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19 Dec 2017 05:59:45
Heard a rumour at the match last night that Niasse stormed out when he found out he wasn't starting, hence why Sandro was on the bench.

On a more positive note, Lennon, Kenny and Gana played very well last night. You can see why the side hasn't changed much over the past few PL games. For me, Schneiderlin and Martina were the weak links.

Blue Tommy

1.) 20 Dec 2017 18:05:13
Wow would be shocked if that was the case with Niasse he’s conducted himself impeccably during a long stressful time so would be a little crazy to suddenly throw his toys out the Pham 😳.



07 Dec 2017 13:26:09
Several online rags reporting that we are in for Aubameyang in January. just thought you would like the laugh.

Blue Tommy

1.) 08 Dec 2017 00:03:12
Big Sam did attract big names while at Bolton. Why can't he do the same at Everton?

2.) 08 Dec 2017 04:47:59
Because Aubameyang wouldn’t choose us ahead of the massive options he has.

3.) 08 Dec 2017 08:16:29
I don't think he has many options.

4.) 08 Dec 2017 08:30:52
He’s 28 and in his prime. He will not choose Everton as a destination to spend possibly his best football years.

5.) 08 Dec 2017 14:15:39
Totally agree NBTB mate, some posters on here seem to forget what Big Sam did at Bolton, good post mate.

6.) 08 Dec 2017 14:24:53
I'm not saying he will but I'm not saying he won't either. Swan, I thought you were all for aiming big?

Lukaku's boots has to be filled. Big Sam is a persuader. As I said I'm not saying its going to happen but at the same time I would not be surprised.

7.) 08 Dec 2017 14:50:19
I'm with you on that one NBTB mate, in fact I would go a bit further than that and say Big Sam has more of a chance of bringing in bigger names than Koeman did.

8.) 08 Dec 2017 17:25:18
Might be hard for some to see that GuernseyBlue but I know where your coming from. I agree he has better potential to get top names in imho.

9.) 08 Dec 2017 18:25:36
Why do you feel that Big Sam can get the bigger names in?

(Not having a pop here, just wondering what it is that gives you that idea)

10.) 08 Dec 2017 20:34:18
That doesn’t work, the question wasn’t “do you want Aubameyang”, it’s a discussion on whether we can get him or not. I’d love him but to say he has no options is ridiculous.

Look across the park at his former manager who needs a striker with pace.

Or Atletico when Griezmann leaves.

Or Real Madrid when they finally realise Benzema isn’t very good.

He has plenty of interest, do I want him, yes, can we get him? I seriously doubt it, we are probably the 8-9th best attraction in the league right now. Plenty of clubs need quality strikers, I highly doubt we would stand a chance of getting him and if so, why would he leave Dortmund to come here?

11.) 08 Dec 2017 21:48:47
Good post Swan. My thoughts entirely. Not knocking those who are viewing it differently, just can’t see us pulling it off.

12.) 08 Dec 2017 21:57:16
Simple answer. Money.

13.) 08 Dec 2017 22:20:17
Although SA laughed in the press conference today when asked about this and said “not a chance”. So unlikely.

14.) 08 Dec 2017 22:59:22
Good post Woburnblue along with the power of persuasion.

Youri Djorkaeff, Jay-Jay Okocha, Fernando Hierro, Ivan Campo ring any bells?

With Bolton now. Why can't he bring top players to Everton?

15.) 08 Dec 2017 23:11:45
Came across very coy in press conference about it really. Didn't hear him say an answer either side.

16.) 09 Dec 2017 02:46:15
Flair players without massive interest from other teams

It’s like us signing Deulofeu and saying it’s a big name, it’s not, he’s known but he’s just an exciting player, not many out there for his signature

Aubameyang on the other hand.

17.) 09 Dec 2017 02:59:42
I didn’t hear an answer one way or another but have heard him state Lukaku needs to be replaced which has been glaringly obvious lol.

18.) 09 Dec 2017 13:32:01
Good point Southern Toffee.

Swan that post made me burst out laughing. Don't take it personally. Your young so you probably don't know those players mentioned. You couldn't know them being young.

