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27 Aug 2019 12:40:00
It's becoming a bit like last season on here. Frightened to make a comment in case one or two people jump on your back

We can all support Everton and this should be a place where we can praise, take the mick and yes - criticise where we want.

I'd be more shocked if people didn't criticise a 2-0 defeat to Villa - it was simply not good enough and similar results will see us finish 8th-10th.

I've read people would be happy with 8th this season - yet another season of transition being quoted to accept 8th.
We have a very expensive squad and should be aiming for 6th minimum.

We are too pleased to praise mediocrity on here. Bernard - 2 goals in total as an example.

We should be an attractive team to watch but it's actually been very dull so far.

Silva is not untouchable - he gives poor opportunities to youth, he is not exactly charasmatic and wonder if the players respond to how dull he is, his tactics at times are questionable.

Recruitment is crazy - seem to sign more and more midfielders despite being obviously short of central defender and another striker (Kean is only one likely to score out of DCL, Naisse, Toson) - Ellis should - but won't be given a chance (just like Pennington, Dowell, beni, Kenny, davies, Gibson) -

Personally I don't see him being here end of the season. You would think Silva and Brands had us in CL positions playing expansive football judging by some comments on here. They have achieved nothing and personally don't think we are much better than when Koeman was here.

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27 Aug 2019 13:30:59
Sobs, get your crash helmet on mate.

{Ed047's Note - I’m not even sure why you appointed Silva, his record at Hull and Watford should have said everything to your owner and winning a title with Olympiacos has to be akin to winning one at PSG, can’t really go wrong.

27 Aug 2019 14:00:47
I strapped it on blue lagoon just before I sent it😂.

27 Aug 2019 14:06:19
Sobs never be afraid of putting up a post. Your post is at least trying to give an argument on why you don't like things at the moment and what you looking from the team.

Personally, the football under Koeman was poor in the first 5 months of his reign but then exceptional in the last 6 months of his first season. The start of his second season was terrible but I believe Walsh contributed to it all with horrendous signings.

Different people have different levels of patience. I think that the EPL is extremely difficult and even more so to attack the top 6. Brands made a good point that we should only need to bring in 2 or 3 players. That way you have continuity within the team and you get a settled squad of players. However, we've had to bring in a lot of players in a short space of time.

I'd be happy with 7th to 10th this season. i'd expect people like Iwobi and Kean to be better through the next 6 months but the best of them next year. We could challenge further up but it depends how well things click and how quickly.

I totally agree on the CB position and as much as Brands pleased me with the quality of signings, I feel these could have been brought in earlier. This hasn't helped the manager early on.

Like all managers they make mistakes especially on Friday where I think he should have changed it up earlier but then I can praise his tactical knowhow in the wind over Chelsea, Man united, arsenal and how we performed in both Derbies.

Pennington, Dowell, beni and Kenny are not good enough at this stage and I'd be more inclined to say they won't ever be. Look at them and tell me if they make a top 6 side?

Davies has potential but the fans are killing him rather than the manager. He'll be another that will leave like Barkley because of the fans.

As for Gibson, he's now introduced to the squad and played some part in preseason. he's had it tough though with Zouma, Keane and Mina in front of him. I like the lad and think he'll be a future player for us at CB.

27 Aug 2019 14:32:42
I think that’s a fair post. I’d like to see us play better - also like us to do something like a cup run/ qualify for Europe before we hail Brands as The Messiah

I have my doubts over Bernard, Gomez, Mina, and Gbamin - hopefully we are not talking about him like we do about Walsh in a couple of years!

Bernard (Walcott) , Gomez (klasson) , Mina (Williams) , and Gbamin (Scniderlin) - might seem harsh but I don’t see them as massive upgrades on what Walsh brought in

I just pray to God Kean is not a Sandro - I must admit Kean looks quality from what I have seen though.

27 Aug 2019 14:34:08
As long as I’ve read this site there’s always been differing opinions on the managers. I’ve advocated some and called for the head of others. Whilst they’ve been condemned or supported by others. It’s a forum to say what you want within reason (hence the judicious editing by the guys we call Ed) . So we should all feel free to say what is on our minds and also accept the differing opinions of others. The choice is ours. Let’s face it, we’re Everton supporters, our skin should be thick enough to take it.

27 Aug 2019 14:43:34
No that's fair Sobs. Gomes is under more pressure to perform this season. The others you mention either need to improve or show consistency.

Brands reminds me a little of Levie at Spurs. He seems to be very much in control of the purse strings which is good but I hope not to the detriment of creating a difficult circumstance for the manager.

