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26 Jul 2019 16:20:14
I was wondering if anybody has any insight on this hypothetical scenario. I say hypothetical because i really don't believe we will sign Zaha despite the apparent bid.
IF Zaha signed, what position would he play?
Does Richarlison move back to LW with Zaha RW because that would be a waste of Bernard who was constantly improving.
Do one of Richarlison or Zaha play as CF instead to accomodate all 3? In my very humble opinion this is a waste. Yes they will both score goals as a CF but not the 20+ we need someone to do, and most likely no more than each would score in their natural wing position anyway.
I rate Zaha very highly but honestly don't see him as a player we need to bring in, especially at such an eye-watering price.

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26 Jul 2019 17:32:01
I would play all 3 in a fluid system where their roles aren’t set in stone.

26 Jul 2019 18:01:20
Denver Blue, that is the least comitted answer ever. What on Earth do you mean by that? Just play all 3 and let them fight over where they want to play during the course of a match? Tactics and formations are used for a reason. How would you feel if we played your way, Zaha decided to play his most comfortable role on RW, Richarlison wanted LW, Bernard wanted LW, nobody was playing CF. It's just anarchy!

26 Jul 2019 18:11:57
We will not sign a striker that scores 20+ a season. There are very few, top scorer last season was what 23 goals? 15 league goals from a striker would be great, and I think both Zaha and Richarlison ar ecapable of that. With the other matching it from the wing that will do in my book. Not that we will get Zaha, but hey.

26 Jul 2019 18:41:27
To settle for a winger who can play as a forward is not acceptable in my book. Sign a striker and use said winger as cover for that position when needed.

26 Jul 2019 18:50:42
Worcester, Walcot was signed on the promise he could roam across the front with his preference as striker. Not a case of them fighting but work the front together. When you and I played did we stick rigidly to our position. I know for a fact that I would not have been able to get in sides at my level (albeit relatively low in comparison to the prem) , with that rigid attitude.

26 Jul 2019 18:52:32
Because no one ever got anywhere moving wingers to strikers? Henry, lacazette, Salah?

26 Jul 2019 19:36:54
You’re right Worcester, it would be anarchy if there were no tactics involved at all. I should’ve expanded my answer, but I was at work and short on time. I would have Zaha starting at CF and instruct him to make runs to the wing in an attempt to pull the center backs out of position. The wingers, Bernard on the left and Richarlison on the right, would be instructed to make an inside run to replace their position. Richarlison showed last season that he can play CF in spurts, but isn’t viable long term.

26 Jul 2019 22:49:51
EFCONE you are plucking select names to justify your point, aforementioned players are the exception to the rule and a very rare quality to get hold of. To go by your theory, every winger would be the next Henry and that simply isn't the case.
As for BCT, dude you just baffle me! How do you know what Walcott was promised? Has he ever "roamed across the front 3" in a game for Everton? And if that's the indication of how to use a winger then its an epic fail! Who here is actually happy about Walcott playing for us? And of course what does the point of how you played have to do with needing Zaha or not? Btw, ZAHA! You literally seem to think were resigning Louis Saha in all of your posts on here.
Denver, i see what you mean but it just isn't a long term answer to the lack of a real striker, and probably just accomodating a high price player we don't really need. I honestly do like Zaha but for the price its a deal we should swerve.

27 Jul 2019 00:14:09
I wouldn't say select names exactly, maybe some of the more successful yes. Although I didn't mention Ronaldo😉

I guess more the point I am trying to get at is that there are other ways of getting goals into a team than the almost mythical 20 goal striker everyone is after. And having 2-3 players who can get close to 15 goals each would be a start.

The price for Zaha is too high, agreed. I strongly suspect he isn't really interested in playing for us either. Those are the reasons I worry about signing him. But if it did happen, I would still be delighted because he is a proven Premier league player. Most of the forward players we have been linked with have either no Premier league experience, or are also wide players. SO against those potential gambles Zaha at least feels a safer if more expensive bet.

Unless Worcester you happen to have a few names you'd like to share that are going to score 20 goals and are available, and would likely join Everton?



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