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12 Feb 2018 12:24:54
Will not happen mate.

SA will get us into Europe via 7th place and start to rebuild. You will be able to count on one hand the players deemed safe, the rest will be on very fragile ground if they want to stay at Everton.

SA is there to do a repair job now that we are safe and that will mean he will be in charge next season. There will be no logical reason to get rid of him half way through a job.

12 Feb 2018 13:02:02
Fonseca would be ideal.
Please stop rating SA as someone who will still be manager.
As I've previously stated he will keep us by the skin of his undies but that's it.
He has basically given up and told the players if they can't play for him then play for the fans who turn up each week.
We are woeful and the whole set up needs ripping up and re-building and it will.

12 Feb 2018 13:05:12
No logical reason?
Are you for real?
If that's our ambitions then that's a joke.
He's gone pal. The big Sam love in has to stop.
Have you been watching The last 6 weeks?

12 Feb 2018 13:26:25
i agree with grumpy there is no reason to sack a manager who gets us to 7th this season.
if Silva would have come to us instead of sam and got us 10th everyone would be saying what a good job he did keeping us up and getting us mid-table but Sam getting us 7th isn't good enough get real people.

12 Feb 2018 15:33:15
If you wanna leave out the small details of entertaining football then Sam is your guy. I'd rather an attacking manager but maybe that's me with a problem and not You?

12 Feb 2018 15:47:07
It's not about loving SA it's about being realistic.

No big manager in his right mind will join us as we are, the club needs an overhaul and the powers that be have bought in SA to do it. SA will prepare this club to be able to give the next manager a realistic chance of moving us up a few notches.

If you guys honestly think a new manager can come in and everything will all be nice and rosy then you are deluded, any new manager will NEED a solid base to work on and like it or not SA has been appointed to do just that. He has been given 18 months to do that not 6 and he will be here for the whole of next season, it does not matter with me, SA, Farhad, Bill or anyone else at Everton if you like it or not.

Myteam when has all of that ever been said "Thats our ambition? " it has never been said all that has been said is we need to rebuild from the bottom upwards, if you mistake that for ambition then I will just have to ignore any of your comments. There is no big Sam love-in, just me looking at what it is and not burying my head in the sand by blaming SA for everything. I will make a prediction for you mate. In the summer I bet the majority of your posts will begin with "When is SA getting sacked? " or words along those lines, you will whinge all next season about SA and then the season after you will also whinge about him.

Yes let's sack a manager who takes us out of a relegation fight into 7th place, UNBELIEVABLE!

12 Feb 2018 17:16:17
I agree with you grumpytoffee.

12 Feb 2018 17:34:33
Personally I think that Walsh is more vulnerable than Allardyce. We have paid a lot over the last few transfer windows for players who are not playing, not a good business model.

{Ed025's Note - walsh is a scout who thinks hes a DOF mike...its like a table tennis player thinking he can win wimbledon..

12 Feb 2018 17:42:52
We should be counting our blessings that we are not in the bottom three, stop having ago at Allardyce it was worse under Koeman and would be no different under a new manager tomorrow, just need to survive this season and then hope to rebuild in the summer.

12 Feb 2018 17:59:28
A solid base? So he plays Mangala and Martina?

12 Feb 2018 18:36:06
Woburn he is building a solid base he has not yet built a solid base.

Fully agree with the Walsh comments.
You can promote a man to the level of incompetence. That does not mean he is bad at everything, it just means his optimum level is one step down.

12 Feb 2018 18:53:28
They won't sack him 18month contract which means here next season unless messes up. On paper got us challenging for 7th from relegation battle. What reasonable grounds have they got to sack him? I do agree not I am not comfortable with football and EFC principles being compromised and would prefer someone else.

12 Feb 2018 19:08:23
he should be sacked at the end of the season he is a joke of an appointment and plays football on par with what we watched under mike walker and grumpy i enjoy reading your posts but saying you will ignore certain replies and posts shows arrogance on your part everyone has an opinion that what makes football great so maybe you should respect other people's posts and replies just like you want yours respecting.

12 Feb 2018 19:21:36
We're deluded?
I don't think anyone who can see the Allardyce scenario for what it is is wishing on a big name manager and an immediate fix. Why would anyone realisticaly assume that?

I think most fans who are opposed to the current regime, know that there is a mess and a club learning on the job with new riches. It's not going to be fixed over night!

