involved in. It would certainly boost the revenue of the "top clubs" with TV deals and attendance figures. The one thing for certain is the fans will be the last to hear about it! Ed002 has repeated his view on it time and time again. It is an idea that may well happen some time, but for now things are as they are. I personally can't see it in my lifetime. A bit like Brexit! . what? We are leaving? Really?

{Ed002's Note - I would not see the Premier League reducing to 10 clubs at all. Realistically 16 or even 18 is here they want to be. A bigger issue is "will the Premier League exist at all".}

06 Nov 2018 10:51:29
Well it won't exist if the Euro League happens that's for sure Ed002. What I was tryng to say was that before we reach the Euro league, the bigger clubs can see that there is bigger revenue when they are playing each other. This is restricted somewhat by the structure of the Premier League and even the payments to clubs who are relagated to the Championship. If I was running a "top" club and new that my club was generating X% of the Premier Leagues income and that was being shared out with unsuccessful clubs who were in a different bracket of income. eg compare Huddersfield with Manchester United. then I would want a bigger share of the pie. Yes maybe 10 is a bigger reduction than what they may want, I accept that. but my point was that initially they will be wanting a restructure of the Premier League with smaller numbers. Maybe 18 initially then to 16? Who knows. But when they have achieved that and can play each other 4 times a season, they can get so much more TV income and also attract more fans because they have fewer clubs to compete with on TV. Past big clubs such as Nottingham Forest, Newcastle, Leeds Utd etc demonstrate what happens without the income. There are an established set of top teams now. It used to be that it was fluid and one season Derby would win the League, the next Everton, the next Leeds etc. These days only Leicester have managed to pull it off and that really was a one off wonder. I can't see anyone outside the top 6 winning the league for a few years to come except perhaps us with the financial backing we have. The top 6 these days is usually the same teams season after season. In those days each season was different. I digress. my point being is that I think the Euro League is a way off and I expect steps of changes before it happens. Like you say Ed. a negotiation between all parties. and this is likely to be a long and ongoing negotiation over a few years with give and take and a progression of a league with fewer teams. Whether that is a Euro League? They may never get that far. Who knows what the future holds? Like I said. Brexit shows what happens in negotiating complex issues!

{Ed002's Note - Discussions have been going on for 10 years and I have provided regular updates on the European pages over the years. Nothing has changed recently.}

06 Nov 2018 22:04:10
Exactly Ed. Thanks.



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