It is an insult to those players to compare them to Deulofeu. Nothing against Deulofeu but he is in the infancy of his career.

Those players mentioned above done it all. Look them up if you want. They played at the very top.

Where I sincerely hope Deulofeu plays in the future.

19.) 10 Dec 2017 02:00:23
Oh I’ve heard of them and don’t use “nearly burst into laughter” as a way of talking down to me

The point still stands, were the biggest clubs in the world all interested in all of those players, if not then the post is pointless.

20.) 10 Dec 2017 15:07:41
Fair enough Swan. I did ask that you not take it personally. Obviously you did. I don't take on to know players before my time because I couldn't possibly know much about them. I was not talking down to you at all.

I obviously don't know who was interested in them at the time. There may well of been so called 'big' clubs trying to get them.

The simple point was they were 'big' names in the game and somehow Sam attracted them to Bolton of all places. I'm sure they plenty of offers elsewhere. But somehow Sam brought a good number of big names to Bolton. Which indicates to me he is persuasive.

Fair enough if you can't take that point that's your choice and that's fine. Finally, I really didn't mean anything personal.



20 Oct 2017 06:12:04
I was speaking to some people who are in the know after the game last night (they are fairly reliable and I believe them, but as always it's up to you) . They told me these 4 things:

Lookman is off in January because he can't settle on Merseyside and wants to move back to London.

Koeman does not speak to Unsworth very often at all, and does not ask for his input. Not too much of a surprise there.

Apparently yesterday before the match at some point Koeman and Rooney had a blazing row. I was not told what it was about.

Blue Tommy

1.) 20 Oct 2017 07:56:33
Tick tock tick tock countdown is at 75 hrs until Moshiri pulls the trigger as we certainly won't get a result Sunday

Roll on Mondays so our season can start again.

2.) 20 Oct 2017 08:21:57
Trouble is if he goes, then he goes with massive pay out that he doesn't deserve.

3.) 20 Oct 2017 09:11:53
Better than the trouble it would cause to keep him. Better of the 2 evils is to let him go imho Uran.

I wanted him at the beginning. Those 4 points may well be true Blue Tommy. Certainly would make things easier to understand if they were.

4.) 20 Oct 2017 10:03:44
Who do we replace him with? Moshri clearly believes we need a 'name' Manager and with Benitez turning us down the job has now officially become a poison challice.

5.) 20 Oct 2017 10:09:45
I think his arrogance will be his downfall!

6.) 20 Oct 2017 10:28:03
I don't believe he has turned us down as I don't believe he has ever been offered the position yet, for me we need him to get us out of this mess and to a safe position in the table, he is master tactician and player love to play for him.

7.) 20 Oct 2017 10:37:21
No point fans worrying about pay offs etc. It is those in charge of the club who accept the reality that football does not reflect any other "normal" employment situation.
It is definitely not the first and won't be the last of rewards for failure. Loyalty payments are exactly the same for players.

8.) 20 Oct 2017 10:45:47
The only other thing I got from the conversation is that Barkley would be prepared to stay if Koeman went. I personally thought that myself anyway tbh.

9.) 20 Oct 2017 11:37:01
Blue Tommy I live in the Formby area were many of the players and management live.
As for Lookman I can understand that but there can be no doubt his problem of home sickness has been exacerbated by Koemans treatment of him .
I think it is disgusting when someone inept at their job waits to be sacked when they are extremely well off already .
Koeman should be ashamed of himself and resign but he won't .
As for paying him off it is hard to swallow but it's in relative terms only a small amount compared to another transfer
Sad times to be a blue
I just cannot understand the board who must know the outcome
Someone said they read our comments but if they did he would have been gone by now as the customer is always right - oh I forgot we not customers just daft Evertonians
Very Angry Blue.

10.) 20 Oct 2017 13:32:00
Koemans pay out will be a great investment in protecting and stopping further drop in clubs assets and over all value. He is making some decisions in team selection that can only be seen as him trying to orchestrate termination. Or sabotage to insure he walks with max pay out.

