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10 Mar 2019 00:54:30
Pickford made those mistakes as he played on emotion rather than the game you could see in his face when he looked at Newcastle fans. It was unprofessional especially after playing in derby where we played with pride effort and discipline. Silva should have big words with him and drop him from next game he let everyone down today 2-0 up and should take 3pts which would have all fans feeling we're turning a corner 7pts from 9, now it's 4 from 9 and back to where we were prior to Cardiff.
Silva cannot be blamed for today, that is seriously bad defending regardless of tactics or all the rubbish of zonal or man marking. Do your job as a defender.

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10 Mar 2019 07:05:39
With Alardyce or any other Manager 2-0 up and Everton would keep what they have. Yes Pickford was very unprofessional but the buck always stops at the top. Yes those such as DC and myself are critical of Silvas appointment, surely most of you can now see why. I am convinced, more so than with Martinez and Koeman (Alardyce was always temporary) , that if Silva remains, we will only go in one direction.

{Ed025's Note - im really torn myself BCT, he has made mistakes thats for sure but i still feel he needs a couple of windows and his own players in before we can judge him properly mate..

10 Mar 2019 08:50:51
He can't work a miracle with this squad, all previous Mangers have failed with more or less the same group of players, so what makes you anti Silva advocates think that another Manager could improve everything, maybe with a magic wand! Get real, it's not the problem of Silva it's a bad recruitment policy over the last 3 years especially when expectations were so high because of the money pumped in.
What would a new manager do? First thing, buy buy and buy a new squad.
All Managers available have fail at previous clubs with the exception of a few, there is no way we could convince them to come to Everton at this stage.
Those players are professional you are not dealing with School Kids they all have a job to do when they cross that white line unfortunately for us at this period are opponents are doing it better.
Get of Silva 's back, let us get this season over with and start again with Silva and a higher calibre of new recruits.

{Ed002's Note - It is hardly the "same group of players". Richarlison, Bernard, Gomes, Mina, Zouma and Digne were all added. in the summer.}

10 Mar 2019 09:11:31
Yes he has add these players and in my opinion they have improved our performances with the exception of Mina, probably due to injury, but Ed002 it the squad of 25-30 in Everton’s case
We are playing far far better football under Silva than we ever played under Allardyce, Koeman, Unsworth period.

10 Mar 2019 09:17:12
Uran this is what I mean about those that keep saying not his players. As Ed says 6 players in all Silvas add to that Lookman in from loan and that is a total of 7 all of whome have played and 5 regularly, that is the core of the side. Brands and Exec positions good appointments, I cannot and will not knock that.

10 Mar 2019 09:25:46
Get off his back indeed. His appointment is an investment, in business or indeed managerial/ essential post recruitment, you look at a persons resume', their job history, check with those vouching for them and do proper dilligence. Silva's CV does not at this level stand scrutiny. Certainly in the Prem his history and current shows after 6 months it goes down hill.

10 Mar 2019 10:34:05
Yesterday's substitutions were baffling to say the least and that is the manager who makes those decisions.

10 Mar 2019 10:38:18
Remember all his signings had little pre season and are in their 1st year in the prem.
Football is a little different to everyday business so can't really compare.
I can see a glimmer of a team in there, is it perfect? No. Silva needs time to build this team into one who can attack the top 6 and we as fans need to give him time.
If there has been no improvement at this time next year then he will have to go but we cannot turn into a fan base that only gives managers half a season and panics at the 1st sign of a dip.

10 Mar 2019 10:38:40
Guys Silva and Pickford need to go asap, the amoubt of points these two have cost us is unbelievable, also need Keane, Mina and Zouma gone and three new CBs to replace. If we get them 5 out and good replacements, we can solidify in mid table next year and then look to push up 2020/ 2021 season. if changes are not made, we will be relegated next year, if we are lucky enough to survive this one, Cardiff are only 9 points behind us but they have so much more fighting spirit in the team than us, at this stage of the season, its this that keeps you up.

10 Mar 2019 10:40:22
If we finish in the bottom half 9f the table though I can't help but think the weaknesses of Silva outmatch the strengths. I like Silva and I'm not hunting his head but we made some quality additions, we should not be taking backward steps in the hope of taking forward ones in the future. He needs to show that we can defend set pieces also. It's like a disability for us.

10 Mar 2019 11:00:24
BCT Show me a Manager with a perfect CV with Premiership success? Please don’t include Pep and Klopp.
Our football is far better under Silva
Please listen to TV interview from Dominic Calvert-Lewin he is blaming themselves, it’s not The Managers fault.

10 Mar 2019 14:16:46
Playing a bit of pretty football can still get you relegated, yes he has improved the squad, well Brandts has so why are we lower in the league? To get under 60 points is poor but to get under 50 in a season is totally unexeptable to me and many others, complete under achievement, even though a manager needs time he has to be improving things to earn that time.

10 Mar 2019 19:45:39
Surely with such a poor previous squad and so many new faces coming in he deserves more than a season DC?

10 Mar 2019 20:16:29
Good God Uran, what CV has Silva got at this level. A season is 38 games long and the game at least 90 mins. So far at three Prem Clubs Silva's record is 6 months at each then everything turns to droppings.

11 Mar 2019 16:06:15
BCT Who would you have as the next Everton Manger?



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