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29 Sep 2019 15:41:15
We cannot hide the fact that over the last few years we have wasted a lot of money. at the end of the Martinez era with buys like Niasse the no plan Koeman years with the three no 10 buys and the purchase for too much of Gyffi who is for me a luxury player who will come off one in three games. Walcott and Tosun under Big Sam. it goes on. Digne, Richarlison, and Delph are good buys but we can´t keep going out buying players on big salaries who we know inside a few games are not up to what it takes at the highest level. Perhaps looking for a young centre half in the championship or Brands reshaping of our scouting system will unveil some consistent players but to panic and buy other clubs´cast offs will not take us where we all hope to go. Fans know within a few matches who´s got it and who is just short of the class we need.

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29 Sep 2019 16:08:47
I have to disagree Oscar. The premier league is full of failures and success stories. Many of which couldn't be predicted.
No one wanted Hazard or Salah apart from Chelsea and liverpool. Sissoko at Spurs nearly joined us, he looked awful in his 1st season with spurs but now has come good.
Pogba, the 100million pound kid looks a shadow of what he was at Juventus.
Liverpool sold Couthino, arguably their best player. He has flattered to deceive at Barcelona but Liverpool have adapted and thrived (mental note for Marco and Siggurdson) .

Brands has bought well so far and long may it continue but filling the team with up and coming youngsters will only serve to put us lower down the league. Maybe in other leagues you could get away with it but not in the premier league.

{Ed001's Note - you are wrong about Hazard. Lots of clubs wanted him.}

29 Sep 2019 16:19:13
Ok Ed. But no one could predict how good he would become in the premier league.
Certainly one of the best players to grace the premier league.

{Ed001's Note - I got your point but the pedant in me couldn't let that lie, no matter how hard I tried! Sorry.}

29 Sep 2019 17:34:49
We have a young centre half in Lewis Gibson who I would certainly give a try to shore up our defence.

The simple fact is we are the makings of a decent team when Gomes returns to the midfield, but we will never get our rewards until we invest in a top class striker, it is our Achilles heel, any decent finisher and we could and should have converted those chances against City.

Any neutral or Ed must see what we see that we do not posess a top quality finisher on a regular basis.

Until we address that, then we will never challenge the top 6.

29 Sep 2019 18:29:51
Disagree with you Smit
If I was the owner of Everton I wouldn’t be happy at the recruitment that Brands has brought in apart from Richardson to whom I believe was Marco’s choice
Mina, Kean, Iwobi, all out of their depth and not good enough for a top ten team in the Premiership, if any of those played became available now I could see any of the top ten in for them at any price on their current showing and no evidence to me that they will get any better.

29 Sep 2019 19:10:49
Uran, why are you so hell-bent on slating Iwobi and Kean? Once they are in sync with the rest of the squad they will prove to be good transfers. They simply haven't had enough time to bed in but that's what you would expect when they didn't join in the first week of pre-season. I'll agree on Mina as, so far, in some games he looks decent and in others a liability but the other two need more time before judgement can be passed.

29 Sep 2019 19:26:40
And Digne, Bernard and Gomes are tripe. Right?
Kean and Iwobi should be given time.
Saying a top ten team wouldn't be interested in Iwobi! He played for Arsenal.

Honestly mate. Your posts are getting more deluded.

29 Sep 2019 20:07:14
Uran. I am very much of the opinion to respect other people’s opinions, but seriously, you push my resolve to the limit. I genuinely can’t see where you get your negativity from. I get some don’t like Silva, and that some question Moshiri. But to criticise the recruitment when they’ve not been given a steady run of games is just poor support. Give them a chance for goodness sake. It’s our job as supporters to. uhhh. support!

29 Sep 2019 23:19:36
Uran. take a look at the table. we are not currently a top 10 side!
And not likely to be with recent performances.

30 Sep 2019 07:36:06
Trev take your head for a wobble. We are a top 10 side and have been for most of the last 20 years. We will be again when the dust settles on this season, whatvwe want and need is to be pushing higher to the top 6 and for that to happen we need everyone getting behind the club, team and manager (regardless of who itnis) .
There is no point slagging a manager off when I'm pretty sure (99%) not one person on this board has ever managed a top level professional football team. Maybe Sunday league or even semi pro but not with the pressures of 40k people booing and wanting you out when a player you didn't even sign (schneids or Keane for example) is giving the ball away or making mistake that leads to a goal.

