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30 Nov 2021 11:29:24
Are the wheels coming off the bus?
Now I always take what Keys says with a massive pinch off salt but this Everton for sale comment has got me thinking.
Has Moshiri lost interest? 500million
spent and going nowhere fast.
The board is clueless.
Brands is no better than Walsh
The last few weeks Raffa looks like a rabbit caught in headlights
On the pitch there is no leadership or fight and looking like a relegation fight on the horizon
Fans turning toxic and if the derby goes the way most expect it to go it will only get worse.

{Ed025's Note - you are presuming that this bus ever had any wheels pgp..

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30 Nov 2021 12:04:45
What Everton for sale comment?

30 Nov 2021 13:05:44
My thoughts are its a comment made by someone who has a beef with the owners of the club and the manager in particular.
The owner has pumped to much into the club to just walk away, and with a new stadium on the horizon he knows he has a money making machine.
Instead he should have a hard look at the people who work for him (at a levels) , and ask himself are they justifying a wage. If not then bin them, you can’t have sentiments if you want to be successful.
I mean I sacked my own brother, but he was bloody useless.

30 Nov 2021 13:48:17
I think that if FM had the benefit of hindsight he'd wish he'd never invested in us
The trouble is though he really only has himself to blame. He made the decisions on the make up of the board, he made the decisions on managers with different outlooks . strategy, players they wanted to sign. He made Walsh and Brands irrelevant by over ruling most of their guidance. He was responsible for the likes of James, Siggy, Mina etc etc etc being overpaid and signed for too long. He was the one who over saw our flouting of FFP regulations which people still don't understand the pain and penalties we are facing

I'm tired hearing it's not his fault as he was inexperienced and not knowledgeable in football. Well I'm sorry but he should have kept his nose out and let someone who was experienced and knowledgeable run the club

He's wasted hundreds of millions assembling one of the weakest squads in the EPL and put at risk the future of MY CLUB

That being said I can't see him selling the club and getting back a fraction of what he has wastefully invested. All that excitement, all that promise wasted

And not one of them - FM, the directors or senior management has the guts to apologise for their negligence.

{Ed025's Note - thats a damning indictment bw, but i imagine quite a few would agree with you mate..

30 Nov 2021 14:23:09
Exactly Woburn he’s been on at Mr Moshiri and now Rafa for ages, don’t think story has any truth at all.

30 Nov 2021 15:39:29
The man hasn't been relevant in English football for over a decade, who gives a flying f*** what that man says? Before CA was made manager, Keyes was championing Rafa for the job. Once Rafa got the job, albeit a year or so later, he suddenly changed his tune.
I think we are all entitled to make mistakes, it's human nature. As long as we get back on the right track and never repeat these mistakes then we will be ok.

30 Nov 2021 16:39:31
Exactly mate.

30 Nov 2021 22:39:09
Like the mistake of continuously playing iwobi and rondon?

30 Nov 2021 23:05:44
But we are not back on the right track BP. Rafa is not the right manager. He was a great manager 10-15 years ago but not now. We bought Rondon, another over the hill player on a long contract on wages he is already not earning

Where are the changes that shows we are now on the right track, the fact that there are no management changes show we haven't learnt anything. All we have done is stop spending last window and that was probably because the EPL are looking closely at our FFP violations - something that we will not get out of for years. Even if we sell Pickford, Ricky and DCL. Het let's add Digne, Godfrey to the list. Any profit we make will not show in our FFP figures for years and who do we have to replace them? Look at our squad

WE won't learn anything until we admit we made mistakes. Show me where FM and the rest of the board have apologised and made those responsible sacked or resigned?

01 Dec 2021 00:49:59
Following Mr Moshiri’s takeover of Everton in 2016, Chairman Bill Kenwright declared “After an exhaustive search I believe we have found the perfect partner to take the club forward.

“I have got to know Farhad well over the last 18 months and his football knowledge, financial wherewithal and true blue spirit have convinced me that he is the right man to support Everton. ”

Seems like BK got this wrong - Football knowledge? financial wherewithal?

It's 5 years later and he still hasn't got them.

