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28 Jan 2020 19:12:21
Personally looking forward to this window to close, I don't think we have anyone coming in, an our main issue is centee mid, but with Gomes an Gbamin due back, ok maybe months away, but that's the problem solved, we are not in a position to sign someone as we have no money or limited availability, an patmore wages to someone we might not need once we have these two players back.
As most of us have said, getting the players out the club who are bleeding us dry on massive wages for average performance is vital in the summer, as we now have a manager who could attract quality players, but we have spewed millions on poor players.
For once I'm actually OK with the fact that we won't bring no one in an looking at the bigger picture. As a fan it's hard to to do that, it's onky took me 37 years to get my head around it.

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28 Jan 2020 20:07:30
A couple of loans would be good though?

28 Jan 2020 20:31:04
I see Moyes has already started by signing Tomas Soucek from Slavia Prague. 13 mill for a 24 year old who has scored 10 goals in 19 appearances this season. Also has 25 caps. Not bad for his age. Before you all have a go at me for being focussed on Moyes, he has only just got in at West Ham and this deal sorted straight away and he apparently has a right back lined up. My point is that since he left our standard of signings has gone from bad to worse. We have had a conveyor belt of quite terrible signings and although we have the money to shop at Harrods we seem to have bought at poundland in the main.

28 Jan 2020 21:13:54
He might have signed one and have another lined up but it doesn't make them great players or signings because Moyes made them.

28 Jan 2020 21:20:37
Seriously degsy what is it with the moyes love in?
He left us and took the piss. What do we care who he signs? Couldn’t care less if he signed Messi and ronaldo. He’s a dinosaur of a manager and hasn’t moved on.

Happy with Carlo and whoever he brings in.

28 Jan 2020 21:36:03
Le tie, weifeng, jeffers Jacobson, bent, kilbane, said, rodrigo. To name a few. All signed by the god like Moyes. I can send another 5-10 rubbish players he also signed. Bound to buy the odd great one like arteta, baines and Cahill in 11 years.

28 Jan 2020 22:37:38
Per Koldrup. Now there's a player. Moyes signed him right? 1 game, 4 conceded and the had to be shown how to head a ball.

28 Jan 2020 22:51:54
Didn't we get 14 mil for that "fox in the box"? Hahahaha we've not done so well recently but over the course of the lean years, we sold some tripe for huge money. Maybe we are getting some late karma.

29 Jan 2020 08:53:41
Yes we got 14 mill for Jeffers I think. And whilst I do still admire what Moyes did, I get the point we have moved on. and that is exactly my pont. Moyes sis sign some great players that we sold on in some cases for big money. Since Moyes only Lukaku has been sold on for profit, so our squad should now be full of top internationals and quality players. Because we haven't had to sell on like we used to. But look at it. I won't name players because it is disrespectful as a supporter for me to do so. but the quality of signings has really gone downhill in the years post Moyes. So I am not building him up. I am criticising what has happened since. Lukaku the only player I can think of in recent years that we have made any decent dosh on! Yet we have players out on loan, players wasting time taking wages and playing in the reserves, players running their contracts down, players desperate to leave for better opportunities and this is the important bit. players just not good enough yet are first choice! I know it hurts for me to say it and for it to be heard. but if we had been signing quality players they would have beaten Liverpool Youth team! We need a lot of quality signings over the next few years. Our biggest rivals have enough quality to last a few years and also have enough quality kids coming through to take their time looking around for others! Frankly its not a Moyes love in its a feeling of desperation of what's going on now!

29 Jan 2020 08:58:04
Oh Bireg, I liked Li Tie. he was full of energy and worked hard. Bent also ran his socks off and always closed down defenders. At least he put a shift in. And didn't we get in the Champions League when him and Dunc were working off each other? Kilbane too. let's put it this way, we were closer to the top with those players than we are now! Maybe I have blue tinted past glasses, but I really feel we have gone backwards a long way as a club when we were getting so close to breaking into the elusive top 4. We are a million miles away from it now.

29 Jan 2020 10:01:49
Degsy I think you need to realise we are no longer the same club we were when moyes was here.

With moyes we were a selling club - bought cheap developed players sold on for a profit but never challenged top 4 seriously.

Now we’re not having to shop in the bargain basement and we have bought some poor players but we have also bought some good players, including Colombian international, Brazilian internationals, French international and England internationals.

If we were a selling club I imagine we could shift the majority of those players for a better price than we paid - but we are no longer a selling club and if we want to genuinely compete we need to keep these players.

The players we can’t sell on Niasse, Martina etc are not part of the plans going forward and won’t get us top 4.