30 Sep 2019 10:11:12
To all I am not slagging off Silva I never had, I like him as a Manager and I see what he is wanting to achieve.
I am having an opinion on certain players and up to the players to prove me wrong, I sincerely hope they do.

I do sometimes think why we don’t give the youngsters a chance in the match day squad a let them prove if they are good enough, to bring them on as a sub wean them in

When I look at Iwobi and Kean I just say to myself in my opinion Gordon and Simms seem to be better at this stage and on form, I try and watch the youth team as often as I can can, really top youngerts can stagnate in the youth teams
The foreign clubs blood their top talent on a regular basis because they rely on them and then we and my more then offer millions for them
Believe me I only want the best for Everton so my comments are said in a positive way,
Let’s see if I am right over the next two months and see if Marco promotes from the under 23 team.

30 Sep 2019 12:16:34
I think you will be waiting a long time then, Uran. If any players were ready to move up to the senior squad then it would have happened. But, as someone asked last time this subject was brought up, would you be happy throwing in a youngster when the team isn't playing well? Would you be happy throwing them in at the deep end, knowing that, no matter how good they may be, they could have their confidence shattered with one bad performance?
It's all well and good saying they should play and that they are good enough but you have to realise that the standard of the U23's division isn't comparable to the Premier league. I watched a game or two last season and only one a couple, in my opinion, looked like they MAY be good enough for the next step, the one who looked ready has been loaned out to Hull.
If, as people are saying in this forum, that Silva is on borrowed time then you've got no chance of seeing any of the youngsters any time soon, he's not going to gamble on youth to get him out of trouble.

30 Sep 2019 13:43:58
Take a good look at Greenwood at Utd 17 years old, Rashford 21, Liverpool played a 16 year old who did not look out of place, so why not give Gordon and Gibson a go.

These youngsters have no fear, no good playing them when we rest 7 or 8 players, get them in with a strong team and see how they fare, cannot keep them in cotton wool forever.

30 Sep 2019 15:39:36
Bignev, for the reasons I already stated. No manager is going to throw a young kid in when the team is struggling unless they have no other choice. Greenwood is the prime example, United are down to the bare bones upfront and injuries have given the lad a chance.
Liverpool played him in a weakened team against lower league opposition, I highly doubt that we will see him in the premier league any time soon. Don't get me wrong, personally I'd like to see home grown players come through the system and get their chance in the first team. It's what most young lads dream about, playing for the team that they support.
Let's hope that Lampard sets a trend this season, he has no choice but to use his youth players due to their embargo. Football seems to work in trends, a few years ago not many teams were playing out from the back like we see nowadays. Hopefully clubs will realise that they need to be utilising their youth system.

30 Sep 2019 15:55:28
Liverpool played him in cup. Utd only played rashford and Greenwood because they had injuries. Maybe if someone sniped richy dcl and kean they would get in.

30 Sep 2019 18:41:45
So Bluepotato what your say doesn’t make sense to me, so it ok to play a 19 year old from Italy with no Premiership experience, it’s ok to shatter his confidence
Every talented young player wants to take their chance that’s what they dream for
If I was Gordon Or Simms I would be saying to myself I can do better than Kean or Iwobi or even DCL
Top youngsters have no fear of stepping up and there is no right time or wrong time to introduce them
They thrive on this pressure it certainly will not break them like you have suggested
Anyway the proof of this debate will lie in the hands of Silva not you or me
We will see if you are right and I am wrong
The Ball is in Silva’s court but I am afraid the current strike force are missing far too many easy chances
These missed chance then puts too much pressure on our midfield, Defence and even the goalkeeper.

30 Sep 2019 19:23:39
Also the likes of Gordon or Simms, you will not get any better regardless of any other country or clubs they are as good as you get anywhere at their age and development that’s how good they are in my opinion.