We want a modern, progressive young coach with promise or if lucky, a big coach (like you say, who would come yet) someone who can build an exciting and successful team. Most of us said 4 or 5 years before the start of this season. So i think most fans are very well informed and have the right expectations.

Big Sam is a sticking plaster. I get why he got the seat but if you think there won't be some backward steps that will have to be cleaned up after he's gone, well you're the delusional ones.

The answer isn't always shoring things up and stopping the football. Several examples of that. Look at Swansea! And don't you dare say they have the DNA of a passing team (as they were until 3 years ago) cos so do our players!

Big Sam may polish the turds and pinch 7th. (Fantastic obviously) but he will leave inch thick skid marks everywhere.

12 Feb 2018 19:24:04
I think Moshiri will be getting off lightly with a 12 month pay off. don't bank on the 18 months. That was old big ed grabbing some coin.

12 Feb 2018 19:27:29
I also agree Walsh is more valuable. as a head scout. Not sacked. Unless he resists but who knows? Maybe he will prove his worth in the next few years? Not a DOF of course but proven as one of the best scouts.

12 Feb 2018 19:34:37
Bluey mate I have a tremendous amount of arrogance, I am happy to admit that. I am also happy to admit that I will show that arrogance when people try twisting what I said into out and out lie's.

Interesting you choose to knock my reply yet allow the comment of our ambition to go unchallenged.

Why should he be sacked at the end of the season if he gets us to 7th? He is showing that things have improved since his arrival that is fact, not my opinion but fact. Our points average per game has increased (almost doubled) and we have only conceded 6 league goals at home (2 pens) . Bluey mate in all honesty what are the reasons he should be sacked for? Our away record needs improving but he has only managed to get 3 players in from the garbage he inherited.

I am genuinely struggling to see what he has done that is so bad.

12 Feb 2018 19:38:29
We’re not even 7th now. Why are people so sure this is an inevitability?

If we somehow finish 7th, it represents a very very poor showing from PL teams outside of the top 6. The gap is only stretching year by year.

SA will not reduce that gap in his contracted 18 months in charge. He wouldn’t reduce the gap if he were 18 years in charge.

12 Feb 2018 19:48:14
My teams mate, you are absolutely right, SA is a sticking plaster. He is a sticking plaster for 18 months. If we have a new manager in the summer he will inherit all that is bad, and the problems will continue but with yet another name at the helm. SA will next season get rid of the rot within the club and leave it in a condition that will attract other managers to build on. He is not the right person to lead us to success but he will stabilise us, and that is very important if we want to progress.

12 Feb 2018 19:58:47
Myteams, Don't take my posts out of context please, what I said about being deluded was "If you guys honestly think a new manager can come in and everything will all be nice and rosy then you are deluded, any new manager will NEED a solid base to work on and like it or not SA has been appointed to do just that. " Now if anyone can hold hand on heart and say if we had a new manager everything will be all nice and rosy then yes, they are deluded in my opinion.

12 Feb 2018 20:18:36
We have conceded 12 goals and only scored 4 in 6 away games, including conceding 5 at Arsenal and 4 at Spurs. These are the teams we had hopes and aspirations of getting closer to, well with an away record like what the Messiah has, that ain't going to happen.
He will do what he was hired for and that is to prevent relegation and then he will be paid off the remaining 12 months. Its no secret our majority shareholder was against Sam's appointment and wanted a more attack minded young aspiring coach and come the summer there may possibly be 2 available in Silva and Fonseca, so if I was a gambling man I would have a flutter on a new man on the touchline come next season regardless of whether or not we finish 7th, which by the way we won't as our next 3 home games are Brighton, City and Liverpool, so Sam's home comforts will all be blown away as at best we will get 3 points out of 9 from them 3 games.
I am not a pessimist just a realist.

12 Feb 2018 20:40:23
Niasse day, He is not going to close the gap from 7th upwards no matter what but he will stabilise us.

I seem to keep repeating myself today so I will do it once more for clarity.

SA is going to prepare the club so the next manager does not have the same experience that he has. He is not the guy to take us forward, his job is to get us out of the relegation fight and prepare for our next manager by stabilising the club.

Any questions send them to Bill.

