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26 Sep 2019 08:35:25
Surely Marco has too promoted our special talents from the under 21s
How can Simms, Gordon do any worse than, Kean, CL and Iwobi.
In my opinion these two lads will score goals in the Premiership.
Put them on the bench, they will be a huge success in my opinion
If some colleagues on this forum are going to say it's easy to say score in the under 21s then put Kean, Iwobi back with Unsworth and let see how many goals they can score at that level!
If Gordon and Simms became available on the transfer market now then Everton would
find a host of top Premiership clubs after these two with and Everton would probably command a higher fee than they paid for Kean
We need goal scorers in the team, proper finishers, these two are the best we have had since Rooney
So please Marko get them up too speed in training and give them the chance they deserve
They will also save you your Job!

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26 Sep 2019 09:48:29
Awful, awful shout. Iwobi’s been our best attacker so far this season. Always trying to break the lines, find half-space and offers something different to the crap of going wide - crossing - goes to no one - ball back - repeat. Kean will score. Makes great runs and is only a matter of time before he gets on the score sheet. If there’s anyone to blame, its the dire, one-dimensional service that's offered. Gordon and Simms are completely unproven and the Prem is a different game than the youth leagues.

They’ll need a few loans before being shoved in to the adult set-up. what's even the point in doing so when we’re playing under our level at the moment? Only serves to shatter their confidence when things don't magically change when 2 18/ 19 year olds come in. Stick to the armchair mate.

26 Sep 2019 10:35:05
Totally disagree with you my friend
Let’s see what happens in the next 4 weeks
Its my opinion for what it’s worth that Gordon and Simms are the best we have had since Rooney
We played Rooney in the first team at 16 with no experience
If they good enough then they don’t need to go out on loan to get experience

Iwobi and Kean are not proven in the Premiership
Iwobi and Kean have done nothing yet! too impress me
personally that they are the answer to our problems, inability to play a goal scorer.

I appreciate your post but let’s see what happens up to say the Christmas period then we can if you are right or I am right in the development of Iwobi, Kean, Gordon and Simms. Cheers.

26 Sep 2019 11:00:42
Iwobi is proven in prem league. Been at arsenal for years. Practically first choice last couple years. Can't just throw these kids in in case they sink and destroy their confidence .
They need to gradually brought in and spend time on bench and grab few minutes end of games.

26 Sep 2019 11:40:31
Iwobi is 21 going on 22 at that age he should have had first team experience if what you say is correct in him being a first team regular then he is not showing the same form here at Everton yet, he has a tendency to give the ball away far too easily in dangerousl positions and I prefer Bernard in this position
I understand what you are saying about weaning youngsters this is the normal way but these two in my opinion are above the normal ones just like Rooney, Owen, Gerrard and so on
The current situation is the failure to score regularly too take the the pressure off the Midfield and Defence
These two youngest are at n my opinion the two best finishers in the club so for me age and experience doesn’t come into it

If they good enough then they will prove it but they way they can prove it is if they are in the match day squad
Also I don’t know of one Everton player that has been loaned out that has returned any better and then made into the first team, if they are really good they don’t go out on loan they stay and train with the first team squad.

26 Sep 2019 11:48:57
Iwobi has 2 goals and an assist in how many games? People expect him to be a Zaha-esque player, when he isnt, he’s a number 10 who’ll split defences open and make room for the striker with runs. I get what you're saying completely, and injecting new energy can make a difference, but the solution’s there already, just needs to be utilised properly.

26 Sep 2019 12:05:16
We have players that score goals, it's the delivery of crosses and creating chances out of nothing that are hindering us this season. Putting the kids in, as Hugo says, could destroy their confidence and disrupt their developement while we are not playing well. No manager would do what you're asking when the team is struggling. I doubt they are as good as Rooney was at the age he broke through or they would have been promoted already. You need to trust the coaches who see them train every day, they will be knocking on the managers door to get them in the 1st team set up if they were as good as you believe mate.

26 Sep 2019 13:28:41
Iwobi is still settling in therefore anything in terms of goals and or assists is surely a bonus. Let's all calm down and give from the manager down to the youngster's trying to break through a bit of time patience and support.

26 Sep 2019 20:01:58
Brands is a master at unearthing young talent so if he hasn't asked Marco to promote one of these lads then you can rest assured that they aren't ready.

26 Sep 2019 20:46:57
How will anyone really know if they are ready?
Could they do any worse?
It’s a game of football and these two have been playing for a top club since they where 10 or 11 years old
They are worth trying in my opinion, because for me because they are special.



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