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07 Oct 2019 09:00:11
Good morning all,

New member here.

Just to stick my 2pence worth in on the replacement manager if and when Marco goes.
I have in my own head thought stick with it, the luck will change but am of the belief now enough is enough, he is too set in his ways and stubborn, obviously final marking isn't working, players need dropping I would drop Siggy and Pickford, give tosun a run in team and promote gordon) .

Anyway thoughts on new manager and who is available out there, if was interested in us. ARSENE WENGER!


Yes I know he wouldn't be everyone cup of tea but for a 18 month/ 2 year plan to steady the ship, integrate our talented youth, get us ready for our stadium move and put us in a position where a Cahill or arteta etc are ready to step in then I don't see any better candidate.

Only thing is, would he want to and his passion and health up to it.

Just a thought.

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07 Oct 2019 09:24:53
Nice post Mocker mate, some interesting stuff too .
I get the Wenger thing and what you highlight is undeniably true, If he was a bit younger and hungry maybe? I think we are a project for a younger guy myself he would definitely be better than what we have though.

07 Oct 2019 09:58:19

I can see why wenger with his age/ out of game for a while may not tick all the boxes, but with his undoubted knowledge and global respect think he would be a brilliant candidate to at least give us a platform, even if he got a younger up and coming coach in to work alongside/ nurture, there's no denying if WENGER was 10 15 years younger we wouldn't even be a option as every top club in world football that had a wobble/ crisis would be interested in him, tbf think all hypothetical as don't see him been interested but for me would be a logical short term confidence boosting appointment to get us where we want and deserve.

On the up n coming young managers? Who would we be realistically able to attract? Another unproven foreign manager that is 50/ 50 if will settle adjust and galvanised us.

For my money on that I'd Geordie howe and bring Callum Wilson, Nathan ake and david brooks with 7 ease lol.

It's a tricky 1.Marco deserves to go undeniably as stated he isn't correcting his mistakes and seems lack heart and passion, looks lost.

If we are going to land a top up n coming manager then need act quick as only matter of time before Utd and spurs will too, which is another thing that is working in Marco's favour for now, the media circus is focused on those 2 which in turn is not putting us/ Marco under the spotlight which daft as it sounds may be a negative for us as could be the kick up the ass and pressured walk up call he and the players need and deserve.

{Ed001's Note - Wenger is desperately looking for a job in management, but all he gets offered is technical director/football director roles. He has a number of those offers on the table but he has not taken them. If Everton wanted him, he would jump at the chance I am sure.}

07 Oct 2019 10:20:42
Unfortunately Wenger teams are usually poor at defending unless he has worldies in his squad. That for me would be swapping like for like. Although Wenger was a quality manager and may still be one. Strange he hasn't got any offers in the mangerial post.

07 Oct 2019 10:34:02
So here’s one to ponder, Arsene is seeking a managerial role, we can offer that and I believe there is a good relationship with FM from the Arsenal tenure
As part of the back room team would he be open to working with Tim Cahill? A question I would ask as I would love Cahill as manager in a few seasons ticks the boxes for me just doesn’t have the coaching of managerial experience so a bit of a Frank Lampard scenario.
Only question is how would Wenger integrate with Brands? Could it be the dream team? 🤔.

07 Oct 2019 10:46:34
Wenger is a good shout or maybe it's just wishful thinking.

07 Oct 2019 10:20:12
Thank ed001.

For me then he has to be strongly considered, may have been out of football for a while but no doubt he will have had his finger on the pulse in football.

Only time will tell but here is hoping moshiri/ brands do the right thing.

At the very least Marco should be in those offices now explaining why he persists with the tactics and players that are failing him week in week out.

Any thoughts on who we should go for if the button is pressed and he does indeed go.

Thanks in advance.

{Ed001's Note - personally I would say Gallardo looks a good shout. The worry is he is untested in European footie.}

07 Oct 2019 11:19:04
Absolute Ditto Ed.

{Ed001's Note - on the plus side he would have a good knowledge of South American footie and could bring over a few hidden gems. Well hopefully.}

07 Oct 2019 11:20:43
I’ve always liked Wenger. He’s a good tactician and will find an attacking solution that’s for sure. Better than the Benitez option by a long way for me.

I thought though that he was against working for another PL team, but Ed001 has it differently. So that’s quite interesting.

Having said that. I still think Silva will get until January to prove he can turn things around.

{Ed001's Note - Wenger said just last week he wants to get back into coaching and would like another job in England.}

07 Oct 2019 11:58:21
Am I right in thinking that Usmanov and Moshiri wanted Wenger out of Arsenal earlier but Kroenke hung onto him.

{Ed002's Note - Yes. Arsene Wenger will not be joining Everton.}

07 Oct 2019 12:21:12
A bit of new thinking that is great, Wenger maybe for a couple of years might be a good shout, and Moshiri is an Arsenal fan, I like it.

07 Oct 2019 11:47:22
Gallardo very good shout Ed,

Just feel the sunny climate of Spain and lifestyle/ culture will sway him.

See him at Barcelona before long. Hope am wrong as you say could be a very good choice.

{Ed001's Note - Barca did want Setien a while back, and he is available, so I would expect them to go for him to be honest.}

07 Oct 2019 19:08:21
Arsene has come out today on ssn saying that he couldn't manage another premier league club as he is emotionally attached to Arsenal, or words to that effect.

07 Oct 2019 21:26:57
Gallardo is that the River Plate manager Ed?

{Ed001's Note - yes mate.}



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