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19 Dec 2019 16:23:44
Tom Davies is he Marmite? i reckon 50% believes he's a good little prospect who can progress, 50% reckon no talent and shouldn't be anywhere near team. Think he has potential and you need loads with blue blood in squad, different position but Tony Hibbert rings a bell. Didn't watch last night unfortunately but seen reports saying he was garbage and saying he was brilliant.

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19 Dec 2019 16:42:07
Sorry for being so pessimistic but for me every single player in that squad last night is not good enough to be in a top 4 team maybe Kean up front has potential but we have not seen enough of him but in all fairness it wouldn't bother me if we lost the whole squad including coaches and tea lady possibly keeping DF but I have seen nothing from any player that fills me with excitement.

19 Dec 2019 16:42:09
Played in his preferred position, with a good run of games and with some decent players around him and he will be a very good player.
I'm not too fussed that a lot of his passes go astray because it is the same for most of the team.
Once they have a shape, formation and movement drilled into them they will all be a lot better.

19 Dec 2019 16:56:52
He needs to shape up sometimes I feel Tom is an 'undercover' opponent!

19 Dec 2019 18:34:57
Let’s not forget Davies has played in the last three games in a short turnaround, in two of those games he has had Holgate as a makeshift midfielder, he has had to play all three without anyone off the bench who could come in and help out alongside him.

For me Davies is getting some unfair flak.

If Liverpool had Mane, Origi, Salah and Firminho all missing, how do you think they would do with Henderson, Milner and the likes playing as forwards.

19 Dec 2019 22:12:59
I’m not a Davis fan, but I will be honest and some of that is because I was a huge Barkley fan and don’t think he justified the criticism he got, yet TD isn’t IMO a shadow of Barkley. If we had paid money for him and he was not ‘one of us’ then I’m sorry I reckon a lot more people would be Fuming with some of his performances.

20 Dec 2019 00:16:27
Why do some of our fans have to have a target? Whether it be a certain player or a manager, some always want to put the boot in. Hardly read a post which recognised he scored a good goal the other night as they all want to highlight his bad points. I agree with Smit's assessment entirely.

20 Dec 2019 08:07:44
I'm just not sure what is Tom's preferred position. As a defensive midfielder he is not the same level as a Gueye, as a Ndide, as a Rice, as a Guendouzi, as a Kante, as a Wijnaldum. Further upfront does he compare favourably with the likes of Maddison, Silva, Tielmans, Ali, De Bruyne. I'm sorry he's not even close to any of them.

The current lack of midfielders in our squad due to all the injury setbacks haven't helped and he always puts a shift in but all too often he either loses the ball in possession or passes to the other side. At a minimum he should keep the ball and be better at passing as losing possession is costing us goals.

I would love him to blossom into a great player for Everton but he should be showing more at his age and, honestly, I don't see him being Premiership standard. Holgate in just 2 games has shown more promise in midfield.

20 Dec 2019 09:35:38
BW, Spot on, your post really does make a definitive point mate!
For those who think posters offering critique regarding players are not the done thing?
Wake up firstly, this about opinions, and stop being pathetically hypocritical!

20 Dec 2019 10:58:52
I actually agree to a certain extent with Bluepotatoe. Tom Davies is on of ours and it goes against the grain to criticise but we also have to want the best for our club and that means being honest

I'm fed up with hearing that SChids had a good game so everything is good again in the world, forgetting the too many to mention times he has let us down. Fed up hearing that Tosun has scored in other leagues when he is so off the pace whenever he has played for us. Niasse - lovely smile and keeps trying but is nowhere near good enough

At the same time I think we have unfairly criticised DCL, written off Coleman and Baines too early. Shouted for Iwobi over Sigurdson and now everyone is saying Iwobi not good enough

It's a game of opinions. This is a site of opinions. Much as I really don't like criticising our players I have to be honest and pray that I am wrong sometimes - most times.

20 Dec 2019 11:08:36
Tom has had some bad games recently but he is only 21 and is getting better. Got to remember he is only playing this regularly due to injuries. He is a lot more fatigued than the rest of the team. The CM and CB positions haven't been able to be subbed or have any rotation for a while.

I think he's a great player and when he gets some rest will come back much stronger.

20 Dec 2019 12:21:48
I hear what you're saying, BW, and I also agree with some of what you say. I'm just wondering if this happens just with our club or if other fans are just as brutal as some of ours.
Right now we have a lot to look forward to with the appointment of a very good manager yet there are a few who just want to slate a player rather than get excited by that. I honestly don't know if Tom will become a top midfielder, nobody does, but he probably won't get there if the fans start to turn on him like they did RB etc. Let's not forget that the entire team has been absolutely shocking until MS lost his job, so why single out players?

20 Dec 2019 12:54:13

I think it is the same if you looked at any of the other clubs on this site - maybe tempered a little bit by how well their team is doing
I'll say again I'd love Tom Davies to prove me wrong but I also think that we have to make hard decisions sometimes - the same way we do with the academy players each year. Some of them are considered not good enough and have to be released or sold on
I have absolutely nothing against Tom but can't see him being an integral part of the side but then again I didn't see Holgate in midfield. Hopefully Ancelotti (I hope it's Ancelotti) will tweak him somehow and get something I can't see

Would also just say that this site would be empty if we didn't voice our opinions - both good and bad.

20 Dec 2019 13:25:53
BW, I'm not having a pop at anyone here mate and I do respect other opinions. That said, I've only commented as there is a lot of slagging off, not just on this post but other forums etc so I'm just asking the question really. I don't look at the other sites so it's a relief to know that other clubs act the same!
As I said in my original reply, the only things I've seen on Tom after the cup game have deen derogatory, don't think I seen one comment on his goal. People will slate players without a doubt but at least acknowledge the good things too!

20 Dec 2019 13:47:24
Good point bluepotato

It was a well taken goal and you're right nothing has been said about it

I still think though that Tom Davies has to improve a lot to prove himself suited to the Premiership but I would love it to happen and happen quickly.



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