12 Feb 2018 21:23:37
Sam had most fans support from the start but it looks as though the last 7 or 8 games has eroded that support. There are still enough games left for him to win over the fans again,
But as is usually the case in football, it will be the fans who ultimately decide whether he stays on in the summer or not.

12 Feb 2018 22:02:29
I love your tongue in cheek posts Smit mate lol.

12 Feb 2018 22:54:35
What does prepare the team for a new manager even mean? The team is prepared. Let's get the new manager. Sam was brought in for one purpose: avoid relegation. Mission (basically) accomplished. So now it's adios; we'll see him next year around Christmas when we face the team in 17th. Why would we waste another year playing for 7th instead of entrusting the project and Moshiri's war chest to someone with ambition?

13 Feb 2018 07:13:58
grumpy can I ask if you actually watch us play from Dec 18th until we played WBA in Jan we didn't have a shot 8n target then 3 days after beating WBA we played spurs and got tore apart again without a shot on target he comes out after the game and says we went to attacking we need to be more boring we played 1 game in a month where we had shots on goal.
Sam blames the players if we lose but if we win it's all down to him and if we finish 7th that's down to how poor the league is not how good Sam is as I said the man is a joke.

13 Feb 2018 07:35:04
Grumpy I don't think we will get rid of Sam at the end of the season, but asking what grounds there would be to do so? Have you been watching our games since he took over? Also not keen on the way he hangs players out to dry. Lookman is a kid (who should have been getting more of a look in) and SA is in the press going on about how stubborn he was to force the Leizpig move and let's hope it works out etc. Talk about putting pressure on the lad. Presume he's protecting himself from flak if it goes wrong by shovelling the blame on to our bright young talent, but it's his job to protect youngsters like that. If I was lookman I would be in no rush to come back and play for a manager who never gave me a chance and then publicly criticised me for going abroad to develop. Also don't love the fact that he's got so little ambition that he'd go to somewhere like Arsenal, who can be vulnerable when got at, and rest big players effectively writing the game off (not that we'd have won with them to be fair, Mr Defensive had us so badly organised defensively that we had no chance) . Game of opinions. Mine is that he might do an okay job of clearing out the crap in the summer (though the way he talks his own players down we may get less money for some of them) but don't have much faith in him to spend it well and leave a squad that a successor will be happy with!

13 Feb 2018 10:16:00
Toffewavey Lookman is a different subject altogether but since you have bought him up as a potential excuse for sacking SA I will comment. Lookman himself has pushed for a loan move abroad, this has nothing whatsoever to do with being left on the bench one game, The thing SA is guilty of here is answering a question about him in a press conference. It is very easy to look back in hindsight and say we should of played this was with these players, Looks like to me you would prefer a manager to lie about what is really happening.

As to have I watched any games since he took over then the answer is yes I have watched them all and I will say again that the facts do not lie we are getting more points on average per game than we were before his appointment, we are almost doubling what we were getting. The football may not be to your liking but at least this way we all get to see us playing in the premiership next season.

If the players do not like it when he mentions them playing badly then maybe they should start playing to their capabilities and he will stop, remember these players have been playing bad for 3 successive managers, even a blind man can see that when that happens it's not the managers fault.

We know we have a problem with our away form and that will be something he will address in the summer, but it is so important that our home performance was improved first and he has done this.

The reason he is our manager and you are not is the simple fact that he can move on after the Arsenal game. Like many others on here you have become blind to the positives, you have not made a single comment about how we played against Palace, is this because we did what was expected of us? and if so then surely that must mean we have improved, with that being the case you now want to sack a manager who has improved us. UNBELIEVABLE!

13 Feb 2018 11:20:14
grumpy to answer your question yes I expected to beat palace just like I expect to beat any team who finished below us last season as I still believe we are the best of the rest and after spending so much money on players I expected us to try and push the top 6 but your love of Sam is cringworthy and embarrassing the man has been caught twice taking bungs yet still gets the second biggest job of his career he then straight away discards with Klasson and sandro and the way he has spoken about them in public is nothing short of embarrassing then we come on to his tactics well he has had the fortune of no Europa league football since he came in (bar one game which he sent the kids over) and yes we have got more points but he has fresher players yet that didn't stop him making 5 changes at arsenal or playing 2 def mids against Bournemouth or West Brom you carry on the love of all things Sam and when in the near future when you see the light I won't say I told you so.

