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05 Mar 2019 08:55:19
How refreshing it is this morning reading reports that Seamus has once again said that Marco must be given time to get his own team and implement his playing style, great to hear that from Jags the other day and now Seamus just shows the players are fully behind Marco, very good news, hopefully he will be able to do this after a few more successful windows,

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05 Mar 2019 09:46:58
Silva has inherited some bang average players.

05 Mar 2019 11:03:44
Keep hearing some clap trap on here. Silva inherited rubbish Squad. Fact, Silva brought in 7 players, 6 of which make up over half of the first team. Add those to Pickford, Keane, Sigurdson and practically a far from average. Martinez had worse and finished 5th first season, Koeman 7th and Alardyce 8th (with apparently rubbish) . Silva is going to finish at best 9th on current form, if he finishes 8th, that is the same as Alardyce with a supposed better Team. In short stop making excuses for a bang below average Manager.

05 Mar 2019 12:17:29
Give him time!

05 Mar 2019 12:20:44
Billscrocodiletears, it’s not often I get agitated with a post but that’s got to be up there with the worst I’ve seen. There are so many things wrong with it but I only have 20 mins left of my lunch break so I’ll keep it condensed.

Firstly, every one of those managers you mentioned with the exception of Allardyce all had a proven goalscorer who they could mould a team around. I don’t care what anyone says, if you don’t have a goal scorer in this league you are going to really struggle. So in that respect, we have already been set off on the back foot this season.

Secondly, all the previous managers before Silva that you have mentioned signed roughly 80% of our squad, and there have been some absolutely woeful signings included in that. To say this isn’t his team is 100% factually correct. Add to that, these players have played under 5 managers in the past 5 years, all with different ethos’s on the game makes it fairly difficult to continually adapt to a new style every season.

And finally, perhaps the results haven’t been good enough this season but we can’t continue on this manager merry-go-round. I don’t think anyone appreciates just how difficult the task was for Marco when he took over. If you look at the players he’s worked with this season, he’s improved them massively compared to last. Sigurdsson is better, Keane is better, Richarlison is better, Zouma is better. He improves players which is why I’m more than willing to give him more time. Hopefully we reclaimed Goodison on Sunday and Marco and this squad are going to be given the support they need instead of constant slandering and negativity from “supporters” like yourself.

05 Mar 2019 12:26:55
Well said to many excuses for Silva just sure why.

05 Mar 2019 12:49:10
Well it's my understanding that Brands has the job recruiting not Silva, although obviously Silva will have an input. The players we get maybe are second choices since in our position we are not going to be able to get the cream of the crop.
Silva's job is to manage the squad we have, it would be no different regardless of who the Manager is. Against Liverpool most of the players were as good as they can be which is all you can expect. I want to see the same dedication and passion from the players each and every game which has not been the case in every game this season and that is Silva's job to motivate them to be the best individually and collectively as they can be. If he can do that he will stay for the long term.

05 Mar 2019 12:55:03
I get fed up with your claptrap as well bct, you had better get used to it mate as Marco is going to be here for the long term, he simply has to have a few transfer windows which hopefully will get us a striker and left wing to start with in the summer window, and a good few outgoing, so Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will we be, we cannot go on changing managers every 5 mins, there will be good times ahead for Everton Marco, Marcel and Mr Moshiri will make sure it does.

05 Mar 2019 13:13:04
BCT you are looking at it with a short term outlook when the club have said all along it is a long term rebuilding process.

Marcel and Marco are achieving their aim which is to lower the age of the squad, lower the wage bill and move on any players deemed surplus to requirements. All this is being done and will take time. If Marco can do this and keep us fighting around the 7th to 10th position then we are going to have to live with it. Who else is going to come in to a rebuilding process? Not many/ if any.

These are the reasons Brands and Silva have been brought in and also the reason for binning Allardyce off, he cannot sustain results or progress a team. The very reason he has never been offered a top job.

Remember Martinez did have Lukaku, Barkley, Stones and Delboy which are all quality players, these have been sold. He also spent over £100 million in his short time at Everton.

Allardyce spent £50 million on 2 players who in my opinion, and it is only my opinion, aren't good enough to be 1st team players and he would have spent £100 million on 4 others that were equally average.

The key here is give the man time, Marco hasn't been in town long enough for anyone to be able to judge whether he is good or bad so your comment just shows a pig headedness because he isn't your choice.

We can't just get rid without giving him a season or two and then find we employ another Martinez or Allardyce and be back at square one.

05 Mar 2019 13:34:31
Give him time for goodness sakes. Klopp first season was pretty average, they finished 8th. Peps first season with city was pretty average too by his lofty standards. If these two managers struggled then we should be a little more understanding on Marcos situation with a lot more challenges.

Some of the players aren’t good enough that’s a given. But then there are transfer windows to sort these problems out so let’s look at what can be done in the summer and possibly judge him on his improvement or lack of after then.

05 Mar 2019 14:14:54
Bluemike is spot on.

05 Mar 2019 14:17:36
Bitterblue slandering eh! See you in Court.

05 Mar 2019 17:11:40
Taking all the points raised by the regular posters, the question needs to be asked despite the for and against Silva why does he persist in selecting Walcott effectively sending us out with 10 men?

