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14 Mar 2020 10:17:33
The prospect of the Premier League being cancelled and scrubbed from the record books is now a very real option. Even the most ardent Blue would admit ( although hope and pray for ) that would be harsh on Liverpool considering their lead in the table . That said then they might have a re-think about calling us bitter regarding the European ban in the 80's .

{Ed002's Note - If it goes to a vote of PL clubs then perhaps Liverpool will be humbled as a club and will move on from showing lack of respect to other clubs and their awful recruitment tactics.}

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14 Mar 2020 11:38:37
They are disrespectful like, van Dijk and Klopp are great at what they do but such horrible people.

14 Mar 2020 11:55:03
There was a massive lack of RESPECT shown to Athletico and Simeone in particular during Klopps post match comments. Questioning why they play the way they do when they have quality players . Best of all was criticising them for playing deep therefore limiting space for his long ball ( ale house ) football. Obviously opponents are expected to play in such a way as to allow them to play their way and above all come out on top . Liverpools style of play isn't for everyone. Their tactics at corners is Wimbledon late 80's surrounding the keeper as much as possible. Effective yes and goodluck to them but purist it isn't. Teams playing with different styles and tactics is what makes football what it is and that should be remembered and cherished win lose or draw .

14 Mar 2020 15:00:17
At the end of the day mathematically they are not champions and could lose all their remaining games and not be champions, therefore if the season is scrapped it's scrapped with no champions and no relegation. If you allow them to be crowned champions then you open a can of worms with regards to european places, relegation places and also promotion issues.
At the end of the day this is about public health which is more important than football and if we have to end the season then so be it, if the country goes into lockdown the last thing on people's minds will be how unfair it was to deny them the title, granted we won't hear the end of it.
People could lose their lives, others lose their jobs due to financial implications a lockdown could cause, football is just a game and should be treated that way.

14 Mar 2020 20:35:26
Liverpool fans have really been showing their true colours on twitter with things like I'm not bothered about the vulnerable or elderly the season should be concluded so we can get our title and the financial implications are too great they will just award is the title forget the other teams and they wonder why they are disliked so much sometimes football isn't important and this is one of those times.

15 Mar 2020 15:32:37
It all depends on how many months this all takes, if we get to May and games are still off then I'd expect the league to be scrapped for this season. It's harsh on Liverpool as they can almost smell the pl trophy but I don't think you can crown then champions without relegating those in the bottom three. Teams can still get out of the relegation zone if games were played so isn't fair to those with a fighting chance of staying up.
It's a crazy situation but football is secondary to keeping people safe and well. Not every club will be happy with whatever is decided but they've all got to take the decision on the chin.

16 Mar 2020 15:31:08
Don’t tarnish us all with the same brush Brank, yes some Liverpool fans are idiots just like all clubs have idiots.

Health and safety of people always has to come first. Period.

Do I want us to win the league? Absolutely but it has to be done with fairness across the board and cannot at any costs put fans players or anyone associated with the club at risk.

But as I say, don’t put us all in the same bracket because a few `trolls` online want to be a bit edgy and cause a stir. When in all likelihood they are 7 stone ringing wet and wouldn’t say boo to a goose!

16 Mar 2020 23:24:28
You can see some Blues point though wyred, for years we have gone into a Derby with a huge banner in the Kop saying Steau Bucharest 1986 with a European cup on it, can hardly blame that on keyboard warriors.

17 Mar 2020 07:11:28
There are idiots in all fanbases and maybe I was a bit naive to just say it was keyboard warriors. But the idiots within the fan base don’t represent us all.

19 Mar 2020 19:41:08
WYred in my opinion Liverpool have one of the largest collections of extra special idiots. But the rest are some of the best fans. Funnily enough I find Liverpool fans that are not from Merseyside (mostly from a different county have no sense of humour at all) .



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