13 Feb 2018 11:08:06
Don't take your posts out of context? And then you just repeated your statement as what? Proof that I'm out of context?

Not sure there is much more than some deep surface rust. Sure a few oldies are past due and a few signings flopped.

If you think it's folly to replace a manager who 70% think is a bad fit.
Just because whoever took over would also have to rebuild, then again i have to question your thinking.

Sure Silva or Fonsecca or. or. or
Will be a gamble. They all are and they all leave or get sacked at some point. Sam has saved us. There you go You can have that one. He has already served his purpose.

Contracts mean little and it will be peanuts compared to most clubs pay offs to sacking a manager.
Bet it's already been calculated in for this year's accounts (fingers crossed)

My only fear is that we have a lot of behind the scenes 're working as well as now being a regular big player in the transfer Windows, so we will be busy. World cup years always screw up timings of deals players and management alike. If we get 7th (I for one am pro qualifying even if it means another early start) then next season could also start unfavourabley.

13 Feb 2018 11:21:41
Wow just caught up with post from past couple of days and interesting to see opinions.

I can see what grumpy is saying Sam is like a fire man came in to install some discipline and he is a old fashioned manager. He will tell it straight like after the Arsenal game letting the players taking the responsibility. I don’t agree with everything Sam has done though.
The Garbutt situation.
Different CB pairings.
Lookman game time.
Comments Rooney and Gylfi can’t play in same team them play both?
Management of Klaasen.
Management of Sandro.

I like the fact Sam has identified the first team players are either to old or to young and looking at bringing in players in their prime (28) like Walcott.
My biggest concern for the summer is we need a clear out with the aging players.
I am unsure though if Sam is managing our youngsters and taking them out of the spotlight or is he going to be a Walter Smith and rather play experienced professionals like Schneiderlin.

Regardless if it’s Sam or a new Manager it’s going to be a lot of changes. Although frustrated and not a lover so far of Sams style of football. If he has the balls to get rid of those who aren’t pulling their weight or those who are surplus due to age and not being sentimental as they have given good service. If he can bring in replacements who are in the same category as Walcott to improve the first team and then have our youngsters ready to step in as replacements or push like Davies has shown then great.

I reserve judgement though and hope he doesn’t prevent our youngsters from progressing.
There is also no reason a new manager in the summer can’t do the above either as I would think Dof would be responsible for this.

13 Feb 2018 11:40:43
Dont think i have ever known a manager cause so much division between Everton fans. And maybe that should tell us something.

For what its worth - i think Allardyce will go in the summer. Why?
1. He was never first choice or even second for Moshiris project
2. I believe that was the reason he was initially offered just 6 months
3. His style of play is necessary at the moment to get us out of the mire - and we were in the mire - but is NOT what Moshiri wants
4. Once we are safe why give him money to stabilise things when another manager may want totally different types of players? Makes no sense. We have wasted enough money already. Imagine allowing Fat Sam to recruit players for a Pep team. Madness
5. Moshiri is not stupid. He will see and feel the discontent in the ground. He is a businessman first and foremost and won't want the value of the club to fall - and allowing Allardyce to bore everyone to tears whilst being happy with 7th / 8th is exactly what will happen.

Allardyce was brought in to stabilise the ship. He has almost ensured safety and that alone is worth the cost of paying him off. He does not understand the club or the fans - so thanks and goodbye.

13 Feb 2018 11:55:55
Bluey79 you won't be able to resist saying I told you so.

Firstly this is a squad he inherited yet you blame him because he has not played some players.

Secondly, It is not my love of Sam it is my love of Everton. Being a fan in my opinion means supporting everything at the club not picking and choosing bit and pieces. I WILL support ANY manager we have in the same way as I support SA, now if you think supporting someone through thick and thin is cringe-worthy then so be it, that is your prerogative. What could never be said of me is that I only support the bits of Everton that I like. Being a supporter at one time meant supporting the whole club but that does not seem to be the case any more.

Thirdly, Whenever he has talked about a player it has been when he is answering a direct question about them, what should he do tell lies and massage their ego's even more? If he lied about a player then forums like these would slaughter him for doing so. It was not so long ago that you yourself was whinging about no info coming out of Everton, now that it does you want to use it as an excuse to sack the bloke giving it.

