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13 Oct 2019 16:04:21
Before Sky sports news did a small feature on the 5k run in aid of mental health being run today. Again more good stuff about Everton in the community and the things that really make Everton a great club.
Anyway Fergerson was interviewed and involved, did not seem to be any sign of Silva and other Portugese coaches, this disappoints me as surely tells a lot about there commitment to the club and it not just being a job.
Even Martinez while I did not rate as a manager did get involved. to me this tells you a lot about the man.
Everton is so much more than just a team that plays in the premier league and the manager whoever he is needs to get this.

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13 Oct 2019 19:08:01
Here here, whatever else said about Martinez the guy is class and can Dance COYB.

13 Oct 2019 19:11:10
Any opportunity to kick the manager, DC. We get you don't like him but this is a sad attempt at having a go at him for the sake of it. Maybe he had a family emergency? Maybe he was there but didn't want to detract from the purpose of the day? Maybe, maybe, maybe. There could be numerous reasons for him not being there, at least find out why before having a pot shot at him!

13 Oct 2019 20:45:30
There was a typhoon in Japan Dark Clouds, maybe Silva was there and it was down to Silva.

13 Oct 2019 21:09:44
All this is so sad.

14 Oct 2019 08:58:05
can't judge a manager on wether he shows his face at a charity run or not, although i am done with silva this isn't a way to judge him, he's done more than his fair share of charity appearences whilst being here and getting involved is something i cannot fault him for.

14 Oct 2019 09:04:28
It's about ''results'' not 'charity appearances'

14 Oct 2019 10:02:13
And if Silva was there you would criticise him saying he should be concentrating on training and getting the team ready for our next match. Not PR in front of cameras. In the words of Kammy, unbelievable!

14 Oct 2019 11:23:27
There's only one person who looks bad in this thread and that's you Dark Clouds
You do yourself no favours showing your hate of Silva in this way and, quite frankly you are old enough to know better
Please, reflect on what you are doing.

14 Oct 2019 11:52:44
To be fair DC, I don't rate him either. However, he is a professional, employee and representative of EFC. You can be absolutely certain that if it was EFC related Silva would be there somewhere.

14 Oct 2019 15:48:16
finding anything possible to try and force a bad opinion on a man is awful.

14 Oct 2019 16:34:59
Could not have said it better Singing the Blues, wish I had thought of that.

14 Oct 2019 18:08:44
Judging by a lot of the comments here you did not understand what I was saying or did not want to understand.
Also tells me you do not love the club as much as I do. We are not a fashion team like Liverpool or United, we are older bigger with an amazing history. What I said also relates to the kind of future managers we should have.

14 Oct 2019 19:06:37
Must be hard reaching the keyboard from your high horse, Dark Clouds. Think everyone understood, but it made no sense or was of any relevance to Silva as a manager/ person. Not sure what a 5k has to do with any future manager, or history, or Liverpool and United. Literally no one agreed with anything you said yet everyone else misunderstood?

14 Oct 2019 19:10:41
What do you love about the club DC?
You don't love the manager, most of the players and the owner.
That has to be the most ridiculous comment on here ever.

14 Oct 2019 19:19:31
Thems powerful words DC we all love the club mate, you have to be on a wind up now ?

14 Oct 2019 19:57:30
Everyone understood your post and come to the same conclusion, DC. You love the club more than the rest of us? How old are you man? You don't like SIlva and used the fact that you didn't see him on the ssn video of the 5k to use against him! It's funny for you to blame everyone else rather than admitting the truth.

14 Oct 2019 22:16:52
No it is you that hates the truth, not to worry.

15 Oct 2019 00:48:40
Explain what you meant in the original post then, DC. From what you said, how have we misinterpreted the point you were making? And what is the truth that I hate so much? You're not making much sense mate.

15 Oct 2019 04:16:36
Do yourself a favour and stop commenting Dark Clouds. You're coming across as a really sad individual that is either on a wind up or is so focussed on hating Silva that you will say anything, even wishing in the past that Everton lose, as it will hasten his departure

This 'bitterness' is not winning you friends nor, more importantly, strengthening your argument. You're coming across all wrong to other posters and, if they ever see your posts, probably your friends and family.

15 Oct 2019 11:28:58
coming across as a sad old man, who picks at everything and anything to find negatives in things, you should be saying how good is it the club had this event in the first place with our director of football being the represetative and actually running in the race, aswel as having countless members of efc staff there.

16 Oct 2019 09:25:32
and another thing actually, do you think it would be the best time for silva to be in a public place like that the pressure he's under? why have an event that's for a good cause ruined by people shouting at him for his terrible tactics and shouting him out (because we know that would happen)



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