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30 Sep 2019 22:18:27
I don't no if am the only one feeling this way but the club has not changed since martinez silva stated after the game against city kean is not ready surly we have not got a kid not ready to play we have lacked a striker for years now y is it taking this long to get a goal scorer in. Also a lot of fans happy with Saturday because we had a good go at city. I for one am
Fuming the fact we can have a go against city but shef u Bournmouth palace villa we lack fight an attacking fight. This for me
Is telling me the manger can not motivate the players for the games 3 points is a must against burnley if not he has to go his subs his starting line ups baffle me change it up silva.

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01 Oct 2019 07:07:18

Kean isn't ready. He has enormous potential and will be one of our stars of the future but he is a 19 year old kid who has moved from Italy to Merseyside. Not only has he got to adjust to a new side but he has to adjust to a totally new culture and language, If we give him the time we will have a player to take us forward but not just right now. I don't think it will be long but let's be patient with him

The more I think about the signings this season the more I get a little bit frustrated. I think they are all good signings and will be positive signings for us but did they address our needs last summer?

Was Kean the 'hit the ground running' proven striker we needed or did we need him and ANO? Did we not buy another because we couldn't sell Tosun or Niasse?

Delph, Gomes and JP all good signings but sadly injury has got in the way for 2 of them. When all fit we might have the answer to replacing Gueye but we haven't seen it yet

Iwobi - another good signing but yet another LW to go with Richarlison and Bernard. RW is Walcott (? ) or someone playing out of position. No real cover/ alternative to Siggy

In hindsight (isn't that a wonderful thing) I'm marking Brands down a bit

Totally agree with you on attitude. There is no excuse for the attitude not to be 100% every game and we should accept nothing else. We can all have a bad game but we should be trying to put it right all the time, every game.

01 Oct 2019 09:18:19
Evocallum thought we played reasonable well against Sheffield Utd it just wasn't our day. bw2412 v2.0 pretty much agree with most I do think we have cover and alternatives for Siggy though Silva just won't play anyone else. The only way I can see him not playing is if he is injured. Hopefully in the cup games we may see silva deviate a bit more from his normal selection. I would like to see if Iwobi could play through the middle with Bernard on the left.

01 Oct 2019 09:33:42
Pretty decent assessment bw. Think brands brought potential because they have sell on value. Maybe behind closed doors they didn't expect much this season but think they will all come good next season or one after that. I just dunno.

01 Oct 2019 10:49:33
I agree i am not saying kean isn't good the point am making is we need to challenge for top 6 and a striker who is ready was needed we all new thia kid was a gamble an was one or future 👍🏻

Sa 90
U can't possibly think we played well against shef united we was terrible we can't accept performances like that's at home. You say it just wasnt are day i say the players didn't look motivated an they showed that on the pitch 30% effort.

01 Oct 2019 11:49:48

So who are your alternatives to Siggy? I might be wrong but I think you are talking of Iwobi, Bernard and maybe Ricky - all potential but not proven in that role or maybe the thought was to use Delph JP and Gomes with Gomes playing higher up with a front 3

I just don't see a proven No 10 other than Siggy but he's out of touch so far this season. To me he had a better but only so/ so match against City.

01 Oct 2019 12:08:49
When we see Gbamin, Sidibe, Kean and Gomes in the side consistently we will be a different team.

01 Oct 2019 16:43:46
If a Kean is not ready, why not go 4-4-2 with Lewin and Tosun in attack, if it works we fix the forward issue, if not it puts Tosun in the shop window.

I always say if you keep trying the same thing, in general you normally end up with the same result.

Why not go 4-4-2, Tosun will help Lewins game, why have a forward winning balls then no one in support to lay it off to, sheer madness.

01 Oct 2019 17:46:14
Or the one after that GeoffJohno or after that, it goes on. Talks a good game does Silva but mostly he must have one heck of an agent.

01 Oct 2019 21:45:53
I reckon a 4-4-2 would be tricky at Everton but could just work with Dom and Kean.

There are good reasons why Silva doesn't go for a classic 4-4-2, the same reasons very few managers do these days: pressing makes it much harder to get crosses in and centre halves can generally mark centre forwards looking for those that do make it through. So if you have a second striker in the old fashion sense looking for the knock downs he might struggle to get into the game which is what happened when we had 2 strikers on at the end against Sheffield.

You could have a second man picking up the big striker's flick ons from deep balls and goal kicks but this can get predictable and easy to shut down with good defenders (one defender goes up and another goes back) and it's questionable whether that justifies losing a player elsewhere just for this tactic when the flick ons could be done by an attacking midfielder or perhaps bought down and other options exploited.

The only way you could make having 2 strikers work at Everton I reckon would be to have Dom dropping off behind a good fast striker who can bag them like perhaps Kean [but not Cenk, I'm afraid, he's too slow] with Dom getting between the lines and playing the more forward striker in - like Sterling and Kane for England. Dom'd have to do a lot more besides which I think he does like go wide and offer options to the other striker and make space by taking players with him and he'd also have to score regularly too which hopefully he's going to do and of course Kean will have to start scoring as well.

Also, the bit about getting the ball down at times to exploit options will only work if there are options and that requires players to run into space which is not happening enough.

01 Oct 2019 22:17:31
It has zero chance of working with Schneiderlin and Delph in midfield.
Maybe if Ricky and Kean could play that formation but we are already getting killed in midfield and I could see no improvement.

01 Oct 2019 23:37:29
Bunnyman, so! Smit, correct.

02 Oct 2019 02:09:58
Bct, definitely seems that dc's Silva out crusade is catching fire and you are jumping firmly on the train. I understand frustration but he's been in post around 15 months or so and you lot want him out regardless of what we do.
Soon you'll be holding basement meetings and making cardboard signs.

02 Oct 2019 23:02:34
I wanted him out GJ. But I've changed my tune. My blue tinted specs have shattered and I've realised the squad just isn't good enough and is worse off than last season.

I'm really deflated tbh.

Hopefully when injuries come back there will be some improvements. But I can't see any notable improvements until after the next transfer window, possibly even next 2 transfer windows.



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