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10 Feb 2019 00:22:01
I see a lot of people on social media are calling for Moyes to come back, just a question on that 1 - with the current set up we now have at the club with Brands as director of football, surely Davey wouldn't work under that set up would he? As he's used to being his own manager and making his own decisions on players, transfers etc?
Answers on a postcard please.

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10 Feb 2019 09:55:51
He would crawl over broken glass to work at the club again given the financial support the club now offers in comparison to how it was for most of gis tenure. Not saying I would or wouldn’t have him though. I’m torn on the idea.

10 Feb 2019 10:58:47
Moyes time has come and gone if we do sack Marco then we need the get next appointment right but personally I think Marcos going to get time whether right I am not sure if he would just would ditch zonal marking in my opinion are set piece defending would improve dramatically.

10 Feb 2019 10:59:40
All this nonsense about moyes coming back has made me sign up.
Can people honestly say they want him back?
Silva having a tough time of it and results are shocking but to honestly say you want moyes back is crazy.
He did well with what he had when with us but never took us any further, his mentality against the big teams always held us back.
He left for Man U and was disrespectful to us when he left and then tried to get our players in the cheap. He then failed miserabley there even with financial backing.
He failed at Sunderland he failed in Spain
Modern football and management has moved on and He is out of touch with modern football
Why anyone thinks his appointment would be a good one is beyond me.

10 Feb 2019 07:58:34
I think people are just at the stage now where they take anything to get out of this nightmare that Silva and Moshiri are serving up. Gio van Bronkhorst is leaving Feyernoord this year and I think this is the sort of manager we should be looking at, he has done fairly well with Feyernoord and am sure he could work well with Brands. Do any of the eds know if this could be possible or if he is already tied up to a new club?

{Ed002's Note - I would not hold your breath about van Bronckhorst joining Everton. And only a few days ago everyone here was telling me Silva will be manager for the long term.}

10 Feb 2019 11:19:43
I would have Moyes back yes but Bielsa is mentioned this morning and would like him as he is an evellent manager although tends not to be at a club for more than a couple of years.
Moyes would stay for years and do the project as Moshiri calls it, and would do it well. All these overseas guys tend to move around and do not seem capable of doing a project.
Ability wise Bielsa everytime but will he stay at the club even if successfull?

10 Feb 2019 11:38:39
Dark clouds - how do you know moyes would stay for years and do the project well?
He had financial support at Man U and failed
I think you clearly have some soft spot for moyes as the manner in which he left us the fact that we rarely troubled the big teams in his reign would in itself be enough not to have him back.
Then add in his failure at Sunderland his failure in Spain and the fact he hasn’t been snapped up by a decent team would suggest he is where he belongs.
He is not Everton’s messiah and should not return.

{Ed025's Note - your spot on for me dan..

10 Feb 2019 13:18:32
Moyes back at Everton! FM would be better off selling up and buying Newport County. He would have more chance getting promotions through to the Premiership and winning the CL before Moyes ever wins a major trophy. Now for gods sake move on from this Moyes rubbish.

11 Feb 2019 15:59:48
He allways overachieved on the budget he had. He developed young players and made a profit on sales. Ok I can understand that maybe he should never return but to knock his achievments baffles me.

11 Feb 2019 17:42:39
Well said, Moyes should not come back, but slagging him off for over achieving and having a tactically well organised, passionate and hard working side is wrong. Moyes is by far a better manager than the stubborn buffoon in charge now. Still using zonal marking and tactically clueless, still must give him more time to keep his fans happy what a fraud.

12 Feb 2019 08:15:40
Doesn’t matter if you’re using zonal or man for man marking, if the players aren’t aggressive enough to attack and win the first and second ball then you will always concede from set pieces. The players are totally at fault for this rut, overpaid, uninterested and not playing for the shirt or the badge. The finger should be pointed at them.

12 Feb 2019 12:00:43
Good post Tron.
It’s the players on the pitch who are failing to perform. There is no passion no desire and no interest from the majority of them.
Overpaid prima donnas.
Until their poor performances affect their pocket they won’t care. As rubbish as they are they still get paid their ridiculous wages. Dropping them into the under 23’s or leaving them on the bench doesn’t bother them as they still get paid.
The only way this can change is if they get their pay docked, unfortunately I can’t see this ever happening.

14 Feb 2019 00:07:23
Blue Tron / Dan - spot on.
People on here and elsewhere are clinging to this 'its the fault of zonal marking' and i really do wonder if they actually watch or understand football. Watch the Wolves game for example. WE give away yet another stupid free kick. We then have players stood either side of Jiminez outside the box.

The free kick is played and BOTH our players are virtually stood still and allow him to run onto the cross and head home. What has that got to do with zonal marking? Absolutely NOTHING. It has to do with players having a little aggression, wanting to stop runners, block runners, or just plain and simple winning their own individual battles. And we are losing far too many of them.
And please don't tel;l me that it is Silva's fault because does anyone really think he tells players to go out and lose those battles?

In the Watford game clearly Zouma got angry cos one minute he was charging up the pitch and then after the game is in the refs face. Now clearly the second one is wrong but it would be nice for the whole team to show the same aggression / desire throughout the game - and not just when a decision goes against them or when we play the big sides.
Next 4 home games will show if they have the fight for the club and if they dont, however much ability they may have, then close the door on your way out.

I am not saying Silva is blameless but vast majority are not his players and he is dealing with dross bought by Koeman and FatSam. He will be there next season regardless so let's get behind him and the team. And let's just hope these overpaid prima donnas start to show a little bit of fight for that shirt.

15 Feb 2019 07:37:41
DaveW1878 couldn’t agree more mate, well put.



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