Fourthly, people go on about him taking bungs in the distant past and still try and punish him for it, yet the same people can not see as far back as to what the club was like before he came. How long should the guy be punished for?

Fifth, Just who are these fresher players he inherited?

Sixth, Now his tactics, by your own admission you have said we have more points under him, so what exactly is wrong with that? Just because he uses tactics that you don't like does not give grounds for sacking him.

He inherited the problems at Goodison leave him to sort them out and try looking at the positives for a change.

13 Feb 2018 14:00:02
Thank you Robbie for such a good post.

You are right in everything you said, personally I think next season he will be more inclined to go with more experienced players as did Walter Smith, my reasoning behind this is that he will be trying very hard for results and try to get a contract extension. I think he will be flogging a dead horse though as I just can't see any manager, not just him, being able to turn us into a team vying for a top 4 finish in such a short time. The damage is deep within the club and it will take a heck of a lot of work to repair it.

13 Feb 2018 15:47:50
Sam Alladyce will not be our manager next season. It is literally as simple as that. He was brought in on the short term and has tactically failed miserably. Moshiri actually has big plans for the club hence why he isn’t afraid to spend some big money. He’s not happy at the moment with the fraud, neither are the fans which is where the boos were aimed at at the wkd. Grumpy still seems to be though 🤔 I haven’t got the answers to that one cause after the Arsenal game you most certainly seemed to have changed your opinion but that’s what it is and I respect your opinion even though I can’t understand it at all! #rollonthesummer.

13 Feb 2018 15:48:55
Also the thumbs down on the majority of your posts in this thread say a lot! We can’t all agree I guess.

13 Feb 2018 17:04:41
DPP my opinion has always remained the same, it has not changed. How do you know Moshri is not happy with SA? are you privy to inside information or are you guessing? I did not post after the Arsenal game, indeed I never post after any game I always wait until the following day.

I'm going to ask you a serious question now. Do you actually know what the difference is between someone taking a bribe and a fraud?

If you really think the fans were only booing SA at the weekend then our debate is over, even the most ardent SA hater has not come up with that one. UNBELIEVABLE!

13 Feb 2018 18:07:21
I read your comments with Guernsey on the live chat after the Arsenal game. Guernsey said his heads started to turn against the fraud and you were both agreeing with each other. One win at home to palace and everything’s ok again. Na not at all. Moshri wasn’t 100% happy with the appointment in the first place and since he’s been here he’s showed us all how pants of a manager he is and miles out his depth. All three of them will be let go in the summer whatever happens from now till then. Wait and see Grumpy. At the end of the day it will be what’s best for the club and we can move forward. The damage isn’t deep within the club at all mate, we simply haven’t replaced one David Moyes with the right appointment . yet. Like I say I appreciate your confidence in the bloke, it’s out of this world but to be fair (I know it’s your opinion) your most definitely in the minority mate.

13 Feb 2018 18:52:50
For clarity DPP I did not stay in live chat all game as I had to go somewhere, now if GB has said something then taht is his prerogative to do so. I certainly can not say he did not say those things although I would be suprised if he did.

You say Moshri is not happy yet you back that up with nothing, at least I back up what I say with facts and not guesswork.

Changing to a new manager now will not suddenly make us a top notch club it will require a lot more than that. let's say we do get a new manager in the summer, How long should we give him? What will happen if he does not hit the ground running? Do we blame him, SA or RK? If we break down every scenario it will end up being one of two ways the new manager goes. He either will be better for us or he won't be. that's a straight 50 - 50 or evens money of him being a success. Now I do not want to burst your bubble or anything mate but the same odds are also applicable for him to fail. No one can deny that so far SA has been more on the success than he has on the fail, (the average points per game more than supports that statement)

If you look at the positives in the same way you look at the negatives or at least with an open mind you will see that we could be in a much worse scenario than what we are in now.

I really don't mind being in the minority mate but thanks for caring.

13 Feb 2018 19:19:47
Hmm, that’s funny chap cause I was reading but don’t want to get in an argument about it. There are very few positives my friend. It’s like your watching a different football team than everyone else but like I say game of opinions. You haven’t backed up your pheory of Sam being here next season either Grumpy. Fortunately it isn’t going to happen. I do like a debate if you can call this one of them it’s very lop sided. Sooner we’re rid the better mate, another season with the fraud in charge will see us in the bottom half again and our new shareholder will not let that happen. You’ll soon see. Sam’s spent. Have a good evening 👍🏻.

