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08 Oct 2019 12:59:32
Well it's right to say that our summer signings of Kean, Iwobi and Gomes has not work for Everton not showing the impact or the quality needed for the Premiership, we will now see what Sidibe can do now that Coleman is suspended. Gabamin needs a run now if he can maintain his fitness!
I am sure this has come as a shock to Brands and Silva and all of us for that matter, to pay such huge fees and get little in return is heart breaking and demoralising in our quest to finish in the top 6
It does make one think of how we assess potential targets as we seem to be getting it wrong every transfer window! Massive high hopes then no improvement seen!
Then you look at other clubs in our position they seem to get it right and spend far less money,
Maybe it's they way we train? Or maybe we don't have the quality of coaches? Not sure, very baffling to me, with now 3 different Managers but it still the same issues, strange one to see where this problem sits?

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08 Oct 2019 14:30:54
Is this a joke? Gomes has been out for a month, and didn’t he not play for us last season? Gbamin will need time due to injuries, he’s also just started individual training so don’t expect to see him for a few weeks still. Iwobi has scored goals and Kean makes a difference when he comes on, looks hard to handle and probably just needs a break, like the rest of the team. You seriously aren’t judging our new signings after 8 games are you?

We have got players who have been with us for years who are not performing. Why don’t you focus on them at least and give the new boys a break.

08 Oct 2019 14:46:24
Uran I can’t believe you are ready to write off the three signings you mentioned in Iwobi Gomes and Keen. I think Iwobi has added a directness and purpose to our attack that was sadly missing before and his pace gives defenders something to think about and keeps them on the back foot, Gomes is and has that quality to hold the ball and calm the situation down when the rest of the side and midfield are running around like headless chickens and most importantly he gets us moving forward and not just left to right and backwards. And as for Kean he is a 19-year-old lad from a different culture that must adapt to many things the language our style of play etc players with higher pedigrees than him have come to our league and either failed miserably or taken a least two seasons to find their feet. I think the only thing that a large majority of us will agree on is that Silva has had long enough to implement his playing philosophy on this current group of players and if anything we are regressing so I think sadly his time is up not sure where we go next in terms of our next managerial appointment but I think it will get a lot worse before we see any green shoots of recovery. But let’s not write off all the new singings just yet still a lot to play for this season not least pulling clear of the drop zone and avoiding relegation cause don’t believe that old hype about us too good to go down because frankly we are not. Let’s get behind the team the personnel will change continually but this great club of ours is the one constant.

David Freeman.

08 Oct 2019 14:58:54
How can you judge the players poorly when you didn't know that Gbamin was injured? On the wind-up you, Uran.

08 Oct 2019 16:19:02
The microwave generation really have no patience these days.
Uran give them a chance we cannot write a player off after 8 games.

08 Oct 2019 16:39:19
Uran, Iwobi is direct, give Siggy a rest and Bernard in as the 10, then watch Iwobi and Richarlison go. Gomes slows the game down it is true but he is a good player if head in right place. Kean a young lad in new environment, he has impressed when on the field, when ready he and Tosun could be a good pairing. Under this Manager though, none of that can happen.

08 Oct 2019 17:10:09
1wobi left Bernard cam rich right kean and dcl up top with Gomes behind them as the holding mid against West Ham.

08 Oct 2019 17:30:37
Not sure how long you need to give players time too settle in, they have been here since August not sure how many days they have been training together, an awful lot I presume, can we really afford to wait for them in this premiership league? Give them time how long? Before they come good? My main point in my post is the recruiting of players, choosing the right ones, ok if you are buy potential then first play them in the under 23 to give them time to adjust and the language problem and give them time to prove themselves
We just seem to be making no head way in the transfer market, then 12 months later we have to near give them away loosing Millions! That’s my main point! It happens in every window, I would like your views on this please.

08 Oct 2019 18:14:05
It took Sharp a good few years to come good, Neville Southall went out on loan at one point early doors, Heath another who took a while to settle in, Keown was a cart horse in his first season before finding form.

So 8 games is nowhere near enough to judge new signings.

08 Oct 2019 19:04:03
No disrespect but I would rather talk over the future not the past Everton players it’s a completely different ball game now where every match and results count, this current recruiting has been going on for 3 or 4 years then 12 months after we can’t give them away, that’s my point.

08 Oct 2019 19:15:46
Brett Angel needed time to settle in too. 😂.

08 Oct 2019 19:25:12
You can't put players in the U23s to adjust anymore. That league just isn't competitive like it used to be.
Agree with some of the above but why break up the partnership of Digne and Bernard whilst playing Iwobi out of position. Iwobi as the 10 with Bernard left.
Although we all know against west ham it will be siggy 10 and iwobi left.

08 Oct 2019 22:50:46
Sorry but I don’t think Iwobi is good enough, I agree with Bernard back in the team to partner Digne, for me
Siggurdsson is a far better player than Iwboi.

09 Oct 2019 01:11:11
Uran, GS has been woeful so far this season. At least an Iwobi goal has helped to get us three valuable points so far!

09 Oct 2019 05:55:58
Smit I totally disagree with you over the standard of the under 23 or reserves, “ not like it use to be” you need too explain that one! where do you think all these up and coming players are coming from, if they have come through all the youth ranks and get to the final stage of their development offered a short term professional contract then they are good enough, then they are ready too progress to the next stage and if they stand out then they become a valuable asset, so the standard should be extremely high, they will always be up against highly regarded emerging talents of other clubs to prove themselves, they all start like this
Over the Iwobi and Kean situation, maybe it’s me, maybe I have got it wrong on these two, I sincerely hope so, I want them to do well but Iwobi is not showing the things I would want a player to do playing in this position, he gives the ball away far to easy especially on or around the half way line, he doesn’t seem to have the electric pace required for that position and doesn’t take his man on in the final third when he should do, ok he tracks back but that’s it, can’t defend and he is keeping Bernard out of the team, ok I see in him that he can make that neat pass and is cool in and around the penalty area and can drift in and get the odd goal but that’s if for me. He is old enough so for me he has too make more of an impact on the game, hopefully it will come
Kean just needs to play time more games that why I think he should of played in the under 23, I can see he could be something really special but need time to get up to speed, so playing in the reserves plus on the bench will help him, when I have seen him he seems to be playing on his nerves trying extremely hard too impress which you have too admire but I like him, playing off another experience striker like a Rondon mould would also help his game too progress. He has been thrown into the deep end too soon but that’s not his fault.

09 Oct 2019 15:02:17
The U23s is about the standard of our 3rd tier nowadays. Throwing them in is the equivalent of buying Blackpools best 2 players and putting them in our 18. Gone are the days where the best teams would put their top players in the reserves to get them fit again or build their form. It is merely a training ground for the players who aren't out on loan.

Most are kids who aren't allowed to tackle and ours are coached by Unsworth to win the league not necessarily progress or improve.

Remember Niasse/ Dowel? They looked a special talent in the U23s. Niasse can't even get a transfer to Turkey and Dowel can't even get a game at Derby.
Even Lookman who many thought was a special talent hasn't even managed to play a full half for Leipzig this season.

Most up and coming talent in the prem have been out on loan for a couple of seasons to get them ready for the prem not promoted straight from the U23s.



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