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05 May 2019 09:51:51
Great end to the season, pleased for Marco Silva, he has struck to his principles, weathered the storm of a disappointing period and certain impatient Everton Fans wanting his head, calling for yet another new Manager
In the end the senior players came good to live up to their valuation and reputations
Special word of achievement must go to Keane, Coleman, Sigurdsson, Bernard, Richarlison,
Schneiderlin has been a revolution in the last 3 games, seems to have found an extra yard of pace and Increased his tempo, this added to his other qualities makes him a value asset again for the club
Looking forward to next season now, should be an interesting transfer window.

{Ed002's Note - It is lucky you don't see winning anything or qualifying for Europe as a great end of the season. Perhaps Everton could have a great end of the season next year aswell by repeating this feat?}

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05 May 2019 10:14:18
It was better than losing like we were from Dec - Feb, I think its a miracle we have come in the top half considering how poor we were this season.

05 May 2019 10:37:17
Next season won’t be about repeating it, that will be about moving the club forward again and mounting a top six challenge. From repeated years of turmoil and underachieving we need to move forward and that’s what a bit of stability will do.
Player recruitment will be tougher without the lure of European football but then there is the opportunity to play week in week out in the best and most competitive league in the world.

05 May 2019 11:41:38
I’m not too fussed about Europe when it comes to attracting decent players. We weren’t in Europe this season yet we managed to sign a standout World Cup defender who I rate despite injuries. A class midfielder who I hope we tie down on a permanent deal. One of the best left backs in the league this season even when we were crap and two Brazilians who have massively improved the team.

Brands is our recruitment guru who will give us an advantage over many this summer.

Sorry I forgot Zouma. School boy error.

05 May 2019 11:53:48
Player recruitment should have been harder last season considering we finished 8th and didn't have a manager.
This season should be a doddle compared to last year.

The biggest plus for me this season is our we can't beat the top 6 mentality has well and truly been erased.

05 May 2019 12:23:00
You’re right guys, just got sucked in to always hearing why would x y or z come to you with no European football.

05 May 2019 15:25:27
For myself Uran, I somewhat agree with Ed002, I never believed Silva was good enough (professionally speaking) at this level. I do think now however, that if this, is true form we have at the moment, then we should see if our recruitment and pre-season, matches our apparent ambition and if next season Mr Silvas' theories can lead to top 6. One thing is certain though we can finish no higher with a supposed better Squad and coach than under the disliked Alardyce.

05 May 2019 15:47:24
I personally think we could not have a better end to the season, with have competed with the top 6 clubs which in its self is a massive confidence boost for the club
They way we have played is. 100 times better than last season entertainment and football wise, some Evertonians including Ed002 are very hard to please giving the dreadful mid part to the season, we will finish in the top half without a recognised out and out striker, Big Silva Fan.

05 May 2019 15:51:03
Why are a Few still mentioning the name of Alardyce like he was something special, we played our worse type of football ever under his leadership, I wonder why no other club has come in for him, easy not good enough.

{Ed025's Note - im with you uran mate..

05 May 2019 16:05:00
We were playing well until the Anfield Derby, then went into freefall, then after the Goodison Derby we seemed to rectify this.

It looks like we have finally got to grips with the zonal marking, I am trying hard to think of a single player Silva and Brands has brought in, who has not been a disappointment,

Chances of keeping hold of Zouma are looking slim, however if we do pull it off along with Gomes signing, we will be heading in the right direction.

Stability is what is needed, let Silva and Brands bring in their players, give them time to build a team, this will not happen over a season, but give a few transfer windows to achieve this.

patience is needed, without knee jerk reactions and panic, over a couple of games, let these guys rebuild and stand by them.

05 May 2019 16:43:23
There was always going to be someone coming out with the Allardyce comparison. He was brought in to remove the unthinkable, and he did just that. Silva has done something far more difficult in making us play some scintillating stuff these last 2 months. Allardyce just can’t do that and is therefore a radio show number 2 at best. If a team next season struggles and brings him in to secure their prem safety then that’s logical. If they are not struggling and looking to get into the top six and recruit him, then that’s just silly.

We have Silva, he has done enough to get the majority of fans on his side.

Onwards and upwards please.

05 May 2019 17:14:34
Precisely my point about Alardyce Toffee, he was brought in to carry out what it says on his can, no more no less, yet the bloke was slagged off for it. We finished 8th playing rubbish football. Bad buys under Brands/ Silva? How about Mina! Not any where near the standard required at this level.

