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21 Jan 2018 23:41:43
Who is running Everton football club? Who makes the decisions? Is it an individual or a collective? If the latter, are they all sticking to the party-line or are they briefing their media buddies with their own agendas?

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22 Jan 2018 00:31:30
Its interesting that Sam publicly admits that Rooney and Sig can't play together because of lack of pace.
This has generally been accepted by the casual observer Q rotation in the coming months.

22 Jan 2018 08:31:41
We have all been saying this for months Siggy is a attacking player still young enough to play 45 million so play in his right position . Rooney is a sub now use him when we can! Play the best 11 not who has the bigger name.

22 Jan 2018 09:16:03
Omg. Or . play someone who scores most of our goals when he starts or play someone who was well overpriced, has a good free kick and half the time you don’t even realise is on the pitch. I don’t like to pick on players but everyone’s always getting on Wayne’s case, if you hadn’t realised (not for the first time) Sigurdsson was played through the centre again at the wkd at home against West Brom and guess what, he done nothing! Thank god we don't pick the starting eleven, although I think we could all do a better job than our management can at the minute. I know we’re not the easiest team to support at the minute but Rooney’s simply not the problem.

22 Jan 2018 12:06:47
I was not a fan of bringing Rooney back puke, but he’s here now so onwards we move. I don’t think he is the problem, although playing them together clearly was a problem, SA also sees it now, but I think playing them together higher up the pitch is where it goes wrong, surely Rooney is not slower than snids? For me he the 10 with fast wingers, or plays next to some one fast who breaks up play like Gana. Problem with Rooney for me is he tries too hard and seems to want to be everywhere, getting in other peoples space and unbalancing things.

22 Jan 2018 15:16:16
Couldn’t agree more BeStyrne, I also think Davy Klaassen has suffered for similar reasons. You don’t come a bad player over night. We have too many players who need to play in that role. I hate to say it as we obviously have more money at hand nowadays but I’m quite sure we were doing a hell of a lot better with one man calling the shots upstairs and one manager man managing the football team rather than 3 and 3. Isn’t working at the moment but I guess more time will tell.

22 Jan 2018 15:03:43
Wayne's great but he is too slow. I am chuffed with his goals and hope he has a bag full more to come over the next 2 seasons before he retires.

He is a brilliant utility player.
I believe the plan was always to use him sparingly. Last summers inept transfers meant he was used more than planned and thankfully so as he is our only bright light this season.

Anyone who jumps on Sigs back for having 1 game in his right position and it not being a good performance is being more than harsh. He has been poorly treated and needs a run until the end of season as the 10.

He is better than Rooney it's just a fact but wooney is still important as a squad player.

I think we were meant to have a smoother euro run and Wazza was meant to be the old pro who would play up top on his own in those tricky, cold eastern Europe games where we need a result. And of course just having a mega star like that is invaluable for the kids.

22 Jan 2018 20:27:52
they can play together it just comes down to man management and tactics its a poor excuse from SA because of a few bad results the hole transfer situation has become a joke koeman spends 150 mill gets sacked SA is apointed and only plays 2 of koemans signings reguarly pickford and siggy he spends close to 60 mill on 2 more players SA will eventually leave after he's spends more of evertons money we appoint a new manager who goes out and spends more money were does it end RANT OVER!



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