30 Sep 2019 19:48:58
Uran, your point over Kean doesn't make sense and is no comparison to the players we have in our U23's. How many of them played for Juve's youth team? How many of them made their debut as a teenager in the other Old Lady? I think we can all agree that Kean is a special talent and not someone who has been thrown in at the deep end. If you compare any of the current crop we have in our second string to Kean then you will see that doesn't compare.
You say there is no right or wrong time to introduce young players who have no real experience of the first team and, if you play for us, a demanding fan base? That's your opinion but I disagree. When a team is on a bad run, there aren't many managers that would rely upon a kid from the reserves unless they had no real choice.
Gibson is one of the ones that I mentioned as being nearly there at the end of last season. He was with the squad pre-season so we have to conclude that, especially since we are quite short at the back, the manager has decided he's not ready for first team exposure. Simms needs a season in the U23's in my opinion.
I'll reiterate that I'm not against giving young players a chance at all, I just don't believe Silva is going to give any of them a go at this point.

30 Sep 2019 23:18:46
Blue potato your post doesn’t make sense at all
Of course none of young players have played in The Juventus youth team, what make them so special,
Kean is not proven in the Premiership just like any of our youngsters, all what you are stating is proving that I am right, so if Juventus never gave Kean the opportunity like I am asking for with our special talent, then Kean wouldn’t of been sold to Everton for a extremely high price and in my opinion Gordon is better along with Simms, if Kean was sent to play for the under 23 how do you think he would fair? Score more goals than Simms or Gordon, I personally don’t think so.
I agree with the quality of Gibson but he is not going too score the goals that is badly lacking at this moment
Everton have massive problem at this moment, who can put the ball in the net consistently, unfortunately none of our current first team players have this ability, so for me the obvious thing too do is promote to the first team squad our two best young strikers since Rooney, what else can Silva do to solve this obvious problem?
We can all move on from this subject and let’s agree to disagree, no hard feelings towards anyone it’s just my opinion.

01 Oct 2019 02:39:43
Firstly, Uran, what you need to realise is that there is no right or wrong, it's a matter of opinions. Kean has played many more games in the champions league than our youth players, he is also a full international so it's a bit silly to compare.
I don't doubt that some of our youth players have got great potential but you seem to rate them more highly than the coaches that see them every day. If they were ready to step up then they will be given a chance. And, to clarify what I've been saying all along, that chance will only be given when the team has found some consistency and not when they are struggling to find a win.
I think you're clutching a bit when you compare those youth players with Rooney. There has not been the same buzz around the club with those as there was with Wayne, his name was known when he was around 14.

01 Oct 2019 06:33:04
Ok Blue potato
I didn’t know you have reliable inside information on David Unsworth conversations with Marco Silva! I understand you now
You made a point of not introducing top talent when the team is struggling, so if the team continues to struggle through lack of goals and ends up in a relegation fight then these top talent will never be promoted? I see the way you and Silva are thinking.
If you are saying that you rate Kean more highly than Gordon then why did Juventus sell him? I am sure that Gordon is not for sale and if so Everton would have plenty takers and offers, they would I am sure demand a higher fee than they paid for Kean.

01 Oct 2019 11:11:29
Uran. grow up mate, you sound like a child @I didn't know you have reliable inside information on DU converstaions with Marco Silva! '
First of all, if you go back and actually read the posts, you will see that I said this is all about opinions. You are attacking me because I'm saying that MS will not use the kids while we are not playing very well. A tactic that is used by most managers in the division! Do I think Kean is better than Gordon? Yes, obviously. And I bet there's plenty out there that think the same. The fact that Gordon has not yet been in the first team, coupled with the fact that Kean has been capped by Italy and your man hasn't been part of any of his senior national squads, seems to point to that fact.
You seriously need to reassess your judgement. If Gordon was as good as you say, and worth what you think he is worth (more than Kean) then why is he languishing in the U23's? If he was that special (like a young Rooney) then he would have already been included in premier league squads.
I'm not even going to check this thread any longer because it is pointless trying to discuss anything with you, your little digs in your posts show as much. Have a nice day, Uran.

01 Oct 2019 18:02:20
Blue potato
I think you need to pay more attention to our younger players and that includes Kean
You obviously haven’t followed the youngester I I have as seem you know nothing about the special talents in the under 23
For you information Gordon and Simms are only 18 playing 4 years above themselves
Remember the Manchester United their team was based on the Youth winning side
I am all for our youngster in succeeding in the 1st team if they are good enough but the way we will find out is to play them if would be different if we had a top striker score goals every game but we haven’t and can’t see this improving, I could be wrong though, i appreciate you will not be replying. Better to end this post now, cheers.



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