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08 Dec 2019 21:11:49
I love dunc but to be onst i don't think he should get the job even says the club will get a top manager in he knows this job is a massive one an can swallow you the club needs to take its time an get this one right
Passion, fight, aggression, energy
Is what needs to be drilled into these players its not hard to get the fans behind you just put 1000% effort in an we will be your 12th man COYB.

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08 Dec 2019 22:44:25
I know where your coming from Evo, but if the man keeps this level going / at least keeps the fight up then he may just get to the point that he deserves the job - No one can argue with that surely after what the past years have given us. One question I will ask however is that this man has been at the club and a coach since Martinez. Clearly he was never allowed to motivate them / given reign to do so which I find interesting. SA was even absent once (Europa League) and Craig Shakespeare was our stand in manager. - The mind boggles!

09 Dec 2019 02:17:12
Please - can we all just take a moment and think about it

For the last several years virtually every time I've come on this site I've seen posts condemning 'jobs for the boys' and DF has been at the top of the people mentioned as, quite frankly, no one knows what he has been doing. He coaches what, who? He's not been the assistant manager for any of the managers he's worked for

Now, after one game, ONE game, there's a clamour to make him our new manager. Why has one game changed so many peoples minds on DF?

Yes we got a reaction from the players and the crowd but in the words of Napoleon 'he was a lucky general' for, at the moment, ONE game.

I couldn't have argued if Chelsea had gone in at half time a goal or two up - they missed taps ins, they overelaborated. 2 of the goals we scored were down to poor defensive mistakes - it's about time we got that kind of luck and some of it was due to our pressing game but it was extremely poor defensively by them

We did it with Schids and Walcott in the side. Both played ok but how many false dawns have we had out of Schids? He's had good games under Martinez, Koeman, Unsworth and Silva but then reverted to type and had runs of consistently poor games with no effort being shown. Walcott, this season 18 games 0 goals and just 2 assists - none against Chelsea. I'm sorry but these two aren't the answer and will let DF or any other manager down eventually

Listen - I was made up with the win and the effort shown. DF was largely responsible for that but he has a long way to go to convince me that he can take us forward as the next manager of Everton. We should continue to search for Silva's replacement and continue to support DF in his interim role.

09 Dec 2019 07:06:23
Couldnt agree more Bw.

09 Dec 2019 07:27:26
The lad is all Everton, BW, this endeavour and effort was due to the regard all (ALL) players hold him with and the players showing us (supporters) that they can give the effort. Who knows what goes on in the dressing room but the suspicion is that those such as Duncan have been stifled. We played 4 4 2 but not rigidly so. Under Silva in particular not only did we not play 4 4 2 at home but it appeared the Team had to stick rigidly to his system. Will we beat Utd? I doubt it they are flying at the moment but if we try and give the same as we did against Chelsea, who can complain. Big Dunc himself said, it was an honour, but he is not ready yet. The Club need to look carefully at who they want. My opinion was always Benitez but it appears Everton have not shown interest (no idea why) . I know the feeling by some about Moyes but how about (after the next 2 or 3 games) looking at a Moyes/ Ferguson/ Cahill setup! Moyes experience with those two in tow just could propel us.

09 Dec 2019 07:39:32
Also depends how Duncan gets on with Unsy and his input from our U23's. That Team put out against Chelsea was not Duncan's, it was a case of impossible to tinker but was a case of get your 'expletive' fingers out and we saw the results. Yes Chelsea could have been ahead but they were rattled, luck made by our effort, constant harrying and speed of movement. In the end as oft said it came down to basics.

09 Dec 2019 09:01:28
Bill. He has been with us for years under at least 4 different managers. Are you saying that the players didn't respect him when he wasn't the manager. He was stifled? Under 4 managers DF allowed himself to be stifled? If that is the case why has he stayed so long and what is wrong with him that he could be stifled? Are you really saying it took him being made caretaker manager for him to find his voice on and off the pitch

We got a reaction on Saturday, Some, even a lot of it was Duncan but also, as with most sackings, there was a reaction to the departure

I hope the reaction. whatever caused it continues but you saying Duncan allowed himself to be stifled under Martinez, Koeman, Unsworth and Silva is worrying to me.

09 Dec 2019 09:28:43

Not forgetting Big Sam as well

No - actually I am still trying to forget Big Sam was our manager.

09 Dec 2019 12:12:42
I don't know what goes on really and guess 99% on here don't either, maybe the managers are no it's this way or that way, be a bit odd seeing big dunc running up and down as a coach but as a manager all be temporary, why not, players will respond to that, rather than an arms crossed misery guts.

Why did the players put that shift in? I feel maybe silva didn't have faith in his players, and that flowed into the team, big dunc had faith in them and asked almost demanded for them to chase everything, and believe in themselves, who knows?

Not me that's just my ramble, My take on things, but 1 day we will see him on the touchline as the actual manager in years to come.

09 Dec 2019 12:56:12
Well I am not sure what role Ferguson will have with the club in the future but after the Chelsea game I can tell you one thing, he will not be leaving regardless of who the next manager will be. I agree with what Big Dunc has said himself, he is not ready yet. However, I would like to see him have an "assistant manager" role a bit like the one Arteta has at City since he has the potential to be a future Everton manager.

09 Dec 2019 13:11:09
We really needed the result last Saturday Dunc09 and I was over the moon with the way we played and give a lot of the credit to DF for being part of the inspiration. I also think there is an initial reaction when a manager goes (unless you're Watford)

We have also shown similar spirit in other games, for instance this season at Southampton and last season against Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal to name a few. Our problem has been we never sustain that spirit week in week out. It will take more than one game for me to think we have miraculously cured these problems

Let's hope DF is the answer but, in any school, it is not just the headmaster that inspires but also it is the teachers/ coaches that spur the pupils on.

My problem is DF was one of the coaches. Maybe he was on the sidelines but he should have proven during his time with us that he can inspire week in week out, home and away, on the pitch and off the pitch. I also don't think anyone at Everton has done that over the last 6 years. He hasn't done enough in my eyes to say he was a truly positive influence on the players during that time and one game hasn't changed that opinion and therefore I think we should actively carry on looking for a successor to Silva.

09 Dec 2019 13:41:36
I think it will depend on who the new manager is BlueMike

Many managers want their own team to come with them. Look at Big Sam bringing Shakespeare and Lee with him. Maybe we should have insisted on him making DF asst manager then but (and I know this won't happen) let's say Guardiola said he would join us and wanted to bring Arteta with him? Would you be saying no - we want DF as asst manager.

None of us know where the board is in finding someone. Maybe the individual they want is unavailable until Jan or the start of next season.

At the very least last Saturday has eased the pressure on appointing someone in panic.

DF didn't do himself any harm last Saturday but he has some hard matches to come between now and Xmas. There's nothing I'd love better than my fears were unrealised and he could match Solsksjaer's first month or so with United. Then we (Everton) would have some decisions to make.



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