27 Aug 2019 14:56:13
Game of opinions isn't it. I've seen enough of Kenny beni Dowell and Pennington to know they're not good enough. Personally would be horrified of Bernard and gomes go backwards enough to be on a par with the 2 you compared them with. Gbamin only has to out some effort in to be better than schneids, and he's on a fraction of the wages. Mina the jury is out on. If he puts in woeful performance after woeful performance and gets himself some stupid sendings off then he may be comparable to Williams.

27 Aug 2019 15:38:36
Sobs spot on mate and ED47 also. It certainly is a wonder given his Premiership record but wasn't there a whisper that he was Brands recommendation. I also believe Brands will bring in good signings, the only negative and it may be a big one is his closeness with the superagent.

27 Aug 2019 15:40:29
Sobs a very good comment, people should be able to put across their views, I am guessing last season you gave credit to our home games against the top sides and this moment in time unhappy with certain aspects of the team.

We all have a gripe when things goes wrong, where the problem occurs is when certain posters avoide this site when we are playing well, hence the end of last season, but are quick to come on and say told you so after a defeat.

Have to say Sobs I have seen some good comments in the past where you praised the team and manager.

That’s why some posters are sick to death of seeing the doom mungers come out of hiding to slate the manager.

We are all Evertonians and should want success, be over the moon when we turn over the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Utd, however it seems certain posters would rather be proved right, than the success of Everton Football Club.

Like I say Sobs I do not class you as one of them, but others posters must feel the same as me towards a few certain posters, happy to be proved right.

27 Aug 2019 16:08:48
Same people go overboard all the time, sobs. It wouldn't get a reaction the way it does if these same posters came on when things have been going well but they don't bother, they go into hiding until we lose a game or play badly. Then they are right on here slating the manager/ team like it's groundhog day. That's what gets to a few of us on here.

27 Aug 2019 17:11:03
That Bluepotato is what I see on here as a regular poster.
Some fans use this forum as a means to vent their dislike but do not use it to give credit to the team, manager when we have a good win.
And that frustrates me 100 times more than a point of view I don't agree with.

As I've said though I am just scrolling past the doomers now and all is good again.

27 Aug 2019 18:52:08
No issue with differing opinions but as you say please give credit too when it is deserved rather than just knocking the team. Took klopp 4 years to get where they are so give the guy time. We got some really good players. Gomes is quality despite bad game. Bernard is a creator not finished unfortunately. Gbamin looks a beast unfortunate injury. Digne is immense going forward. Defensively maybe not so. Get kean up and running and richy back on form and we will start doing well.
It is after all only a competition and only 1 side can win. Look how far we are coming from and look for progress. Need to cement top half by Christmas then push on further up league.

27 Aug 2019 22:50:21
Look how far we are coming? We finished 7th 3 years ago, 8th two years ago and 8th last year.

We have been passed the 4th round in F. A cup once in 11 years.

We’ve won 2 games in the league cup in the last 4 years

I realise this is not popular but a bit of reality is needed

I really really hope Everton do well and most of my posts are positive - I am a realist though and I just don’t see the progression people are talking about.

27 Aug 2019 23:28:30
Try to forget about league positions as it skews the picture. One team always has a purple season. Us with Martinez and more recently Burnley, Leicester and Wolves.
Points progression is a much better gauge.
We are hoping to break into the top 6 and if we don't then we at least need to be seen as getting closer.

27 Aug 2019 23:58:55
When I saidblopk how far we are coming from, I meant we have been miles behind top teams since mid 80's. Never mind where we finished in league. We finished 4th under moyes with lowest number of points needed for 4th ever.
The style of football has improved dramatically especially since sam. We have good players, still trying to get rid of so called dead wood and all of this takes times. Brands is the man, we all agree on that. Silva was apparently his choice so let's get behind the club, manager and team. We don't choose them so we need to support them. If you still not happy at end of season then call for his head. He will have been here 2 full years then.

28 Aug 2019 00:28:09
when we finished 7th we had rom doing bits, then we had 3 managers including rhino who all had their faults (Plus Walsh was shambolic) .
Now we have Brands, a manager who doesn't hide behind players when it doesn't go our way and has proven to change tactics and has our defence only bettered by the top two. I understand what you're saying but you're going back to the moysey era as part of your opinion.
Its only three games in so i hope you're wrong but i can see progression even if its from a biased point of view.
Good posts btw sobs as you do bring great points in your arguments.



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