13 Feb 2018 21:32:00

You keep saying that we are getting nearly double the points per game under Allardyce than we did before. If you do the sums we got 0.89 per game with Koeman, 1.40 per game with Unsworth and 1.46 with Allardyce.

{Ed033's Note - the rest of this post is an article about Sam Allardyce's agenda at Everton

13 Feb 2018 23:00:06
Ok let's take Allardyces first 8 games same as DU league games. Oh look the figure miraculously changes, DU 8 points SA 15 points.

At least try and be a little more creative when trying to manipulate stats.

14 Feb 2018 04:37:04

Can we go back to the good old days where you all passed your opinion instead of us being inundated with GrumpyToffees opinionated, sarcastic responses to everyone?

He's as off-putting as Tony Scott on the Everton Podcast and i'm fed up hearing from him.

{Ed001's Note - to be fair he is certainly creative at manipulating stats, as he seems to forget that Allardyce walked into a team that Unsworth had steadied and got back on the right track. Unsworth had to restore confidence and knit a broken team back together, which meant Allardyce walked in to find half the job done for him. You cannot compare their first 8 results fairly if you have any kind of sense. I guess context doesn't matter so long as you can massage things to suit your pretence that the Scam artiste is doing a good job.

Everton deserve better than that man in charge.}

14 Feb 2018 06:04:58
The fact that he seems to appreciate Thumbs Down rather than Thumbs Up on his posts show he is treating this site as a plaything. He should get a life.

14 Feb 2018 08:01:25
Think you actually contradict your own posts.
You say SA inherited this team which I agree with.
But ealiervyou stated that he will be given time and money to steady the ship.
So some other poor sod can come in and inherit an Allardyce type squad?

No thanks. I fully expect this summer to be another of rebuilding. And maybe we will all have to be patient next season whilst things gel. But bring in a manager who plays football please. And bring him in whilst he still has a number of Potential footballers in the squad, Klaassen, Sandro, Lookman etc. Not an Allardyce squad of nothing but size and pace.

As I said earlier, would you really allow SA to buy players for Pep?
Unless your answer is yes then time to go as soon as we safe.

14 Feb 2018 08:52:40
Are you guys actually queueing up to have a pop at me?

What I have always said Dave is that SA is here to build us a solid base I have never once mentioned he will be given money, but no doubt he will be. Your argument is exactly the same as all of the others that I have already gone to great lengths to try and answer.

bw2412 why the personal attacks? Allow me to do the same. If you find these posts or any of my posts difficult to comprehend due to an inefficient intellect then stop reading them. If I did not like something or a particular poster I would stop reading them. See how easy life can be when you put your mind to it.

14 Feb 2018 12:40:35
Not a case of queueing up to have a pop. It is about opinions.
All i said was that your posts contradict. They do - see above.

I don't believe Sam is here to build a solid base. He was brought in to save us from the unthinkable. END.

Moshiri had to back him to some extent in the window - and what a cock up he has made of that.

IMHO there is no way he will be here by end of May. And good riddance.

14 Feb 2018 23:06:50
Grumpy, I think you are being a bit too forceful with your views and there is really no need to try and make out others have inferior intellect than yourself just because their opinions don't match your own. I believe Sa will be gone come the summer because the majority of fans who go the game have had enough of the insipid, dull, defensive football that this man serves up for us.

I have not been this disillusioned with the team since the walker days, we might have steadied the ship a bit but can you honestly see him kicking us on to challenge the top six teams? We only have two of the top teams to play so I expect him to win us more points ts but that doesn't mean he is the right man for the job. If he is in charge then I will happily not renew my season ticket as I can't sit through such dire, defensive football. It's not good viewing at all.

Can you explain why you really believe the board would let him build a squad for another man? It looks to me like the DoF has more say than any manager on who is brought in so I don't think Sa has much say on targets, he just names a position, maybe a specific player, and then the transfer team goes out and find targets. Our problem, as a club, is having Walsh as DoF when it is apparent to every man and his dog that his strengths lie in being a chief scout.

15 Feb 2018 09:50:37

I have already explained a few times in both this thread and the one below.

I am not going to do it again and reignite this tinder box of a subject.

