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18 Mar 2019 07:43:04
I have not posted for a while and want to just make a point about supporting this great club and this banter site. This is sort of in support of Dark Clouds. It is difficult being an Evertonian. My Grandson here in Devon has travelled 5 times to watch us. We lost all 5. He also has seen us score just 2 goals in these matches and play quite terrible football. I will come back to him in a minute. I don't know Dark Clouds age. But I do know that Dark Clouds is an Evertonian who is witnessing some terrible football at times. He believes it is the current managers fault and is 100% disallusioned. He wants a new manager. That is his opinion and he is allowed it. I disagree with him personally. I think we are starting a recovery that is starting to show promise. I also believe that prior to this season we were in freefall and was sure we would end in the Championship if big change did not happen. We have had big change and that sometimes is so disruptive to a club that it leads to a temporary fall in results and playing quality. I actually think the entertainment level is 100 times better than last season bar 1 or 2 games. My Grandson is sticking with us. He has not seen anything else other than this season. but Dark Clouds has had this cycle of us showing promise and then failing to deliver. So he is naturally scelticle. He does not believe we will improve under this manager. But that does not mean that DC is any less of a Blue than the rest of us. Cut him and he bleeds Blue blood. like the rest of us. So boys and girls, remember that when the debates get heated. It is because just like my Grandson, we know we are stuck with this football club whatever happens. We have no choice. As Bally once said, "Once Everton has touched you, nothing else will be the same". So let's just remember that in our heated debates. It is because we want the best that we suffer so much when we don't get it. Its that bloody Nil Satis thing! It just gets us!

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18 Mar 2019 09:21:15
That’s very fair of you and I agree. But a bit of balance wouldn’t go amiss. He gets stick on here because he appears to be always critical and negative. That can’t be blamed on the performances or else everyone would sound the same. But we are all entitled to opinion on this forum and that should always be recognised.

18 Mar 2019 09:34:59
Glad your grandson got to see us win, Degs, against a good team as well! He'll be buzzing in school today mate.
I agree to an extent with the rest of what you say, yes we all want EFC to improve, both on and off the pitch, but I think a lot of us on here are just sick of the doom and gloom that certain people post whether we win, lose or draw. There is nothing wrong with being critical of the team, the manager etc but at least eat humble pie when the team has a good game. Some seem to post just to criticise the manager no matter the result. Each to their own, I get that, but some posts are just downright depressing and, at times, overly critical. I try to ignore them and scroll past but it is hard to do so at times.
I honestly wonder whether DC is just a troll and doesn't even support our club due to some of the things he posts. I could very well be wrong but that's just my opinion and how it seems to me at times. It would be nice, for a change, if he comes on and posts something positive when we win but he seems to go missing after a decent result!

18 Mar 2019 11:12:58
People are talking more about me than the team, a bit flattering but let's talk about yesterday. The first half was appaling we could have been 2 or 3 down but we survived and where very very good in the second half. I was very impressed with Pickford who has been getting a lot of stick but there is a very good keeper in there. Overall cannot complain and if we can put in another five or six performances for 90 mins instead of 45 between now and the end of the season then yes Silva should be kept on but we will see. Happy for your grandson Degsy.

18 Mar 2019 11:42:55
People are only talking about you and your views because you are always on a downer no matter how we play, DC. I agree totally with what you have just posted, we rode our luck in the first half, without doubt, but the second half was a lot better. We all want more of the same between now and the end of the season mate, the team has just got to show more consistency than we have so far this season. Good to see you post constructive criticism rather than having a go for the sake of it!

18 Mar 2019 13:30:16
I agree with DC. Life is full of ifs' and buts. We will see what happens between now and end of season. As I have said before Mr Silva's Prem CV does not look good and gives every indication (so far verified at us) , that come six months the bottom falls out. He has now been longer with us than Hull and Watford, so maybe just maybe he has found a method (second half) of getting through to the players. That second half as I said earlier was one of the best I have seen since Royles Dogs. Continue that to the end of the season, see what the summer brings and we may have that longevity Moshri, Brands and the Board want. And no, if it all falls to rat droppings, I will not come on with the 'told you so'. I will be gutted like everyone else.

18 Mar 2019 16:40:41
Well I am 79 and have seen more ups and downs than most. Yesterday we were terrible in the first half and good in the second. This type of Jeckll and Hyde performance is all too familiar with this Manager and team. If we are to improve I agree we need a leader on the pitch and Silva needs to have more influence when the game starts not at half time.

18 Mar 2019 20:08:09
Fair comments there DC and I can't be critical of those.



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