29 Jan 2020 10:27:54
Degsy. Respect your opinion I really do but I would graft and run my socks off if I played for the blues but I'd still be crap. The league has changed so much since then. We even finished above the reds then, spurs weren't a force or Leicester and thanks to Sky money more clubs like Wolves have emerged again. Do agree massively that we have signed some rubbish since Moyes but all managers do including Klopp and Pep. Changing managers every 2 years or so hasn't helped with incoming managers not fancying players they have inherited and bringing their own in and struggling to move unwanted players on. Vicious circle mate.

29 Jan 2020 10:56:08
Did I wake up in 2012, Degsy still posting about Moyes? He’s gone Degsy, let it go, he left in a cloud of smoke and said things about EFC that I’m sure he regrets. If you’re going to reminisce about past managers and players like they were much better than they were then talk about the mid 80’s team. They were a team full of great players with a great Manager. Moyes team was average at best and Leon Osman wouldn’t have made the bench even with his prolific goalscoring 😂.

29 Jan 2020 10:29:59
Gingerdan, I am with you all the way down your reply. ie yes we are no longer the club when Moyes was here. 2nd paragraph. yer we bought cheap and developed players then sold them on. 3rd Para. yes we are not having to buy in the bargain basement. and yes we have bought some good players. Brazilian international (not with an s on the end though) French international (no s again) and a couple of other great players have come and gone since Moyers. we agree on all that too. my problem is, we have bought some quite terrible players that we can't get rid of to anyone. Or perhaps even we have bought some bang average players on big money that we can't get rid of? And yes some of those players are quite clearly not in this managers nor the previous 2 managers plans. Likewise the last 3/ 4 managers ended up not being in the chairmans plans. So we are paying wages to ex managers now. We are paying players who don't want to leave and yet we don't want them. Premier League rules state we have a maximum squad size. So how are we improved with all that mismanagement since Moyes' days? At least then we were going up the table and getting to semi finals and finals with the bargain basement players! Yes I realise we are not the same club. in fact I am half expecting we will be charged with breaking the FFP rules in the near future from what I understand? Maybe ED002 can advise on that? So yes I am harping back to Moyes' days. To Kendall's days too. Even to Catterick's days. But right now I don't want to harp on about another new manager and a quite awful squad of players that has been assembled on loads of dosh yet looks as safe in defence as China does for a holiday.

{Ed002's Note - My expectation is that unless Everton can assure significant summer sales by June 30 that they will be in breach of FFP.}

29 Jan 2020 15:28:27
Isnt it the West Ham owner that buys all their players and that is where the issue is.

29 Jan 2020 16:30:35
Why are people so obsessed with Moyes and slagging him off, he left to go to a job that he couldn’t really turn down, he did wonders for our club and made us relevant in a decade where we had no money.
He was a fantastic manager for us and we should applaud what he did for us, and leave it at that, some people just love slagging people off.

29 Jan 2020 16:36:06
This is just an awful thread! What is going on? - Are you moaning that we didn't get Moyes back even though Carlo Ancellotti is one of the grearest managers in the game? Or are you moaning because you just want signing for of it and Moyes is buying players we don't even want?

"Since Moyes only Lukaku has been sold on for profit" - hmmmn how about Gueye, roughly 22m profit. No doubt Lookman was profitable. John Stones brought in a good sum, i'm going to say 35 mil profit roughly.
Sadly we had to sell Onyekuru but wasn't he also profitable?
(obviously not including wages and fees in these figures, just like for like transfer fees)

Im supremely confident we would make profit on a number of our players now if we chose to sell (Gomes, Digne, DCL, Richarlison) so please, stop skewing facts to suit an argument.

29 Jan 2020 18:45:56
Worcester never let the truth get in the way of a good story or moan in this case 😂
Every team (Managers) buy players that don’t work out, we’re no different. We now have one of the best managers in football and I’m optimistic we will get better every season he is with is. Only time will tell how far CA gets us but I’m looking forward to the journey.

29 Jan 2020 20:48:51
Degsy, forget about the knife to a gunfight, check out the first half stats of West Ham tonight, 27%, no shots on target, one shot off target, no corners, think Moyes has replaced the penknife with a feather duster.

29 Jan 2020 22:00:17
Apologies but Naismith was post Moyes and Sold as a profit and so was Fellaini. Richard Wright . Richard quote ‘ I’ve bought the next England goal keeper for years to come Wright’. - 🤯.

29 Jan 2020 22:03:29
Read my posts again. especially about the Catterick, Kendall and other managers bit. it seems everyone has tuned into the fact I mentioned Moyes as the last manager who was improving us as a squad. Maybe Martinez did with Barry and Lukaku too. my point was that we have wasted shed loads of dosh and are possibly going to be punished for having broken FFP rules (thanks Ed for clearing that) yet about 6 games ago were in the bottom 3. Yes I mentioned Moyes/ Catterick/ Kendall. because they also had times of success. Right now we seem to have wasted shed loads of dosh and gone backwards since a time a manger left (no name mentioned)



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