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15 Jan 2018 20:57:43
Walcott done. now trying for LB.

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15 Jan 2018 21:22:31
not seen anything saying Walcott is done buddy where have you heard that.

15 Jan 2018 21:30:05
I'm seeing the opposite in a lot of places. Where have you got your information from?

15 Jan 2018 21:49:10
I'm seeing that Arsenal will not give answer until last day of window due to Sanchez leaving.

15 Jan 2018 21:51:21
Only place I've seen it is a Nigerian account on Twitter so must be true.

15 Jan 2018 22:08:20
He saw it in his Dads crystal ball. Though what he was doing rummaging about in his Dads pants is anyone's guess 😂😂.

15 Jan 2018 22:20:30
We should have a time limit on the Walcott deal if it's not done by then we move on to other signings I see this going the way of giroud deal with us getting messed about with saw that if we don't get Walcott we could make a short term move for defo.

16 Jan 2018 01:00:24
Time limit? Like the end of the window yeah? Or do you mean a time limit on speculating about Walcot on this banter site? I'm confused.

16 Jan 2018 01:51:16
It is being reported all over. Seems to be a done deal, but time will tell.

16 Jan 2018 07:37:44
why is it people are so quick to rip into posts regarding Rumours by people I'm sure this is called a rumours site and after asking where he heard it I received a message showing me Paul Joyce tweeted at 20:52 the deal is done and could be announced Tues or Wed because in future people will stop posting due to the sh#t they get off other fans.

16 Jan 2018 08:57:24
done numerous spaces now reporting it, paul joyce as said above the stand out.

16 Jan 2018 09:20:33
Bluey. I'm not being funny, I'm fairly confident that I, I'm no way, gave him sh! t?! Are you saying that we are no longer allowed to discuss rumours any more? All I said is that the rumours iv heard are the opposite so wanted to know where he had heard his information.

16 Jan 2018 09:44:41
not at all cropper but the amount of abuse fans give out when a rumour is posted is bang out of order it's called a rumours site is it not.

16 Jan 2018 13:02:09
So the rumours you heard to the contrary that Walcott was NOT signing. where did you hear those?

16 Jan 2018 14:18:30
Nice one Lance, you nailed it this time I think.

16 Jan 2018 18:28:54
So it's just as easy for me to come back and have a go at you saying how people aren't able to ask pretty innocent questions anymore? I honestly don't see what I said that was wrong? At no point did I even say he was wrong nevermind have a go at him or anything. Literally only said that it was different from what I had read so wondered where he had heard it from.



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