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10 Aug 2019 20:45:48
All today has shown, is that our moves in the transfer market were the correct ones. We didn't win today for the same reasons we didn't win games like this last season. Not enough creativity or good enough finishing away from home.

These are the games we will need Iwobi in, and when hopefully Kean can make the difference as the season progresses.

The positives for me are that early signs are that we haven't gone backwards. We did not look like losing, Mina looked solid. Midfield is probably the only slight concern but will have to see a few more games to judge.

Everyone really just needs to calm down a touch. Not winning the first game always dissapoints, and totally get how some fans feel frustrated. But I would say after 5 games is when you can start throwing insults at each other and calling for Silva's head at the very earliest!

{Ed025's Note - i think you have got it spot on mate..

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10 Aug 2019 21:42:19
It will be good to see the new boys coming in. I am glad Silva didn't feel pressurised to throw them in like Koeman did.
We should have won and were the better team.
I think this season we need around 8 or 9 away wins and a good home record to get anywhere near the top 6.

10 Aug 2019 22:03:52
Palace away is a difficult game clean sheet I’ll take a point, Not all our rivals will get something out of that game.

10 Aug 2019 23:14:22
We were the dominant side but as much as you want to ease new players in, DCL does not score enough or any goals, so why not start Keane? Schneiderlin is going but a sending off today won’t help my be him tonight n .

11 Aug 2019 08:22:24
EFCONE is absolutely right. Finally someone talking like they actually know and understand how the season works.

The moaners are like people who have had their memories wiped clean every year and they fumble their way trying to understand what football is all over again.

They moan about not signing players, then when we do, not signed earlier enough. Then when these new players play and don't hit the ground running they moan about them being rubbish. That then means Brands is rubbish.

Then there is the manager. Forget that he took over a team bereft of confidence and quality in certain areas. He galvanised them eventually (god forbid this might take a little time) and gave us the second biggest points haul against the big 6 in 26 years! He moved us forward in style from Koeman and Sam, who some would prefer. Fat Sam. They want fat Sam. Yes one more time, Fat Sam.

They are the most pathetic "supporters" who apart from now will not give any of my time to. The rest of the time I'll simply ignore.

Some advice to you. It's okay to feel disappointed. It's okay to feel angry. It's okay to give criticism. However, give and take a balanced view. don't overreact and try to look at the overall picture.

If all you see is negative then you obviously don't know anything about football at all and would be best taking up knitting or gardening.

I don't know anything about moaning, miserable sods so I took up football.

11 Aug 2019 09:03:08
Won 5 drawn 3 lost 1.
Silvas last 9 competitive games.

I would like him to stay for the time being at least.

11 Aug 2019 09:41:22
BlueJohn, some very sweeping statements in your post, some might say (referring to your second to last paragraph) . that those who can only see positivity may know nothing about football, but who are we to make that assumption. a balanced view by all means but that also contains criticism. let's not forget reality. some posters display their disappointment in negativity that is their right. maybe they have had to put up with mediocrity for longer than you? i don't know but you are not the only one who claims to see the whole picture, we probably all do. also references to Sam the way you used them were a tiny bit childish, have a good day filtering posts.

11 Aug 2019 14:01:51
Blue lagoon, I'm not sure how long you've been visiting this site but BlueJohn is correct in his assumption - there are far too many negative souls on here that have been moaning about the most trivial things for the last few seasons. It gets a bit tedious.
With regards to the Sam part, and I don't speak for BlueJohn, he was just hammering home a point. That being that there are a few on here that would rather see Sam in charge, or at least they believe that that particular style of football is acceptable. Get to 40 points and then relax, even if the football is dire.
People are entitled to their opinions yet if they keep bleating about the same old rubbish then they should be called out, in my opinion anyway. You must have seen it on here after the first game? One game down with a long way to go and some couldn't wait to stick the knives in. It's crazy and boring. You can't even have a sensible conversation with some of them on here, they make a ridiculous point then don't bother elaborating. By all means have your own opinion but at least back it up when others call you out!

12 Aug 2019 12:08:40
blue potato, my point to blue john was about his assumption that the negative posters know nothing about football, which is disrespectful, not condoning negative views, or the opposite, they both are just as irrelevant to each other, just asking for more about respect to other posters, without opposite views this site dies, you claim there are too many negative souls on here, would you like us all to say the same thing? of course not, also been quite a while since anyone advocated any support for Sam far too many aggressive posts at the moment, must be Brexit.

12 Aug 2019 12:55:48
Blue lagoon, it would be slightly boring if everyone had the same perspective. That said, these 'negative' posters are not here for any type of debate. They usually post and then ignore replies. If you read what I said again you will see that I pointed this out, I don't mind opposing views if they are willing to discuss their points in a sensible debate. Unfortunately, there are too many trolls on here that say things for attention, you never see them when things are going well!
Final point in reply, maybe nothing has been mentioned about Sam for a while but that is just one example of how crazy some of the stuff can be on here. There are more examples but I haven't got the time or inclination to discuss them, you can see it with your own eyes throughout the sight. Not too sure what brexit has got to do with anything.

13 Aug 2019 09:39:04
blue potato, just a bit of light heartedness re Brexit in the context of my post, everyone pissed off one way or another, venting frustration, agree with all your points though.



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