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06 Nov 2019 07:35:24
Went to see the under23 play at Crewe last night, they were great, brilliant team effort and should of won, Tyler Onyango looks a big big Talent maybe next year in the first team squad, the fans will love him, Oumar Niasse scores two nicely taken goals and he looked good in stages, Beni played his heart out, Lewis Gibson and Feeney look a class act at the back. Kyle John looked rapid in the first half, Ellis Simms came on with 15 minutes to go in the second half, he is going to be a sensation, I think Unsworth is just bringing him along slowly, I am sure he will definitely make it to the first team, if not this season then next season he seems to have everything you would want in a striker, No Anthony Gordon, Manasse Mamplala and Antony Evans, I believe Gordon was injured.

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06 Nov 2019 10:57:00
anthony gordon was sick last night therefore wasnt involved, hwoever shout for adenirian being with the first team sat as he is a strong midfielder who has been training with the first team now for aslong as i can remember.

06 Nov 2019 11:04:55
onyango seems to be the lad raising eyebrows this year, wasnt meant to be with the under23's this season but has forced his way in, gibson destined for the premier league, if that's with us i'm not sure as his contract is up this summer and is getting attention from clubs willing to give him minutes.
simms for me will need a loan move before he gets in our first team, deffinetly needs a year with the under 23's but a lad of that talent needs to adapt to mens game enxt year with a loan gordon being the only one with potential ability to break the first team without the loan move needed, should have been loaned out this season ideally august to jan to see what he can do if marco wasnt going to play him, too good to be playing u23 football.

06 Nov 2019 11:05:43
i would also keep a very close eye on lewis dobbin who is now getting a look in with the u23's considered a bigger natural talent than ellis simms.

06 Nov 2019 12:36:26
I haven’t seen Dobbins he was an on the bench last night
That’s great if he is regarded better than Simms, as Simms seems to have everything you would want in a young striker, good size, very fast off the mark, great touch, future looks assure for the Premiership at sometime.

06 Nov 2019 12:41:04
Wblue Where did you get the information that Gordon was Sick, I heard at the ground that he was injured, just nosey, that’s all.

06 Nov 2019 14:25:02
Patrick boyland one of the reporters from the athletic mate.

06 Nov 2019 16:10:32
Ok Thanks.

06 Nov 2019 16:10:32
Ok Thanks.

06 Nov 2019 18:05:56
I'm very confused by you I'm afraid Uran.

You have been harping on for weeks that Simms should be playing in the first team and how disgraceful it is that he is being overlooked. Yet he is only getting 15 mins at the end of a match because you think Unsworth wants to bring him in slowly.

If he is not ready for a regular starting role with the under 23's then i have to wonder what your justification is for him to displace one of the current first teamers!?

06 Nov 2019 20:05:56
Possibly in blind hope that he is better than the tripe that trudge out for us on a weekend Worcester. I doubt but it though.

06 Nov 2019 23:17:48
I noticed that myself, Worcester, but I didn't want to bring it up because I didn't want to get involved with the aftermath! I'll try not to comment once the reply comes in.

06 Nov 2019 23:26:06
I stand by my comments 100% and my opinions Worcester
I saying what I think Unsworth is doing, He is a class act maybe you take in a few youth games yourself, very satisfying.

06 Nov 2019 23:36:09
You will all eat your words shortly when Silva promotes them to the first team Squad, I don’t have to justify myself to you lot anymore, you are only interested in the big money signing that are not delivering for the club that cost millions and are earning 100k per week, keep on justifying it to yourselves, I have no problem with this.

06 Nov 2019 23:47:53
I have made positive comments this evening on young players that have been with our club since they were a very young age, proper Everton players, and all you do Is try to ridicule me, you should wake up take off the rose tinted glass and smell the coffee.

06 Nov 2019 23:53:34
If you feel that strongly over my opinions then I will leave this forum.

07 Nov 2019 09:53:12
Uran, you are entitled to an opinion, like I have said before keep them coming mate don't be bullied and don't stop posting because others disagree with you .

07 Nov 2019 11:16:03
Thanks Blue247.

07 Nov 2019 13:12:54
My word, how do you get to the conclusion that you're being bullied? You make one comment that contradicts an earlier post and, when it's pointed out to you, you cry about bullying? People will respond to your posts but you expect that when you press enter on your keyboard. Some will agree, some won't but that doesn't constitute bullying does it?
So, Uran, which one is it? Simms is ready for the first team or he's being nurtured into the U23's because he's not ready? Saying you stand by everything you said is just confusing the matter, you either think he's ready for the first team or you think he's not ready for the U23's. It's not rocket science is it?
I'll be honest, if you want to leave here then I won't lose any sleep, just like I won't if you stay. But threatening to leave because people don't agree and pull you up on your contradictions is a bit childish mate. This site is about opinions and when someone posts something they are all entitled to debate that post, whether you agree with them or not. Nobody is singling you out, some of us are just pointing out that you are contradicting yourself, no need to rant just debate your point. Simple really.

07 Nov 2019 18:08:53
have never mentioned the word bullying and I have not contradicted myself at anytime, before you make incorrect statements and make a fool of yourself read my post correctly before you press enter.

07 Nov 2019 20:30:30
Its panto season already. "Oh yes he has" :-)

07 Nov 2019 21:20:37
Firstly, that's how you came across as if you were being bullied off the site which is nonsense. People will have differing opinions but you can't seem to grasp that at all, if it doesn't fit in with what you say you have a melt down. You did the same to me a while ago but I don't recall me having a pop at you. You talk about being ridiculed which, for me, comes under bullying. Read your own posts correctly before making 'a fool of yourself'
Secondly, you have contradicted yourself over the Simms posts. If you can't see that then there is no hope of ever holding any type of debate with you. You give it out but don't like it when people hit back, Uran.
If you haven't contradicted yourself then answer this, without blowing a gasket as per, how is Simms ready for the first team right now yet he is being introduced slowly into the U23's? Simple question that some people picked up on, not just me. Have a great evening, hope that blood pressure has dropped a bit!

07 Nov 2019 22:24:58
you are just an armchair footballer and top one at that
Have a good weekend, keep on pre judging people.

07 Nov 2019 23:35:00
I go to the games when work permits but what has that got to do with anything? Again, you run from the question put forward to you like you've done a few times when we have been commenting on different posts. I didn't prejudge you, I judged you by your words.
So, is Simms ready for the first team or does he need to be nurtured into the U23's? He can't be both can he? I'll have a nice weekend thanks, hope you do too.

08 Nov 2019 05:50:00
You have not read my post correctly, I referred to Gordon and Simms being include in the first team squad on the bench and given time to gain experience and prove themselves, now I am explaining my comments to you. You are trying as always to have the last parting shot but as usual you are well off the Mark, go and criticise someone else you get top marks for this a true professional.



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