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16 Feb 2019 07:41:50
Sorry guys, I put the post on the previous page then went away a couple of says. Loads of responses of differing opinions. All I will say is Silva's history and record re zonal marking was actually worst at his previous 2 clubs. We can blame players. We can say he has not had time to sort it. We can say players don't understand it. We can make excuse after excuse. But the bottom line is that he had an even worst record than the crap one he has with us for defending set pieces. Something has to change or we will end up like Watford not being able to defend and losing loads of games and starting off great and then go into freefall! . What? We already are? Why didn't domeone tell me? . Seriously, I hope he has the balls to change or we will be in a serious relegation battle after talking about top 6 at the beginning of the season.

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16 Feb 2019 10:52:56
Like it or not degsy if we don't beat Cardiff we're in serious crap mate.

16 Feb 2019 11:04:47
Sadly I am being proved right about Silva do wish I had been wrong.

16 Feb 2019 11:42:06
Yes we need at least a draw Penysarn. I still think there is a good manager in there. We are trying to play football which under Allardyce we didnt. Koeman had lost the plot. All Silva needs to do let the Zonal marking obssession go. We have conceded somethen like 15 this season already from that. that's probably over 10 games we lost that without zonal we could have taken points. and still be in FA Cup. Yes there are other errors that have cost us but we cannot become world beaters overnight. He needs to just get back to basics and get us defending like we did under Moyes. Silva has signed good players. He has us playing decent football at times and then we go one nil down as soon as we give a corner away. Its just plain daft. Sometimes you have to look at things and admit that maybe the players cannot do what you want them to. I firmly believe it is a combination of 3 things. 1. We have players who just don't want to or are not able to challenge for headers. (Walcott, Gomez, Lookman, Digne, Gueye, Bernard and even Siggy) . 2. Zonal marking means you need a group of players all capable of heading the ball (see point 1 that highlights that the team containing the above players is therefore incapable of zonal marking) 3. Once it starts going wrong, players "hide". Especially the younger and inexperienced players. They are looking for leaders on the pitch. Even Keane who was previously a dominating header of the ball now looks like he does not want to cahllenge at times. If I was manager, I would say to Bernard, Walcott and Lookman and the others who cannot head the ball to push out and not drop in so deep. Let the opposition think about us breaking out after their set piece. Then some of their players would have to drop back. That would leave our players with good heading ability in defence. They would know their job and where to mark and man mark and we would be in a better position to get headers on the ball. I clearly remember our box being so crowded with the likes of Bernard, Lookman and Gomez. The ball comes in and noone gets a touch on the ball so it hits Gomez on the shin and bounces along the line for an opposition player to tap in. that's not because we have no center half able to head the ball. its because the area is so overcrowded and each player does not clearly know his own responsibility. or is unable to perform the responsibilty the manager has given him. Yes I would have say 6/ 7 defenders and tell the others to give the other team something to think about and let the 6/ 7 defenders have sufficient space to be able to run at the ball and get height jumping to clear it. Ping pong is a different game in my view!

{Ed001's Note - why are you going on about zonal marking? City and Liverpool zonal mark but have good defensive records. It is not the zonal marking that is the problem. Silva cannot organise a defence, that is the issue.}

16 Feb 2019 12:14:21
Think that's the point ed001. Mr Moshri has indicated (inexplicably in my view) that Silva is here long term. If that is the case, then as he (Silva) is not capable of getting his zonal across then maybe he should just get them to defend.

{Ed001's Note - or get in a defensive coach? There is no point changing from zonal when it will make no difference as he still won't be able to organise a system.}

16 Feb 2019 12:51:07
Degsy why does it matter if we defend zonally or man to man marking. If we have players who can’t head a ball? I agree with you about having more players pushed up instead of having everyone back. For a team with pace we don’t catch anyone on the counter attack.
Maybe we would be better if Gueye did leave and have a more physical midfielder who can defend set pieces with height. Someone like Doucoure/ Matic then with two centre backs, Gomes isn’t to bad in the air what I’ve seen. Digne on the post and DCL coming back too.
I see a few people comparing Silvas defensive record from Watford and Hull. Nobody has mentioned his record at Sporting, Olympiacos or Estoril? Why because people will look at negatives and want to jump on the bandwagon like politicians picking and choosing stats that suit their argument. Was zonal marking ok in the first few months at all the clubs? When results go against any team confidence is lost and players/ managers/ supporters get nervous we as supporters need to get behind the team and manager to minimise the nervous and get the confidence back. Then we can get back to playing the football we know we can and move back up the league table.

16 Feb 2019 17:13:51
Sad to say you are spot on Ed. And yet still Mr Moshri has his rosey glasses on.

16 Feb 2019 17:30:45
Mr Moshri is a business man and knows what he is doing along with the Director of football Mr Brands if they are happy with Marco then that's good enough for me.
When discussing defending it doesn't help our situation when are full backs are so small in height, look at the size of Liverpools, City's full backs, 6 footers.

16 Feb 2019 19:39:38
Other teams manage zonal marking but it takes time so we need patience. The question is how much and I'd say by the end of the season if it's not clearly been sorted then time to think about what to do.
We won't go down.

16 Feb 2019 21:24:48
It's nothing to do with zonal marking it's the manager and staff they are not good enough loads of teams use zonal have done for years everyone is obsessed with the term zonal at the moment and can't see the bigger picture.

16 Feb 2019 22:15:59
Uran. Dusty Binned Martinez, brought in Koeman, binned him, then inexplicably brings in Silva on what basis?

