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18 Feb 2020 11:38:20
I see a lot of posts around ffp, and on the whole we don't understand it, I certainly don't.
But could Ed give us some indication that based on the bad situation we are in, how could this best be resolved for the club to move forward within the rules.

{Ed002's Note - In order to get out of the existing mess Everton would need to assure summer sales so the club can make a profit this season. Going forward they need to live within their means - and they are not close to doing that at the moment.}

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18 Feb 2020 14:48:52
Ed002 surely if we get sponsorship that is more in line with the top clubs i.e 40m p/ y for shirt sponsorship from somebody who doesn't own any part of the club officially then UEFA or the Premier League cannot charge us on the basis that it is not fair value. If the bigger clubs can have this sponsorship why can't we unless the goal of FFP is to preserve the status quo. Whilst this may be UEFAs agenda, in a court of law surely they would see it differently? if an outsider wants to sponsor Everton as much as other outsiders want to sponsor Manchester United then it has to be upto the individual or organisation to justify why they regard it as value not a football association. Perhaps Everton are living above their means at the moment as they are aware that new sponsorship/ stadium naming rights will kick in and boost the clubs income to a level that means current spending is within.

{Ed002's Note - If Everton get shirt sponsorship and it is reasonable then it will be allowed. But the probles are now - the wages are far too high, the new stadium will add £500M of debt, the club is making significant losses, the club is no mortgaged to a third party providing loans. It is being mismanaged in the extreme.}

18 Feb 2020 19:16:02
It is the difference between debt and deficit compounded by having to stay within EUFA, FA fiscal rules. Not to do so gives a huge advantage to the likes of PSG, City, etc!

18 Feb 2020 19:36:24
Worrying about FFp when were not even in europe yet and worrying about the premier league profit and loss when at the moment we are under the threshold.
Everton are already looking at addressing the wage bill, there is a better shirt sponsor on the way and a lot of things to be optimistic about.
I'm sure the board are already addressing the possibility of breaching the P/ L threshold.
The reality is we will have to make assurances about our future accounts and also rely on player trading but so do most in the premier league.

What is happening to Man city is nothing like what we will encounter, they have misled UEFa about where the money coming in is from where as we have been open about our naming rights money.

{Ed002's Note - FFP in Europe is considerably stricter.}

19 Feb 2020 09:18:38
about to say if we get into europe the wings get clipped even more.

19 Feb 2020 14:02:56
Have we been warned by anyone or told we are being investigated yet, or is it only if you get into European comps?

{Ed002's Note - It applies to both the Premier League and Europe and something will happen within the next year or so - obvious the figures for this season are critical.}

19 Feb 2020 14:18:13
Amazing how Barcelona have been getting away with it for years?

{Ed002's Note - getting away with what?}

19 Feb 2020 16:04:25
If we qualified for Europe Ed (obviously still odds against) is it likely that UEFA would impose a ban anyway?

{Ed002's Note - Typically they allow a season (but only until June 30 so sales have to be guaranteed in advance) to sort it out if a plan is put forward and the amounts are coverable. Else they could be stopped as not meeting the entry criteria.}

19 Feb 2020 20:10:44
Hypothetically with the improved sponsorship deals coming up, hopefully a lower wage bill after the summer, the odd player sale and the money from European football (if we qualify)
The balance sheet should look a lot better.

{Ed002's Note - Fantastic.}



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