11.) 20 Oct 2017 22:33:46
The Benitez turning us down story has originated from The Scum Newspaper. We all know how reliable the stories from that rag are now don't we.

12.) 21 Oct 2017 19:02:51
I've never understood compensation payments when managers get sacked. If I got sacked for not doing my job properly the only thing I'd get is a P45.

{Ed025's Note - me neither windsor..



24 Sep 2017 00:45:49
Now it gets interesting. We will know what kind of manager Koeman is in the next week or so. Davies and Niasse saved his bacon. I think he would have been out of the door if we had been beaten 1-0 today. We will see if he has learnt anything from today. He should have already learnt that we can't play 4 slow no. 10s. It will also be interesting to see if he can swallow his pride and start Niasse in the next PL game. If he starts with the same team on Thurs as today then I will happily give him a lift to the airport myself.

However so made up for Niasse. He's become a cult hero because he's the underdog, and because he is a model professional with a great attitude when faced with a difficult situation.

Blue Tommy

1.) 24 Sep 2017 02:32:52
Niasse can't play Thursday anyway. Not in Europa squad. Kenny needs to play as does Davies. using Kenny as a sub is a waste of a substitution. He should be starting. today we could of had extra attack with Lookman or Vlasic on as sub if Kenny was played from the start.

2.) 24 Sep 2017 05:48:52
I agree. The fact that Niasse can't play Thurs is more of a reason to start him against Burnley as he also has fresh legs. Koeman has some big decisions to make. IMO he can't play both Rooney and Sigurdsson unless he ditches the 2 defensive midfielders (which for me means benching Schneiderlin, who has been awful this season) .

3.) 24 Sep 2017 10:56:38
Delighted with Niasse but imho it is too early to start him. Around the 55-60th minute I'd introduce him. Get him more established and confident for a few more games before starting him.

I'm for one second saying he doesn't deserve to start. Simply saying that I think it would better for him and less pressure if it was left a couple of more games before starting him.

4.) 24 Sep 2017 10:58:22
Agree blue Tommy, Schneiderlin is liability every game he has got himself booked within 20 mins with a ridiculous tackle. Niasse is a credit to the club and his profession with his professional attitude and behaviour despite the way he has been treated. Hope Koeman has a ounce of Niasse's claass and admits he was wrong and that he is going to give Niasse a chance, because in my opinion he is what we have been missing. Thought we looked a better when Rooney went off, far to much going through him.

5.) 25 Sep 2017 09:52:48
Only problem with starting Kenny is that we become very susceptible to diagonal ball due to his size. That is only reason i can see that Koeman went for Cuco who is far taller. Kenny offers a lot more pace and quality in his crossing but bottom line is that he is first and foremost a defender.

6.) 25 Sep 2017 12:26:35
Coleman is no giant dave.

7.) 25 Sep 2017 19:46:57
I don't think size matters where full backs are concerned. Baines ain'y massive and neither is Coleman, and they've not done to bad!



31 Aug 2017 11:01:41
I take everything with a pinch of salt but according to the rags Niasse is joining Palace for £10m. Good business if true and may leave the door open for Benteke to move to us if we don't get our top targets.

Blue Tommy

1.) 31 Aug 2017 13:29:33
That's Everton paying Palace £10m?

2.) 31 Aug 2017 13:51:47
Good luck to him. Hope he gets game time there and is successful, albeit not against us.

3.) 31 Aug 2017 18:27:02
I really hope he does well. Not really his fault what has happened and has stayed professional and respectful.




Blue Tommy's banter posts with other poster's replies to Blue Tommy's banter posts


18 Jun 2018 13:42:12
Everyone going on about Shaqiri, who in my opinion is another Mirallas with a bad attitude. Mentioning Lookman and Shaqiri on the wings. I just want to know, what has Walcott done wrong?

I thought he was one of our best players since he signed, always wanting the ball, always attempting to move it forward, quick skilful with a few goals thrown in.

This is why I think we can make do with what we have on the wing. Lookman and Walcott will do.

The priority for me is a CB and a LB, then if we can a CM.

