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28 Aug 2018 11:25:11
Will they or won't they, Sandro, Niasse Lookman, they are all being linked with moves, interesting last few days of the window.

{Ed002's Note - The club should look to hang on to Niasse; Sandro is surplus; Lookman wants out and tehre is no place for him in the starting line-up, nor probably the bench.}

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28 Aug 2018 11:32:43
Agree with that Ed mate.

28 Aug 2018 12:08:00
I think Sandro will come good, although because he is on big wages I can understand not wanting him 2nd or 3rd choice so common sense says let him go.

28 Aug 2018 16:12:20
We have Rickarlison out for 3 games, Bolasie has gone so now we shall see whether Lookman is really wanted. Logically I would have thought that tomorrow evening, we would see the line up including the new lads (if fit) plus the young lads apparently knocking on the first Team Squads door and of course Lookman. Niasse should be kept, I do not understand all the criticism the lad attracts. He has done everything asked of him and has scored crucial goals when called upon. Sandro like Klaasen is not suited to the premiership, both I had high hopes for having watched them prior to their arrival but it is what it is.

28 Aug 2018 18:01:58
Sorry mate not for me too many mistakes when he did play and would be an excellent piece of business if we did get £25 million for him, far better players out there.

28 Aug 2018 18:20:12
Also read your posts below Ed 002 has explained it to you perfectly, also as a side note Lookman does not appear to want to play for us so let him go make a good profit and move on.

28 Aug 2018 18:50:54
What player are you referring to GB. Niasse? Lookman? What mistakes, all Niasse is, is very ungainly, however, then we have to explain how come he always appears to be in the right place at the right time and rarely if ever does he get knocked off the ball. As for Lookman, there is some player in there, quick but at the moment not ready for 90 minutes in the Premiership. That may appear to be a contradiction on what I have said before to Ed002 (and others) but my reasoning is/ was with Bolasie gone and Richarlison out for 3 games (2 Premier) there is an opportunity for Lookman, that is if Silva meant what he said.

{Ed002's Note - You seem to have forgotten Bernard and clubs don't reject a very good offer for a player who wants to leave simply to provide unnecessary cover for a suspended player.}

28 Aug 2018 19:10:47
We don't need Lookman, excellent business to get £25 million for him.

28 Aug 2018 19:45:38
I would keep Lookman for covered at least till the January window. He still be worth 25 million.

28 Aug 2018 22:04:42
Precisely Blue1970 we can also add cover for the RW as Calvert because that is where he will play tomorrow night if not as an out and out striker. Probably Bernard on the right but as much discussed this evening, if Mr Silva is serious about Lookman then would expect to see him in that position with Bernard perhaps in the No 10.

28 Aug 2018 22:12:03
Bernard on the left sorry or as a No 10.

29 Aug 2018 09:00:13
Who is criticising Niasse ktf1950? Haven't seen anyone do that in about a year. A debate on whether to keep him or not is criticising the player.

I mentioned the same as Ed002 that people seem to of forgotten we signed Bernard. He is a quality player and will expect chances. If he doesn't get them naturally he will be unsettled.

Imho the Lookman situation is simple. It seems clear he wants to leave so let him leave. No point in holding a player against his will. It never works out. If he wanted to stay that's different as in my opinion he is quality. Sadly he is not happy so make a profit and move on. Give Bernard or some other player a chance that wants to be there.

{Ed002's Note - Bernard's chances will come - the problem is communication as his English is poor.}

29 Aug 2018 09:22:47
It will probably be the second half of the season where our squad is properly blended and are use to Silva's tactics. If things go to plan we will get stronger as the season goes on even if we don't sign anyone in january.

29 Aug 2018 10:54:49
Good post NBTB mate, I just wish some posters on here would actually read the posts through before criticism.

29 Aug 2018 15:54:59
Silva wants two players for each position. By my reckoning we have one wide player (Bernard) in addition to the current first choices. We have sold / loaned out Vlasic / Mirallas / Lennon and Bolasie so we do NOT have much depth out wide. Lookman is a quality player ( potentially) and whilst he needs to sort his attitude out let’s let Marco be judge of that. He also offers cover for Gylfi where again we are lacking in numbers.

Silva has already proved an inspiration with Gylfi. So let’s give him a chance with Lookman eh.

29 Aug 2018 18:53:51
Amen to that DaveW.

29 Aug 2018 19:10:55
You are correct there GB. I would also add there is only so much room on the Bandwagon.

29 Aug 2018 20:27:59
That's all well and good DaveW1878. I'd be all for that. Only thing is it all goes out the window IF he wants to leave. Don't think there is many that wants Lookman gone if he wants to stay.

30 Aug 2018 07:12:06
Bottom line NBTB - he goes if the manager wanted him too. I know players (agents) hold all the cards these days and I don’t really want an unhappy player - but rumours abound re Lookman. Only Silva and those very close know what is really being said behind closed doors.
I don’t think he ‘wants’ to stay. I think it moe a case of is he prepared to stay, get his head down and try to force his way into the squad / side.
Wouldn’t be the first time a player has changed his mind.

30 Aug 2018 07:49:35
Time will tell.



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