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23 Sep 2019 10:27:19
Right from the start let me state that I've got no coaching badges, I played recreation football quite well but never at a good standard

What I am is an Everton supporter for decades and I've gone through the highs of the Kendall era and the many, many, far too many years of not winning anything. I'm as frustrated as any of you but I just don't see the point of changing the manager yet again, especially when all of you calling for it can't agree of who you would want to replace Silva. I've asked Swan and Pauly in the past who they would like as manager but not heard from them as yet. I'll make a bold statement - whoever it is some will like them and some will hate them. I honestly think it is too early to start all over again and that Silva will put it right and get us doing what we all want - winning games

From my viewpoint we have made some good signings but they are not ideal signings. They will probably turn out to be excellent signings but not immediately. Why?

Kean - a tremendous prospect but please - he is 19 and living in a new country for the first time. If we expected him to hit the ground running we were crazy. He needs support and nurturing which is why I think Silva left him on the pitch on Saturday as substituting him would have impacted his confidence which is fading as evidenced by the couple of wild shots he had. As back up we have DCL who is also lacking confidence in front of goal and Tosun, who for all his supporters, is short of Premiership quality. My own view is we might have to move Ricky back into the centre but that weakens our wings

Siggy - just over 12 months ago we were complaining that we had 3 number 10s. Now I'd struggle to know who is the cover for Siggy. I've heard Bernard or even Iwobi mentioned but neither of them are the goal threat that Siggy is. If he was playing like he was at the back end of last season it wouldn't be an issue but he isn't and it is a big issue for Silva. If we drop him who gets the goals he has got for us?

CH - we needed one more signing to add strength at the back but I agree with some of the other posters and think our main problem is not scoring early (or at all) in games so we are getting nervous and overstretching ourselves for a breakthrough. People are saying we don't recover from going behind. Well - if we're struggling to score at 0-0 then it's going to be even harder at 0-1

Midfield - the loss of JP and now Gomes is a blow. I (my uninformed view) is that Davies should be playing over Schids, even if it is just for his energy. The sooner Gomes is back the better and I'm looking forward to seeing JP fully fit and how he handles the premiership

Sidibe - I'm Ok that he is here as cover for Seamus at the moment and who I believe has been getting some unfair criticism. I think Sidibe will start tomorrow and we will see how he does

Walcott - have to say I don't know why he gets into the squad unless it is for his defensive cover but I'd like to see Anthony Gordon on the bench in place of him but am I putting too much pressure on a young lad

So much for the ramblings (but I hope they were constructive, rather than the destructive ones with no solutions, that we see on here so often) of an old man who just wants to see success for his team


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23 Sep 2019 11:03:26
First time poster here.
I don't like Silva and never wanted him in the first place but i don't think we should sack him after 6 games of the season.
The way the club is being run is what really worries me, we waste so much money on poor recruitment and don't really seem to have a clear direction or strategy.
Personally Eddie Howe would be my choice, he ticks all the boxes for me and he's a blue which is a bonus. Thoughts?

23 Sep 2019 11:45:55
Welcome to the madhouse Blue Nose

I think the days of poor recruitment are coming to an end. Our signings over the last 2 summer windows have been good ones but they take time to integrate into the side - any side.

As far as Howe goes you get the 50% in favor 50% against just from me. I like some of the football they play but defensively they can be all over the place (just not against us) Some bad signings, Ibe for example but some good signings. He's a mixed bag for me and not an upgrade in my opinion, I'd much rather stick with Silva this season and see what he can do.

23 Sep 2019 12:27:04
Yeah I'm all for given the signings time mate, its the big fees for average players (average imo) . I think there is quality to be signed for less.
Yeah fair point and Ibe has been a disaster, i think it's how much Bournemouth punch above there weight and i feel he seems to get the best out of what he has, plus the style of footie.

My other suggestion if he was available would be the Rennes coach Julian Stephan, really has the team going and has a very effective system.
I'm no coach either but looking at the squad, i think we have great wing backs in Digne and Seamus (kenny coming back) would like to see a 3-5-2. Helps out our defence, with 2 up top i think dlc, richarlison kean and tosun would improve greatly.

23 Sep 2019 12:48:53
Not fussed on Howe. I’ve got no problem sticking with Silva as long as there’s a swift return to where we were end of last season.

23 Sep 2019 13:11:05
Excellent post bw2412 v2.0 many nails hit firmly on the head, and even though many are not convinced yet we have little to gain sacking him, and after that shambles I wanted him out, but once I'd thought about it we have had 2 bad results, our midfield has missed its 2 best players 1 injured 1 surprisingly sat on his backside, we have seen what this team can do it will click into place soon.

23 Sep 2019 13:26:52
Who would i go for as manager?
I wanted fonseca from the start.
If you asked me now, as fonseca is staying with shaktar, i would have to say van bommel.

He has worked closely with brands and brands himself rates him as the best young manager in europe.
I don't want mourinho, arteta is a massive risk, we can't get simeone so i am being realistic here by saying van bommel as he and brands have worked successfully together.

Brands was told he was working with silva ( i don't think he had a choice? )
I got behind silva when we went on our run last season but we haven't built on that. In fact we have gone backwards. He looks out of his depth. I might be a bit harsh on him here but the fact we haven't come from behind to win a prem game under him is worrying for me. Our away form is abysmal. I can't watch us go out the cups to lower opposition again and have a good run at the end of the season. Sorry but he has 3 games in my opinion to turn it round.

23 Sep 2019 15:07:25
Hi Pauly

I'll be honest I don't know enough about Van Bommel as a manager but on quick look he'd be a hell of a gamble. No Premiership experience as a player or a manager, a good win % but it is in the Dutch league which is a bit like the Scottish league - 2 teams dominating it. Hasn't won anything yet as a manager.

You say Brands rates him but he also rates Silva very highly and you don't like Silva so what does that tell us

The other key question is would he come to us when the seasons have only just started. Brands wouldn't move until the end of the Dutch season as he wanted to be loyal to PSV. What would he think of Van Bommel if he was prepared to jump ship?

I honestly don't believe we should be even considering a change of manager at this point of time as I don't believe we would get the right manager right now.

23 Sep 2019 20:32:06
I was only answering your question bw. i really don't know where to start mate or where the answers lie. I do know this though. we are a terrible footballing side atm and our manager looks completely lost. Infact i'd say we look worse than last season. a lot worse.
We don't look like scoring at all and we don't have clean sheets in us anymore. we have played games we were all expecting us to win and soon we face tougher opponent's. we could be in for a real hiding and that will only increase the bad feelings and in turn the venom will be spewed out at our home games and i don't think silva has it in him to cope with that treatment.



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