05 Mar 2019 18:25:36
To answer your question fancy, we didn't have another left winger in the squad.
Your question should be, where was Lookman. If he had a knock he can't be considered regardless of how bad Walcott has been.
Us as fans kicked off last season when players were played out of position and at the moment we only have one right winger in the squad.

05 Mar 2019 18:57:22
Got to disagree Smit666 both Lookman and Richarlison can play wide right with much greater effectiveness than Walcott.
Bernard also can play on the right as evidenced when he interchanges with Lookman when they play together.
Imo Silva hasn’t played many out of position but has made some strange team selections and set up’s especially when continually selecting out of form players and not taking the opportunity to give a continuous run of game time to Lookman and DCL.
Incidentally Dominic was very good on Sunday, with excellent movement and some brilliant touches against the best defence in the EPL.

05 Mar 2019 18:57:43
The Walcott selection I can’t and will not defend. But I’d rather see if he strengthens that area in the summer and then judge the signing which would be his choice.

05 Mar 2019 19:08:24
Excellent reply to the fs post above Smit mate, its not rocket science is it Marco will play the best of what he has available, non of us know why, so to keep slamming Marco is plain daft, half the time I think its just to keep moaning about Marco to try and make their case to get him out and then say I told you so, sorry lads that ain't going to happen get used to it, Marco Marcel and Mr Moshiri are here for the duration.

05 Mar 2019 19:27:34
I can't see how he gets picked although his pace was needed on Sunday and he carved out a couple of openings.
Lookman wasn't in the squad so wasn't an option. Fans have been screaming on here for richarlison to be dropped and then when he is, the question is, why he didn't play instead of Walcott.
We have a couple of wingers out of form and not enough players to cover it.
When we have then it will be time to ask these questions.

05 Mar 2019 20:02:13
Fancy is right, Richarlison more left than right, came on and from where we sit (having a good view) did more in his cameo than Walcot did the rest of the game. As others have asked, where was Lookman.

05 Mar 2019 20:16:17
He might have done DFS but richarlison hasn't been great for the last few games. It would have been a toss up before the game who would start out of those two.

06 Mar 2019 06:58:21
I have no time to respond other than to say. Martinez had a great squad that he inherited. added Barry and Lukaku. then it went downhill from there. Silva inherited a squad with no fit left sided players, no forward players and players either too young or too old. He is half way through sorting it. Our defending has been terrible. He needs to sort that and last 2 games seems to have started to.

06 Mar 2019 13:49:54
And they are the shoots of recovery we are seeing Degsy.
People are too hung up on finishing higher than the previous season because that apparently shows we are progressing. when in fact we are every year being caught by other teams for the 7th spot.
Sometimes yo have to take a step back to take 3 forward.

06 Mar 2019 20:14:26
More like one step forward (and oh look everyone jumps on the sycophantic band wagon) and at least two steps back, more often than not. I like every other Evertonian was made up on Sunday and really really really hope this time we get a more positive return from this display. Silva apparently improves players, all well and good but that improvement/ performance, is more often seen on the training ground (witness the perseverance with Walcot) than on matchday on a consistent basis. As I have said earlier, if we have improved as some claim then surely at least 5 points from our next 3 games should be realistic.

06 Mar 2019 20:44:02
Yeah I'd be happy with 5 points. I'd like more but with 2 away games 5 points would be fine.
It's nice to see you finally embracing the Silva revolution DFS.

06 Mar 2019 20:59:46
Wrong, I do not embrace Silva's 'revolution', for me it was and is still my belief that somewhere along the line the wrong advice has been taken. If I was still working and seeking replacements for posts if someone applied with that sort of CV, they would not get past the sift. He is here now and as I have said people with far more knowledge of the game and certainly more responsibility than me decided otherwise. Do not mistake criticism with lack of support for the Club.

06 Mar 2019 21:50:26
There isn't a manager in this league that could have kept Hull up. When Silva took over they were gone and only had 13 players.
Forget about Watford, the club sacked him when they were 10th in the league, I wouldn't call that Silvas failure. Watford sacked a previous manager for finishing 10th also.
His time managing abroad was pretty successful too.

07 Mar 2019 20:02:17
Smit, he managed Olympiakos, anyone of us could manage them in their league to consistent success. I may be wrong here but wasn't he sacked from Sporting Lisbon by the Chairman for not wearing the Club suit.

07 Mar 2019 22:47:20
He was DFS but if you read the whole story there was a bit more to it, very political and he wasn't sacked for poor results.
Read his accolades at olympiacos and Estoril. 17 wins on the trot, beating arsenal in the champions league.
Getting Estoril promoted to the top division against the odds and then finishing 5th in the top tier.

He's improved every team he has managed. Hull were almost dragged from being relegated in January to almost staying up. Watford were a 10th to 17th placed team, he had them 4th before we muddied the waters and still 10th when he was sacked.

Countless players have come out and said he has improved them.

What more do you want from a manager?



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