15 Feb 2018 15:57:45
Omg this must be the longest thread I've ever seen on these pages. Been up for a few days and it's still going mental. Think we all just need to agree to disagree and move on. No football for two weeks so find something else to think about.

16 Feb 2018 02:50:15
Everyone comments on people having opinions then slates grumpy for his, grump keep it up old fella without your input then this post dies Days ago.

I was all for giving Sam a go, he has lost me a bit, but if we are going to change him then we also need to change the DoF. We got this wrong once and if we are to persist with it we need that done right, then we need to identify the way we are going to play and appoint a coach to suit.

For the right pair I would gladly say goodbye to SA and SW,

16 Feb 2018 14:34:27
Bw2412 find your post a bit hypocritical, calling grumpy to the Ed’s does come across a bit personal.

You posted on 15 Feb 2018 06:07:14, that post was very opinionated and sarcastic, could be seen as off putting?

And this is a direct quote from you ending that post;

Opinions should be welcomed from everybody and I certainly wouldn't challenge someone's intellect if they have different opinions. To do so is just demeaning and does not help your argument.


It’s a game of opinions. Grumpy just wants to keep loyal to his as we all do.

17 Feb 2018 07:37:58
Sam out. That is all haha
I feel as a club the summer will see a major shake up, with our transfer policy being looked at and those responsible for expensive mistakes will be held accountable.
Steve Walsh will be either dismissed or reappointed in a scouting role as that is what he is, a Head Chef would not make a great Recruitment Officer at any business so why Walsh' appointment as DoF was expected to be a success is beyond me.
Now when I say expensive mistakes I am going to use players that haven't been given a fair chance as examples and are deemed surplus Klassan, Sandro, Keane and to an extent Tosun. That is nearly £90m worth of players who if we do sell, we will be lucky to get a £30m return so will be selling at a loss. Moshiri is a businessman and will not be happy with a business that loses money by way of poor recruitment, heads will roll for this.
The manager is upsetting the patrons with boring negative football and this will be a deterrent for new players looking for a good career move to play football, again this is bad for business so the manager will be changed along with the backroom staff.
I am not privvy to anything going on at the club and I'm just basing this on what I have seen and what Moshiri has stated he wants for the club.

17 Feb 2018 10:24:54

I welcome anyone to go through this thread and all the other threads and show where recently and tell me whether Grumpy is not being opinionated and sarcastic. To quote just a few instances
you/ they are deluded (twice)
ignore your comment
not burying my head in the sand
people twisting what I said into out and out lies
If you find mt posts or any of my other posts difficult to comprehend due to an ineeficient intellect

These are probably not all of them and are just from this thread but they are all over this site recently

I think you should be talking to Grumpy not me.

I'd also welcome anybody to look at my post in full on the 15th which is in the Banter Section. If anyone thinks I overstepped the mark I'd be happy to hear from them.

17 Feb 2018 11:59:26
Stop with the personal attacks bw2412. I have read that post, if you remember it is the one where you say poser, oh I meant poster. That post you mention was full of personal attacks.

If you are making posts please stay on topic and do not make them personal or if you do then don't point them out to the Eds when they are reacted on.

I have learnt my lesson, I now know not to post things that certain people may object to and on that note I will once again attempt to draw a line under this and move on.

17 Feb 2018 13:07:04
All you need to do now Grumpy is read you own posts and really learn from them.

Anyone is welcome to read my post and compare it with all the vitriol you come out with all the time. Take your own advice - DO NOT MAKE THEM PERSONAL

I too will draw a line under this. I have better things to do.

17 Feb 2018 13:26:27
Oh I see you were punishing me.

I am sick to the back teeth of idiots using things I have posted out of context (please note BW2412 that is only applicable to idiots I am not infering you are one) .

you/ they are deluded (twice)
ignore your comment
not burying my head in the sand
people twisting what I said into out and out lies.
If you find my posts or any of my other posts difficult to comprehend due to an ineeficient intellect

You have taken every single one of those out of context as in you have not mentioned why or how they were said.
Why would you do that?

BW2412 you are not the forum police, you put my posts to the Eds, I got publicly vilified for them yet you insist on continuing, again why would you do that? are you trying to get me into more trouble because I dared go against what you think and made an opinion on it? I do actually have an hypothesis on why you are doing it but will keep it to myself just in case you think it personal and go crying to the Eds again.



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