Blue Tommy

1.) 18 Jun 2018 14:54:42
Fair shout Blue Tommy. Walcott could even go inside alongside Tosun? Either way, a squad needs more than 11 players these days. But I take your point. Walcott was a great signing under Allardyce. (that should get the pigeons fluttering)

2.) 18 Jun 2018 15:01:09
Don't think anyone is pushing Walcott down the starting line-up.
Shaq is twice the player Mirrales could ever be but I agree his attitude is a stinker

Lookman is still a baby so if anyone expects him to start 38 games, they should be pointed in the direction of the internet and be forced to read up on the game before embarrassing themselves with waffle and tosh.
He is going to be a star but he will be on the bench for large parts of the season. And frankly he should be buzzing with that. Do you think We only need 2 wingers for an entire season?

3.) 18 Jun 2018 15:24:30
Stay clear of Shaqiri lazy and bad attitude.

4.) 18 jun 2018 17:31:49
one good game in five, so thanks, but no thanks.

5.) 18 Jun 2018 18:51:23
My two original points were that nobody has mentioned Walcott as an option in the few posts below, and that I don't believe Shaqiri is the answer.

I wasn't suggesting that we have only 2 wingers all season, nor that Lookman can last a whole season (I do however believe he should be given a good run of games to see where he is development-wise) . I just think that this position is less of a priority than others. Bolasie can fill in and do a job when Lookman gets tired (obviously if we sell him we do need a replacement) and we have Vlasic, and even Dowell and Calvert Lewin can do a job out wide if necessary (although not ideal) .

It is going to take 3 or 4 transfer windows to fix us, so we need to look for replacements in the most problematic positions first (for me, CB and LB, followed by CM) . That's not to say that, hypothetically if a loan or transfer for a player like Rashford (who would solve cover out wide and up front) came up we shouldn't go for it, just that it's about prioritising.



28 Mar 2018 12:04:33
I haven't posted on here for a while as to be honest I've gotten a little disheartened with all things Everton after this shambles of a season. I've still been going to the games, it's just that my passion has more recently been replaced with complete and utter apathy.

I don't know whether it's due to the atmosphere in the ground, the wild inconsistency in results throughout the season or the often terrible football on display. I can't wait to see the back of this season and hopefully with a new manager, new director of football and a few good signings will come more optimism and I will see the Everton team and Goodison Park that I love again.

I think there are two things that we have learned from the Sam Allardyce debacle this season. Firstly, that appointing the right person is more important than ever at this moment. There needs to be a manager that the fans can get behind. This could be a newcomer (e. g. Fonseca) , a well respected manager (e. g. Ancelotti) or an up and coming manager (e. g. Dyche) . Secondly, that manager needs to be given a chance to create something, and needs time to make mistakes (particularly if they have never managed in England before) .

Realistically, every manager is a risk. Even if Simeone decided that he loves the Blues because Brett Angell was his idol in the 90s, there is still no guarantee that his style of football would work with what we've got and what kind of player is available to us. There is no quick fix. I just hope that we can get behind whatever manager we end up with next season (Hopefully not Sam) .

Blue Tommy



12 Feb 2018 12:17:06
I still don't think that Sam should be here next season (I'm happy for him to prove me wrong with a good run between now and the end of the season) . I think if he sticks with the same system and largely the same personnel where possible we should get 7th spot. The team need time to gel.

With the exception of Mangala (who for me deserves more of a chance to prove himself) I think that the whole team played well on Saturday.

As regards the Schneiderlin incident, my perspective was that the fans were booing the substitution, not the man. This was unacceptable either way. I think it will make or break Schneiderlin if he takes it to heart. He will either see this as a wake up call, and improve his performances, or he will be first out the door in the summer (wouldn't blame him either way) . The third option could be that he genuinely doesn't care of course.

Blue Tommy

{Ed025's Note - my view is that it was directly aimed at schneiderlin tommy, forums seem torn on whether it was justified or not but for me booing your own player is not on, people are pointing out that his lazy attitude warranted that response and that the paying public have the right to express their opinion on someone who disrespects the club with his poor attitude, i suppose they do have a bit of a point but its not my bag mate..

