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03 Feb 2020 11:29:38
morning, a question about VAR if anyone can help, spurs v city yesterday 115 seconds to sort the penalty, from remarks made during the commentary, the ref waiting for ball to go dead, what would have happened if the ball goes dead due to a Spurs goal?

{Ed001's Note - it would have been ruled out due to the penalty decision cancelling it out. It is a bit messy to say the least and they need to sort some better way out of doing things.}

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03 Feb 2020 13:58:51
thanks Ed, suppose if City had scored they'd have said no pen, what a mess.

{Ed001's Note - I would assume so, but the guidelines are not strictly clear on that to be honest. This is why they should have tested it for a bit longer before introducing it. Lots of things that are coming up never actually occurred during the tests.}

03 Feb 2020 16:47:06
Yet twice Liverpool have scored when the opponent's should of been awarded a pen and as it's LiVARpool their goals count and the pens are overlooked I have said it all season the FA want them to win the league as it's a marketing dream.

{Ed001's Note - just like you are overlooking the numerous penalties not awarded to Liverpool and the goals ruled out for armpit hair being offside etc. Sad how some people are so deluded they believe this horse****. The FA certainly do not want Liverpool to win it. Posts like this are just embarrassing.}

03 Feb 2020 17:58:07
Give the refs the pitch side monitor. This arrogance that we no a better way to use VAR is cringeworthy. Nothing’s perfect for sure but we have found a way of making it more of an issue than not having it in the first place.

03 Feb 2020 19:08:39
Just get rid of it. Football was great without it. Don’t even need goal line technology - it happens less than twice a season.

{Ed025's Note - i think goal line technology is working fine sobs, but VAR is a complete joke mate..

03 Feb 2020 19:15:39
VAR has been a bugbear for every single team. There isn't one side that has benefitted from it! This season has become just about that and the controversy it causes. We often heard how referees struggled because of the speed of the game now and that we had the benefit of video replays, which they didn't. Well now they do and it is worse than ever! It has only gone to prove that the majority of ref's are below par and get many decisions wrong.

Both of Fabian Deplh's card were dubious on Saturday imo. OK, you could argue the first was a bit reckless, but he got the ball, and the second was never a yellow. The Watford player should have been booked for simulation as you'd have thought he had been shot!

03 Feb 2020 19:57:32
Agreed pierre. I'm struggling to think of any big decisions that have gone in our favour but certainly some have gone against us. Including the Brighton one that they actually admitted was wrong, and the Spurs one that they looked at from 100 angles and it was handball from every one but they didn't give!

03 Feb 2020 20:55:30
I wondered at the time why delphs second yellow didn't go to VAR, was there a reason? Or did the red just think he'd got it right?

03 Feb 2020 21:00:37
Just to expand on the Delph point, VAR should be changed at the end of the season to allow the VAR to review a second yellow card if a player is to be sent off. In my opinion, Delph won the ball on his first yellow, and the second was debatable but Capoue made the most of it. I think we couldve benefitted from a review on that one.

03 Feb 2020 22:32:28
Ed01 with you being a Liverpool fan I wouldn't expect you to agree but fans from every club can see just how much VAR has benefited Liverpool.

{Ed001's Note - fans from every club that only looks at what they want to see you mean? You can't just be a grown up and admit they are the best team, you have to be a child and try and blame a conspiracy. VAR has taken as many goals away from Liverpool as anyone, missed blatant penalties time and time again. Perhaps if other teams were as good, they would do what Liverpool do and just go and get another and another until it does stand.}

03 Feb 2020 22:34:16
And as for the FA not wanting you too win the league the fact you think that is embarrassing the whole media have a love for you and it's plain to see the FA want you to win the league you can say it's embarrassing that I say it that does not mean it's not true.

{Ed001's Note - the FA does not want Liverpool to win the league and they certainly do not want any team winning it by a large margin. It is bad for the league. You really are deluded. I am sure all of Roy Keane, Andy Gray, Gary Neville etc have all got a huge love for Liverpool really. If you believe this stuff, then you need a lot of help. It is embarrassing and plainly not true but whatever helps you sleep at night. Poor little boy, you are just struggling to cope with reality. Wait until you grow up and have to face the real world.}

04 Feb 2020 06:59:24
And we wonder why we get called bitter! On the subject of VAR the team to have benefitted most by decisions is actually Brighton, I'm still on the fence with it as it seems to take an eternity sometimes to make a decision and then that decision can still be wrong.

04 Feb 2020 12:16:51
Brank, I hope you’re just winding Ed up.

ESPN have been tracking VAR impact on teams:

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