01 Dec 2021 01:26:41
I hope Mr Ingles will be questioned at the AGM as to how his department has performed at ensuring that the club complies with all statutory regulations


Finance Director Mr Ingles is responsible for leading Everton’s finance and strategy team, having returned to the club for a third spell in 2018.
He is responsible for all financial aspects of the club, including the regular communication of financial performance to the board, driving the profitability of the club, overseeing all banking and funding arrangements, managing the club’s cash flow position, supporting and maintaining governance structures that ensure the financial assets of the club are protected, and ensuring that the club complies with all statutory regulations.

01 Dec 2021 01:41:06
Do we see, on a regular basis, the owner/ board apologising to fans for mistakes made? I don't see why you are hell bent on getting an apology tbh. It is what it is.
The club is addressing the finances, we didn't really spend in the summer and contracts are coming to an end for a few of this squad.
Rafa not being the right man is just your opinion, there are others that disagree with what you say. I said as long as we get back on the right track, not that we are currently on it mate. But, not spending last summer comes into it whether enforced or not. There are contracts running out so savings will be made in that department. Who do you want sacked?
You obviously don't want Rafa as manager but who would you replace him with? How much would we have to pay him in compensation before having to find another manager to replace him? We can't afford to swap and change managers, it's been a problem of the FM era. Constant change has brought us nothing but instability.

01 Dec 2021 02:23:42
We don't see on a regular basis boards apologising BP. We also don't see on a regular basis clubs/ owners wasting as much as we have and putting the future of the club in peril for years.

You don't seem to comprehend that simply saying 'it is what it is' doesn't make it all go way.

Contracts expiring will not affect out FFP figures until Dec 2023 when the accounts for y/ e 30th Jun 2022 will be published.

If we sell our best players to generate a profit it won't show immediately. It will show in the accounts of the year that the sale took place and it will not be for the full amount we receive as initial fee is amortised over the period of the contract

Do you really not appreciate the basics of accounting?

How do we replace these players if we get a transfer ban? How would we fare if we get a points deduction which the EPL has done with Derby

The club isn't addressing the finances. It isn't on the right track. If we were we wouldn't have given Rafa one of the biggest salaries in the EPL on a 3 year contract with no get out clauses for poor performance and what exactly are we paying Rondon

I actually happen to agree with you that we can't afford to sack Rafa. Two and a half years salary on the salary he is on will cripple us. But it doesn't mean we should have signed him in the first place. Just my opinion but - it is what it is = a complete screw up

Who do I want sacked? Whichever clown/ clowns got us into this mess and sorry IT IS WHAT IT IS isn't a good enough excuse.

{Ed001's Note - the EPL has nothing to do with Derby, that was the EFL and a completely different thing. Derby had been guilty of 'creative' accounting over a period of years and should have been docked points long before they actually were.}

01 Dec 2021 10:31:07
Bw, it is what it is because, as fans, there's absolutely nothing we can do to change it.
The wages that will come off the bill will help at some point so, yes, it will go some way to addressing part of our financial problems. This won't be a quick fix.
Not only is sacking rafa not financially viable, it wouldn't be the right move. For one thing, who is out there to improve this squad? We knew it would be tough before the season started, without even contemplating injuries to important players.
Hitting teams on the break worked fine last season and at the start of this, the fact we are missing Mina at the back doesn't help.
Maybe I don't have a background in accounting, so what? I have patience and I'm prepared to support my team when times are good or bad. If their gamble had paid off then I'm sure you would have been happier than you seem these days!
Not sure why you use Derby as an example mate, the two leagues run separate from each other on ffp.
I don't know what to suggest to you but if you're so unhappy then venting in these groups isn't going to get you anywhere. If you feel so strongly then get in touch with the club and let them know. If you get an answer, let us all know what they say.

01 Dec 2021 10:45:24
ED - apologies re EPL and EFL

The first 12 points for Derby were for going into administration but the second 9 points were for breaches of the profitability and sustainability regulations.

Not sure if these are exactly the same as FFP requirements but our breaking of FFP limits could be seen the same way.

We were one of the main critics of the Newcastle takeover and waxed lyrical about the Saudi's possibly breaking third party sponsorship. We are on eggshells regarding compliance with FFP. Will the EPL send out a statement if we don't comply with FFP?



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