1.) 12 Feb 2018 12:53:58
I don't agree with booing your own players even if they have been anonymous in a lot of games. I blame Sam as he's the one who continually picks players who are struggling/ out of form/ not good enough.

{Ed025's Note - i agree mate..

2.) 12 Feb 2018 13:05:13
I think it's wrong irrespective of the player's attitude. It also makes our fans and club look bad. If you were a player watching that would you want to come and play for us?

3.) 12 Feb 2018 13:41:51
To start. I have said my piece on Schneids. booing our own players is not the Everton way. We should give him the biggest cheer ever next time he plays. However, I think Rooney in the deep role is made for Rooney. He has lost his pace, so wondering around spraying passes all over the place is maade for him. Assuming Rooney plays, he needs a defensive midfielder to cover. step in Gueye. He also needs some young legs to press forwards and help Niasse or DCL or Tosun. whilst at the same time able to chase back and cover when needed. enter Tom Davies. Those central 3 are made for each other. We can have a back 4 and 3 forwards. Walcott is one. Sig the other. So whilst I don't see Sig as a left sided player. he can do a job there. Schneids is on the bench as are a few others. that's how I would be setting the team up.

4.) 12 Feb 2018 14:15:57
Exactly Degsy. If the midfield is running well and creating chances it takes the pressure off our makeshift defence.

5.) 12 Feb 2018 14:45:10
That formation could give Klassen a chance in the Davies role if/ when he needs a rest. Be nice to see if Sam brings him in once we are safe.

6.) 12 Feb 2018 15:09:41
Agree Degsy, I've been crying out for that midfield all season. Saturday was one of the first times they've actually looked like a proper midfield. Gueye does a better defensive job on his own, Rooney can stroll around deep spraying passes and Davies' high energy levels and carrying the ball forward make for a great combo.



04 Feb 2018 08:34:15
Upon reflection, I still feel angry and dismayed at the result and the gutless performance yesterday. For me, most of the blame has to go to Sam for his team selection and tactics.

Firstly, we have tried a back 5 on numerous occasions throughout the last 2 seasons, and every time we have been spanked. It obviously doesn't work for us, move on.

Then I don't even know where to start with team selection. In my book you shouldn't change a winning team. So what does Big Sam do? Makes 5 personnel changes and changes the whole system. What message does that send to the players? And then even worse, who do they get replaced with? Players who have played far worse this season.

The worst 3 players overall this season by a country mile have been Schneiderlin, Williams and Martina. Martina gets a free pass as it's not his fault that he's not good enough and is being asked to play in an unfamiliar position. It looks like father time has caught up with Williams and Schneiderlin is the worst of the lot as he just doesn't care at all. And who did Allardyce bring in for a big game, replacing a winning team? Schneiderlin and Williams. I will note that I don't mind Kenny coming in for Coleman as it was a bit of a push to play 2 games in 4 days after such a lengthy lay off.

Big Sam simply isn't good enough for this club. I've mentioned before about him chopping and changing needlessly (note Vlasic coming in for one game, out of position, after about 6 games where he didn't feature, only for him not to play again) . Add to that countless questionable substitutions and it's a pretty poor picture.

For me, I believe that Sam knows we will get enough points to stay up, and believes that's job done for him. Well I've got news for Sam and all of the players. We are Everton. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum is what we believe. If you don't buy into this then please leave our club.

And take Steve Walsh with you. He didn't even try to get the best manager in the league outside the top six (Sean Dyche) and instead pushed for his mates to come to this club. Add that to his awful transfer policy and the embarrassing pursuit of Silva and he looks like a clown.

I am embarrassed to be an Everton fan at the moment. It's us supporters who are losing. Sort it out, someone!

