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02 Sep 2019 23:45:22
Appreciate this won't go down well with some but I think a few are getting a little carried away with yesterdays result and performance.
YES we won, YES we played some good football and YES there were some sterling individual performances. but this was Wolves who although had a great season last term are now finding out how difficult Europa league qualification is.
We've let in 4 goals in 2 games following 2 clean sheets from the start and yesterday was not a patch on the Liverpool, Chelsea, Utd and Arsenal performances from last season.

I do believe that we will get stronger and quite quickly but let's not get too carried away too soon as all it leads to is a return of the doom and gloom brigade.
We should have scored at least 5 yesterday. we didn't, we shouldn't have conceded any but we did and in poor style.

Agree with the Coleman comments and as much as I love him he needs to take a back seat as he is all too predictable. that's the only change we need to make.
Let's see where we are by the end of September as we have a very tough run ahead of us into October and Novembet.

We have a great opportunity to build some. e points momentum head of this run with hugely winnable games. let's just hope we don't blow it like we did last season following the derby disaster!

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03 Sep 2019 06:52:43
Come on Trev, you can only beat what's in front of you. The first games in a season are all about getting up to speed whilst also getting results.
You could argue that wolves after 10 games should be upto speed already, you could also argue that we made them look ordinary by not letting them have the ball.

Either way, we need to celebrate results like this whatever point in the season. We will improve and I'm sure Wolves will put in better performances, so what.
We need to be beating the teams that were around us last season and so far we've beaten 2 of them.

Remember the Newcastle and Milwall games last season? Normally we would Everton it up and would have lost the wolves game but not this time.

As you say, we played well, won and had some good individual performances. Feel free not to get carried away, but I am. For now anyway.

03 Sep 2019 08:26:02
Yes we won, Yes we played well and Yes there were some sterling individual performances. Well that good enough for me!

03 Sep 2019 11:21:05

You're totally right to inject some realism into fans expectations.

Whilst the goals we have conceded have been well taken goals they've showed errors by us defensively that Silva has acknowledged and will be working on

Not so convinced re Coleman. I didn't see enough from Sidebe that would make me choose him over Seamus just yet but there is certainly potential there to make changes later in the season.

Offensively we were a lot better than the first 3 games of the season but some of that was Wolves having an off day at the back - what were they doing for our first? We have to remember though it was with 2 new signings in the side and we will only improve as they get to know their teammates better

I think we will continue to get better defensively and offensively but there will be bumps in the road. When they come let's not overreact but remember the progress being made

The other point I'd make is a lot of people want Ricky on the left. I think he is stronger there but Everton, the team, is better with Iwobi on the left and Ricky on the right, not the other way around


03 Sep 2019 12:04:45
Fellow Blues let’s just enjoy the win, the other week we’re behind Wolves and United and would be struggling to finish 8th according to some posts after the wolves v Man U match, now you’d think wolves were a relegation side!
Let’s be realistic it was Delphs first premiership match and we looked more organised so that’s a huge positive
Kean is still adjusting, couple more games and I think we will be seeing him make even more of a difference
And Iwobi is making such a difference
Channel the positives stop picking holes for the negatives!

03 Sep 2019 12:32:31
Good post bw.

I wonder if Iwobi would be good on the right or even better than Richarlison. Not seen him there but if he is then a swap for me might be worth looking into.

03 Sep 2019 12:34:12
Big stretch that to say we made Wolves look ordinary. They came back twice, quite easily and in my opinion we were playing well against a good side and they against a good side. These early games are a chance to bed in and give us a points foundation, prior to meeting the 'big' boys.

03 Sep 2019 13:16:45
I don't disagree with you Southern Toffee in some ways but I'm feeding of Delph's philosophy

Could we have been better? The answer is yes, we were very, very good but we could have been better so let's not rest on our laurels. Let's work to be better.

Watch Delph's old team. Every week you see Guardiola on the sidelines pushing his players to improve at something. If we want to be top, even top 4 we have to have the same attitude, We have to want to improve and win every single week - not coast because we won the previous week because the pressure is not off - it should be higher

Remember our motto NSNO. I want us to strive for that every week.

03 Sep 2019 19:26:47
Now that I can whole heartedly agree with, why settle? Push for more! We want players that will do that, show their passion show their belief feed off each other push each other!
Depth in the squad will help as well knowing there is someone hungry for your role in the team itching to get off the bench and not just happy sitting there for a pay packet!
We also need the manager to get the fire in his belly!
Seeing when a player leaves the pitch they have given their all!

03 Sep 2019 19:35:28

I think Iwobi played most of his games for Arsenal on the left but, I'm sure Silva is trying out the other way around in training and I also don't see why they couldn't swap wings during the games like most sides do to try and disrupt the opposition

What I do like is both have them have come off their wings to score more than once now so it's beginning to work, the system we currently have.

03 Sep 2019 20:17:51
We made Wolves look ordinary, Silva got the tactics spot on, exploiting the 3 at the back. Siggy moving to the right and finding space. Our fitness is coming back and we were back to doubling up on the tackle.
All credit to Silva for the subs, which took the game away from Wolves.



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