16 Feb 2019 22:48:50
For once I agree with some of what you say degsy, pushing players forward for set pieces would help i think but for me the real problem we have at the moment is players that are not good to many bad buys in recent times until brands took over for me we done the right thing in not buying in last window a big clear out is needed this summer and I think we will see a lot of change this summer.

I have confidence in brands to make the the right changes to push us to the next level, whether Silva is the right man for the job or not we can't keep changing managers at the rate we are or we will push on, for me silva should be given time at least until mid next season, we as fans i think expect to much to soon managers need more time six months is not enough, for me i think Silva will be given this and we need to just let this season pass and see how we start out next season.

17 Feb 2019 07:11:34
dfs how should I know, ask him for his reasons, at the end of the day it's his money and he calls the tunes, so get used to it, stop Knockin Everyone in power at Everton fc including the Manager, typical Armchair footballer come/ Manager/ Chairman / Directory of Football.

17 Feb 2019 09:51:04
To answer your question Ed001."Why am I going on about zonal marking as City and Liverpool zonal mark? ". because early on in the season, lots of Evertonians were commenting that we needed a new center forward. I pointed out at that early stage that we were conceding so many goals at set pieces. That we needed to tighten up at the back. Scoring goals was not the problem. conceding goals was the problem. Particularly at set pieces. Our defending in normal play is not so bad. yes we have mistakes. but we mostly concede at set pieces. The stats prove it and Silva's record at his previous 2 clubs prove that when he sets up a team with zonal marking at set pieces, that team inevitably concedes a shed load of goals at set pieces. You can put that down to a number of factors. But it is clear to me that Everton cannot zonal mark with the players we have or the way Silva sets us up. Most likely it is a mixture of both. Either way, his 3 English clubs have indeed conceded shed loads of goals at set pieces. I believe the defenders we have are not as bad as appears. So it must be down to other factors. If you read my other post it also states the other factors which I won't repeat now. but that's why I mentioned zonal marking. Its part of a bigger problem.

{Ed001's Note - your defending in normal play is terrible, that is why you end up conceding so many set pieces! Fix that first and then you won't have such a problem.}

17 Feb 2019 11:16:15
That is so true too Ed. We give away needless free kicks so often. The other point I mentioned is certain players within the team are unable or unwilling to challenge for headers. eg Lookman, Bernard, Wallcott, Gomez, Digne all cannot or will not challenge. So why overcowd the area with them? I have seen balls ricocheting off these players straight to a forward to tap in a number of times this season. either play players who are willing to head the ball or get these players out of our box and up the field and give the opposition something to think about other than filling our box. It is basic childrens' coaching and would clear the box to allow our players who can head the ball or want to head the ball. At least then the "zones" would be uncluttered and our players who can head would be able to challenge without tripping over our players who cannot head. I really don't know why our defending in normal play is so bad? But we concede so many at set pieces, just sorting that out would improve our league position so much.

{Ed001's Note - I hate the modern policy of bringing everyone back, much better to leave at least one up to challenge for breaking balls.}

17 Feb 2019 14:33:19
Uran. Tea Lady, you left her out. A. As one of the Eds has said, finances do not work like that, in other words it is not Moshris money, he is but an investor. I also have stated on many occasion how I believe Brands is a very good appointment and it will work. Silva on the other hand is a terrible appointment, as I said the evidence is all there, yet all of it ignored on the word of some mysterious advisor.

17 Feb 2019 16:45:19
It is not easy to pick or know whether a manager is going to work at a particular club.
If it was, then managers would stay in jobs longer. Owners wouldn't need to sack as many managers.
The truth is, no one can be certain whether a manager is going to work or not. Silva is no different. He has done well in different leagues, he did well at Hull considering what he had to work with. He hasn't been with Watford or Everton long enough to be able to know whether he would be a hit or miss.
For a spell this season we looked good and since then we have looked awful.
Anyone saying they knew all along he wouldn't be any good or would be brilliant was purely guessing.

History shows bad managers can do good jobs and good managers can do poor jobs, it all depends on the club and circumstances.

17 Feb 2019 21:41:08
Have a lot of respect for you Smit, I really do. Problem is nobody thought to ask us LOL.

17 Feb 2019 21:55:11
Smit666, I think your assessment is spot on but also your judgement is way out. Three Clubs, 6 months and everything turns to rat droppings equates to initial hit, nothing changes then opposition says oh look here we go again. But dopey says she must still be asleep, let's carry on. The bloke is a fraud, probably the worse we have had and I include Walker in that.

18 Feb 2019 08:25:15
I agree with you too Smit mate. Managers are sacked far too quickly. My post was really saying this but now is starting to look like I was saying he is a poor manager. I actually think if he sorts this one thing out we can go places. Offensively we are better than last season. Defensively we are worse. So if we can sort the defense. all we need then is a good center forward. Simple.

18 Feb 2019 11:31:30
Agree Degsy. We should be thankful that Silva has only a defense to sort out, previous managers have had many more issues.
I have said before i don't know whether he is right or wrong but i'm definitely not going to run him out of town this early.
He needs this season at least and then we can assess in the summer for next season.

18 Feb 2019 12:00:48
Nice one Smit666 DFSouth you have to come down from your pedestal and stop acting like you are the owner of Everton and criticising Everyone including Marko Silva, were you saying he was a fraud at the beginning of season and up to the Liverpool game.
Just let them that invest or raise finances do their job, Silva is trying to succeed with a squad that is not his players, we need stability at our club changing managers is not the answer, he is finding things out about his players all the time, next season will be the test.
Virtual Every manager in Premiership are failures, they all been sack at some point in their career, with a few exceptions, Klopp and Pep
So do we experiment again with another fraud! (Your word)



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