(Apologies for the rant but need to let it out somewhere, and I didn't want to kick the cat because I quite like him)

Blue Tommy

{Ed001's Note - Coleman was ill with flu.}

1.) 04 Feb 2018 08:58:56
Blue Tommy I cannot disagree with a lot of what you say. Ed says Coleman had flu so that explains that. But Schneiderlin and Williams were both signed by Koeman. As was Martina. I do agree that the back 5 seems to allow our midfield to be swamped by attacking teams like Arsenal and it was a mistake. We were 1000% better 2nd half. But hey we were like the first half every game with Koeman in charge this season. Big Sam may not be the guy for us long term. I am no big fan of his. But I would say that he has accumulated far more points than Koeman had and we are almost safe now. and I would have bet that under Koeman we would now be in the bottom 3. He has also signed some decent players. Ones who do go forwards and with pace. I thought our first half was as bad as anything under Koeman and our 2nd half was ok. but let's try and see how Sam gets us to the end of this season and if he has plans to bring any more players in. I think even he would agree that the team that started was just not competitive enough and sat back too much.

2.) 04 Feb 2018 09:10:02
Cheers for the info Ed, like I said even if he had just rested him I'd have had no qualms about it as it would be understandable. Fingers crossed he's all better for next week as we need him more than ever now.

{Ed001's Note - he should be back for the next game mate.}

3.) 04 Feb 2018 09:53:44
A fair assessment Degsy and I do agree that we had more of a chance of relegation under Koeman but I still think that we deserve more than just staying up, so I certainly hope I don't see Sam in the dugout at the start of next season. Us fans deserve more than simply survival.



02 Feb 2018 10:55:09
I was going to post earlier but I've been busy. For me, this is the first game this season that I've genuinely enjoyed, and the first game this season that I feel we've deserved to win. We were all over Leicester from around the 15th-20th minute until the penalty, and even managed a few chances in the last few minutes.

Walcott was MOTM for me. He was all over the pitch, even making tackles, always wanted the ball and deserved the two goals. Seamus was just as good and kept up the performance for the whole game which is truly remarkable considering it was his first full game after 10 months out. Keane and Jags were solid at the back, and Gana quietly went about his business with minimal fuss. Another special mention is for Martina who looked a lot better and saved us from conceding a goal (still don't rate him though)

For me the two contentious issues player wise were Davies and Niasse. Both have received a lot of stick for their performances, which I think is a little unfair.

Davies worked really hard all game, and was pressing for the ball at every opportunity. Yes he did misplace a few passes and he was a bit of a headless chicken but I'd have his effort over Schneiderlin's strolling about any day. I think that given a run of games in a side playing well, Davies would return to the form of last season.

Niasse as always gave 100%, and I think tactically it was the right decision. He hassled their defenders all game and creates a lot of potential opportunities. However, while I think his overall game was positive, he showcased his lack of ability missing 3 sitters. The question isn't necessarily would Tosun have scored those, but if he would have created those chances and been in the right position.

This weekend I wouldn't change too much team wise. I think Niasse despite his limitations ability-wise should start again as Arsenal's defence isn't the best. Here's hoping Theo shows Wenger what he's missing.

Blue Tommy

{Ed025's Note - a very fair assessment there tommy, for me tom is a bit lightweight at the moment and was easily bullied on wednesday he tried hard and had great energy but for me can be upgraded, niasse worked his socks off as usual and i agree deserves another chance..

1.) 02 Feb 2018 11:53:21
ED25 I disagree regarding Davies they had big strong mids and I thought Davies did well and with him and Gueye we looked a much better unit regard Martina 1 half decent performance doesn't change the issue that he isn't a good enough RB never mind LB overall I was very happy with how we played especially when they put us under 20 mins of pressure after their pen here's hoping we can carry it on this Sat.

{Ed025's Note - i think we will have to agree to disagree on tom bluey, the kid has great talent but for me just not ready yet mate..

2.) 02 Feb 2018 12:31:08
I agree with the Davies assessment ED. I think if Klaasan played in the number 8 then you can bring him through gradually. However, Sam doesn't want him. We then end up with a Gana and Snids situation every game and that's far too defensive and slow.

{Ed025's Note - i agree with all that john..

3.) 02 Feb 2018 13:26:20
I agree with Bluey on this one Ed. Mainly because I think Sam isn't quite sure what to do with him. On Weds he started off as a DM, then moved to a sort of no.8, linking defence and attack, then finished the game playing as a no.10.