{Ed025's Note - if you enjoyed his tenure more than marco,s up to now then i suspect you will be in the minority BCT..

05 May 2019 17:53:18
Read the post ed025 mate.

{Ed025's Note - i have BCT and you seem to me to be condoning the job that fat sam done at our club mate, i dont know whether thats because you believe it or that you just dont like marco silva?, he was a blight on our history if you ask me and the plan should be for us all to look forward not back imo..

05 May 2019 19:14:52
Allardyce himself came out and said he was surprised he was sacked. That in itself says he was brought in to do more than what he did.
He didn't win the fans I've and showed that he is a one trick pony and no more than that.
It so no coincidence that he only gets one type of job (part time) and then gets sacked.
He has not progressed with the modern game and therefore is not the right choice for a team looking to modernise the way they play and not get left behind with the fossils of the game.
Moyes, Allardyce, Dyche and Hodgson are the last of the old guard.
Football has moved on and so have we thankfully.

Silva and Brands are the ones who can give us a chance of making it a top 7 and we have seen glimpses of it this season.
I for one am on board, for the ones who aren't. So be it but eventually you will be swept along with the rest of us, like it or not.

05 May 2019 20:19:45
BCT, I’m not going to call Mina a bad buy. He hasn’t had time to settle due to injuries. That may well change as in the case of the other 2 centre backs we use. My point about Allardyce is the same as everyone’s. But whilst both finished 8th, we can’t ignore the differences which form our preferences. 1 shot on target or 7? You choose. Richarlison or Walcott? We are clearly moving forward, the evidence is there. The only question would be what’s Silvas ceiling? As of yet we haven’t reached it. But we sure all know we knew what Allardyce’s was.

05 May 2019 20:32:19
Need to do more study on the man instead of jumping on the bandwagon. One of the first along with Hoddle to introduce Sports Psychology and Sports Medicine, adopted modern methods of recovery. Not a one trick Pony, is he better than Silva, have no idea. Currently we are on 4 points better than we finished last season but also grasping for 8th, where exactly we finished last season. First season with Martinez we finished 5th, with Koeman 7th, consistently with Moyes we were 7th. When Alardyce came in it was because nobody would touch us, yet Everton fans slagged and slandered the bloke. So called fans/ supporters booing their own players and Manager at home games yeah that's cool. There are quite a few on this board who know football are involved in football and I suspect from some of the comments played a high standard but also a few that jump on the bandwagon of agreeing and sucking up to the current trend. I have been honest and said that, yes I thought Silva was the wrong man (reasons given) , but also said that if this current form is a sign then perhaps his methods may work. Giving it a rest now till next Season (busy Summer) , I look forward to further insult criticism etc! But reading will have to wait until August.

05 May 2019 21:47:10
Jury is still out on Mina, let’s see how the player is when fully fit and regular game time before we write him off as a poor signing Bill.

05 May 2019 21:57:25
I will assume BCT has gone off to sulk for the summer rather than quote Allardyces achievements from 1999 lol. Like I said, a dinosaur with dinosaur followers.
It is embarrassing to have that man in our great clubs history and another reason why it is good riddance to the old guard.
For the rest of us it is onwards and upwards. Looking forward to this window to see the incomings and outgoing.

{Ed025's Note - we all have our own opinions smit and it would be a boring old world if we all thought the same mate, BCT has been a very good poster for a number of years and i respect his views even though i dont agree with him all the time, personally i did not like the allardyce tenure one little bit and thought like you it was a blight on our beloved club, but we all have to realize that others will have different views and i think tolerance is the name of the game mate..

05 May 2019 22:47:18
I think it’s fair to say that BCT will decide for himself if Silva is better for us than Allardyce was. If that comes through results then fine by me. But most of the negative opinion on Allardyce comes from the style of football. Let’s face it, it’s not NSNO is it. It’s certainly not school of science either. Providing attractive football and keeping teams in the league is not something Allardyce could do. Silva is providing both and for me has already surpassed what Allardyce did. Sadly no more debates on this until next season it seems.

05 May 2019 22:58:32
Toffee Ace, I could overlook his style of play for a little while. My issue was always his chequered past with his dealings. I was then done with him when he would continually throw the players under the bus after a poor performance, something Silva refuses to do. He wins as a team and loses as a team.
He has improved the players, signed some gems and reunites the team and almost all the supporters.
The stubborn ones will hold back and I am fine with that.
I am enjoying supporting this club. The Allardyce supporters can look back all they want, he isn't coming back.

06 May 2019 08:13:06
I agree Smit.



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