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17 Sep 2019 15:54:14
Why has Bernard lost his place, to me he is our most creative players, yes he struggles physically but he doesn't shy away from it, and sometimes he panics in front of goal but all our other player have just as many thoughts, I'm still struggling to see where we are going Brands seems to be planning for success in 3/ 4 years but that's not fair on Marco who is expected to make progress on top 6 otherwise it's failure unless we win a cup, we were crying out for a finisher and it seems we have now got 2 that our potential, Richarlison will still be top goalscorer at end of season, I still don't see how our forward line will score more than 40 between them.

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17 Sep 2019 16:11:38
if we're going to persist with the 4231 that we never change from, i'd like to see bernard where sigurdsson is.

17 Sep 2019 18:27:09
Us as fans need to decide what we want. As was mentioned in top post we have players with potential and probable sell on value but we think we should be challenging top 6. Silva has to balance those expectations with bringing potential out of players.

A lot of people mentioning tosun up top. I don't think he is a silva player (Maybe not even prem player) , too slow but if we give him 10 games or 20 then we will know one way or the other. He may work better in 442 which may give more option going forward but woody about being overrun in midfield.

17 Sep 2019 20:04:00
Looks like Tosun could be on his way, geoff, if reports today are to be believed. Shame really, the lad knows how to score but is hamstrung by the fact that he hasn't got the attributes that Silva requires from his strikers. Whatever that is!
I'm happy that the average age of the squad has been reduced. I'm happy that we have Brands pulling the strings behind the scenes. I'm happy that we have brought in some decent players this summer and that the recruitment is going in the right direction.
I don't think that Brands is specifically building for the future, although that will be part of his remit, he will intertwine future transfers with those that are needed right now. I know a few on here don't like to hear it but we are in transition for another year or two, as annoying as that maybe. We wasted a lot of cash, admittedly getting a decent chunk back this and last summer, through the crazy recruitment policy we followed under Walsh. Whether we like it or not, that put us back a year during Silva's debut season. This year, he has got a few he wanted but there is still work to do to improve this squad even further. So, for that reason, unless we nose-dive towards the bottom of the league, I think Marco will be allowed to do his job until this season finishes and then we will see where we are after that.
I realise that the last game gives ammunition to those who just don't like MS and use every defeat, every draw as a stick to beat him with. There will be more games like that this season, just as there will be games when we turn opposition to pieces but none of his detractors will be here to comment on us playing well! We need to be patient and ignore the microwave generation and their agenda of swapping yet another manager. What the club needs right now, especially with a new stadium on the horizon, is to find consistency, not to swap and change for the third or fourth time in only a couple of years.
Maybe these people on here are correct about MS, who knows? We will only find out after he has his own team playing in the way he wants to play and that will take time as well as more new players. One thing is for sure, despite what one poster mentioned the other day, anything, and I mean ANYTHING, is better than watching a team selected by fat Sam playing his tedious and boring style of football.
Let's have a bit of patience boys, either the wheels will fall off or Silva will put us on the right track. Time will tell.

18 Sep 2019 01:32:30
We need to change a lot in this team.

18 Sep 2019 06:51:18
Potato, I think it was me saying that. I've posted a lot over last few days and nearly all of it echoed your post. Couldn't agree more. I've said since Silva joined we will have ups and downs and it takes new managers (at our level, never mind Chelsea or city who just threw millions) 2 to 4 years to makes the squad their own and for the players to learn the style of the manager.
Society now wants everything yesterday. Remember when I was a kid and the world seemed so big. Mail order took 6 weeks, people communicated by letter which took time. You had to wait for things and have patience. Nowadays especially with the internet things are instant. Instant news from around the world. Nkwbyou can have stuff you order arrive the same day.
As you say Potato, Silva may not work out but 1 year is not enough to make a decision. He didn't buy half the team that played on Sunday so they may not play his way. Before the game people thought we could win and the negatives were not on here. I say it would be a tough game and it was. They seems more alert and up for it than we did. Some of our players flew around the world and back again.

Maybe I'm just rambling looking for excuses. All I knkwnod that I'm not going to be Silva out until end of season at the earliest. I'd rather give him until end of next season to see if we are more consistent and pushing top 4/ 6.

18 Sep 2019 07:21:00
Yes let's give him another few mill so that he can make it 'his' team. By saying give him until the end of next season, is kicking the can down the road. Sorry but the bloke had a whole season and finished 8th. Pre-season and Window everyone as usual up for it. First six games this season probably one of the easiest starts in years, we 'beat' the current bottom two in the league, we got beat (easily) by the the 3rd from bottom side (now 4th bottom) . The best teams in the league have a winning formula and mostly stick to it and you see the results. Never mind though, we will beat Sheffield Utd (which I hope we do, obviously) and Silva from GB etc! Will once again be the messiah.

18 Sep 2019 13:23:10
Geoff, totally agree mate, some of our fans need to have a look at their expectations and compare them against reality! I said it in my reply above and numerous times on this site, we have a large section of the microwave generation, those who want success in an instant. They are setting themselves up for a fall if they don't temper their views with reality.
Bill, I think SIlva is mainly here to coach and Brands will be dealing with recruitment. Maybe Marco has a say but It's Brands and his scouting team that are finding the new players to be bought in each window. You can't compare us to the best teams in the league, that's always going to give an unrealistic target come the end of the year. The likes of City and Liverpool have been putting their team together for years now whereas we have chopped and changed managers, and DoF, a few times leaving us in transition for a number of years. If Marco is sacked then we are back to square one. A new man will come in, want certain players gone and others brought in so we are playing catch up yet again.
I'm not the managers biggest fan but I'm tired of the changing of managers on a regular basis, it has been getting us nowhere for some time now. Unless results make us plummet to the bottom of the league, this will be a discussion that goes on until the end of the season as the manager doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The board seem content with him, the players wax lyrical about him when interviewed so he's obviously impressing somebody. Just not many on this site!

18 Sep 2019 18:47:08
Spot on potato. Super post.

18 Sep 2019 19:51:04
Good post bluepotato, rational instead of insult, that is how we all should conduct ourselves. I agree with most and indeed have also said that changing manager every season and a half means lessons have not been learned. You would think that somewhere in the hallowed halls someone has said at least once, 'hold on, have you looked at this fellas CV, why is he even getting an interview'. If you needed to fill a position, in particular one of importance, surely you would double check CV's and check advice given. However, Silva does seem for now to be Teflon, so all we can do is hold on for the ride. Off away for a little while now, so sun, beer and the shirt on a saturday.

18 Sep 2019 22:11:16
Agree in some respects dfs but with cv business. A couple points. Not just about what you've won because only 1 team can win any league but how you talk to players, staff and chairmen and if your teams have progressed. I feel we have since Sam and even koeman. More attractive going forward (Maybe not as many goals as we would like) but the main worry is how leaky we have become over recent games
. Everyone round the club likes Silva and think he is a nice guy, which may make getting rid of him tougher if that's how we go. Also, once you got a job in football it's very much managerial merry go round so i would hope we get good advice even if it is a manger we have never heard of (obviously if and when Silva goes)

19 Sep 2019 09:22:29
Aren't you just kicking it down the road DFS or don't you agree with bills crocodile tears?



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