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27 Apr 2018 17:44:47
According to the BBC, Sam has confirmed he is the manager next year. Back to the dark ages we go.


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27 Apr 2018 18:16:24
Got to get behind the bloke!

I read a stat the other day, since he took over, our league standing is 5th. Don’t really like the guy, don’t particularly like his philosophy but if that’s true, that’s a stat!

Could be bollocks though. I wouldn’t know.

No one in this world chooses to do a bad job, no matter what you do.

Let’s just hope he makes a couple of sound signings and we kick on.

27 Apr 2018 21:05:21
For those down votes, what else are you going to do? Skip football for a year? Follow Sunderland in League 1 as a protest?

Sending an email to Elstone or refusing to wear blue or tearing up seasons tickets is . non-productive.

Get a DOF in, have a real competitive preseason, give the youngsters a chance to compete for the first team, get a left back, centerback, and open up the playbook.

We brought in two fast, fancy new cars to manage the team, they were both lemons. Sometimes an old sturdy but uninspiring Volvo will get you farther.

Gosh, the tantrums on this website sometimes. Its okay to fuss, but at the end of the day, support the team.

27 Apr 2018 22:17:35
I didn't give him a thumbs down but it deserves one the reason we are 6th since Sam came in is 1 because he rode the wave of unsworths win v West ham against poor sides and 2 we had played most of the big sides here's another stat since Sam came in we have averaged 2 shots on target per game that's right 2 now you might be happy with that but me like 99% of other blues are not.

28 Apr 2018 07:17:23
The stat is a bit misleading. We are 6th mostly because arsenal haven't registered an away point in 2018, Burnley had a run of 10 games without a win and Leicester and Watford fell off a cliff in 2018.
Otherwise we would have been 9th or 10th.

28 Apr 2018 08:02:26
8 wins 7 losses since Allardyce arrival and that against Clubs a Moyes Everton would expect to have a greater return than near 50-50. Yes he has fulfilled his brief and I was one of those that wanted him but I admit now that my belief he would bring his embracing of modern scientific and technological methods onto the field were somewhat over-enthused. Looking at the stats I now honestly believe we would be in the same position 8-9th under Unsworth. The latest comments by Sam reflect more that Mr Moshri has made soundings of other Agents of Coaches and Managers and received less than positive feedback rather than the belief Sam is the man to take us forward. With 12 months left on his contract we are in for another season of stagnation and under achievement.

29 Apr 2018 17:19:37
You can’t say the stats are misleading. A stat is a stat. It’s not a stat taken over a week or two, it’s a true reflection of the work we’ve done and if others haven’t performed as you’d expect, it doesn’t discredit our achievement, we’re 5th since Christmas. Only 4 teams better than us.

I Sound like I always defend SA but it pisses me off that some people just can’t see what slaps them in their face.

I’m not a SA fan but he deserves some credit and I for one think he deserves the first 10 games of the new season.

Some people will never agree but to be honest, some of the rubbish I read on here, you haven’t got a clue.

I play a decent standard of football. I understand football well. There are many faults of our team when you compare against Man City but get behind them and support the team you say you love.

29 Apr 2018 20:37:38
Give him 10 games? For what end. To be sacked after 10 games and then we have to look for another manager.
Not sure what standard you play to but if you are happy with 2 shots on target every game then so be it.
Apart from that your post says it all. We haven't got a clue and should all just bow down to your superior knowledge.
Give it a rest, it's a site for opinions, like it or not.

30 Apr 2018 07:43:16
Give him 10 games and see if he can continue to Improve as he has since he took over. Give him another transfer window, see if he can make a few more good addittions to the squad to see if that will help improve us.

We were in a sorry state, now we’re nog quite so bad. “For what end” ppppft. How about you get behind him instead of being negative on every post. If you don’t like what you see and you can’t get behind the team that you’re suppose to support then don’t go to the games, don’t comment on the games. Don’t stress yourself out.

I’d prefer to try continue to support them and get behind the man in charge then he constantly booing and moaning. I can only imagine how boring you are to talk to about these topics.

You’re talking about bowing down to me hahaha what are you on geeza! I haven’t said that. I said you can’t see what slaps you in the face and your posts are evidence of that. You’re always negative. It’s laughable. You need to chill out.

I said I have a good knowledge of football. I do. I don’t look at 2 shots on target and write the game off, the players or the manager. It’s ignorant. It’s a complete lack of understanding the game.

30 Apr 2018 08:02:28
To sum this up, I’ve just seen earlier replies to my other posts from you which talk about it being too early for me to say Walcott and Tosun are decent players (which they are) Then you moan a lot about SA then in another post you want Schneiderlin sacked hahaha (who’s performed really well the last few weeks and still has a lot to offer)

This mystery man that you want in charge and these mystery players that you want playing for him just don’t exist at the moment. I feel like anything but a 4-0 win and 11 shots on target every week just won’t be good enough for you.

30 Apr 2018 18:44:32
We are bad JDE. The results have been ok but I have watched almost every game and we are poor, poor going forward and our stats, shots, shots on target, possession are in the bottom 2 in this league. You may be happy with that but I am not.
Like I said it is an opinions site and I have mine and you have yours.
What I don't do but you do in your posts, is you get personal with your comments. If you think I am boring then fine. Reply to others, not me.

03 May 2018 17:03:53
JDE Jones.

You like stats and facts so much? Well, remind yourself of the fixture list prior to Koeman's departure. Think SA would taken much in the way of points?

Our schedule since his appointment has been infinitely more forgiving, no Europe and the majority of fixtures against teams below us on the final day of last season. Two more stats (read facts) for you.

I'm sorry, but SA's football is terrible. If he was capable of fashioning an attacking unit, he'd be doing it now, with PL standing secured. I'd love to see how many times we've started with two DMs since he arrived.

Although he was forgetting to shave and I suspect had lost the dressing room (setting aside questionable Xmas trees) , I'll always wonder if we pulled the trigger on Koeman a tad prematurely. He had a b'stard of a start to the season.



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