He needs a defined role and game time to develop into who we want and need him to be. Then again this statement could apply to half of our midfield: Rooney, Sigurdsson, Klaassen, Vlasic.

{Ed025's Note - he has the ability tommy but lacks the physicality for me mate, but maybe with someone like nzonzi in the team he would be able to display his talents to better effect, i would certainly have him before morgan any day though..

4.) 02 Feb 2018 13:51:50
I like Bluetommy's assessment. Davies has great skill in my view. He also has loads of energy and disrupts the opposition with his pressing game. as does Niasse. We looked like a team with plenty of attacking options and we had shots on goal which was missing the last 5 games with Schneids in the team. and his very slow breaking. Add in what everyone said about gueye, Seamus and Wallcot and we suddenly have a team that is pressing to get forwards rather than sitting with 11 behind the ball and trying to break slowly. humping it to DCL only for him to lose possession because he is the only one anywhere near the half way line. So yes I would be giving Davies a run. but letting him know he is not 1st choice every game. maybe resting him in the away games more than home ones.

5.) 02 Feb 2018 14:01:08
That's a fair assessment Ed, though I think a cardboard cut out of Tom would have better movement and work rate than Schneiderlin.

{Ed025's Note - no arguments from me tommy..




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24 May 2018 12:40:01
Couldn't see Davies or Niasse causing this kind of trouble tbh. Look at the source and forget about it.

Blue Tommy



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07 Mar 2018 07:23:00
The U11's would give our first team a run for their money the way we are playing this season.

Blue Tommy



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29 Jan 2018 20:13:27
I think you're all forgetting about Tom Davies.

Blue Tommy



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23 Jan 2018 07:41:23
To the six who are unhappy above. you do realise where we would be without his goals this season. He's saved our bacon on about 4 occasions.

Blue Tommy



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07 Nov 2017 21:36:46
So in your opinion Ed02 it's Walsh being in the wrong role causing most of the problems at Everton? Just out of interest in your opinion who would you be going for? If you were hypothetically the third party advice?

Blue Tommy

{Ed002's Note - Walsh should not be in the job. Dyche would be a good option although Hoddle would be my pick.}




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18 Jun 2018 21:22:16
Tosun's conversion rate is really good too. Will be interesting to see how he does with good service.

Blue Tommy



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18 Jun 2018 18:51:23
My two original points were that nobody has mentioned Walcott as an option in the few posts below, and that I don't believe Shaqiri is the answer.

I wasn't suggesting that we have only 2 wingers all season, nor that Lookman can last a whole season (I do however believe he should be given a good run of games to see where he is development-wise) . I just think that this position is less of a priority than others. Bolasie can fill in and do a job when Lookman gets tired (obviously if we sell him we do need a replacement) and we have Vlasic, and even Dowell and Calvert Lewin can do a job out wide if necessary (although not ideal) .

It is going to take 3 or 4 transfer windows to fix us, so we need to look for replacements in the most problematic positions first (for me, CB and LB, followed by CM) . That's not to say that, hypothetically if a loan or transfer for a player like Rashford (who would solve cover out wide and up front) came up we shouldn't go for it, just that it's about prioritising.

Blue Tommy



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14 Jun 2018 10:50:28
Great fixtures. If we build some momentum we could shock a few of the big boys towards the end of the season at Goodison when they've got tired legs after a long season in Europe.

Only downside is I can only make 6 games due to work, looks like Stubhub for the rest.

Blue Tommy



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09 Jun 2018 07:31:20
Blue reason what about 'Zinedine'Kilbane and the mighty Claus Thomsen?

Blue Tommy



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04 Jun 2018 10:29:46
I get your point Degs, but I don't feel like we are getting enough interest (for me everything depends on 'what ifs' for example if De Gea leaves Man U then they could go for Pickford) . As regards a clear out I get that it isn't as simple as just put them up and someone will buy, but even the players we mention we don't want- someone will for most of them. I think the ones we may struggle to offload are the older ones on big contracts, for example Williams. Someone somewhere will probably take a punt on the likes of Niasse and Schneiderlin should we decide to sell them.

Blue Tommy