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01 Dec 2021 22:04:42
Where do we go from here?

It’s looking like we may struggle to get 27 more points for safety….

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01 Dec 2021 22:23:42
Just got to hope we pick up points when DCL is back. He might not score every game but he will win free kicks, keep possession and bring the others into play. We will be playing with 11 players again.

01 Dec 2021 22:33:11
That was gutting but at least we had fighting spirit in parts of the game. They are going to smash a lot of teams by 4 or more. I genuinely saw an improvement and think talk of relegation is ridiculous. However breaking into the top 10 is a tough ask. Luckily the bottom 3 are so woeful we surely can't be caught. Hope fan power doesn't spur FM into yet another sacking. Think we sneak a win against Arsenal. Also thought rondon had his best game tonight. We lost something when he went off.

01 Dec 2021 22:40:17
Br20-21. We are literally now fighting for 11th to 17th.

01 Dec 2021 22:49:18
Sneak a win against Arsenal? We can’t even beat Brentford .
Our next three games are Arsenal, Palace and Chelsea. We might get 1point if we are lucky. We are only 5 points from bottom three, and Burnley have a game in hand. We are far from safe.

01 Dec 2021 22:54:16
Brownshoes if you call that his best game the old ladies pillar must have been in your way.

01 Dec 2021 23:10:00
Who beat Arsenal. Drew with Liverpool and other than 3 1 loss to Burnley haven't lost by more than 1 goal in their defeats. If Rikky hadn't been suspended we'd have beaten em. Go have a drink and give us a break.

01 Dec 2021 23:11:34
Brown shoes. decent post. Rondon best game by miles. Not quality nor is he long term but he showed he can battle.

I keep banging on about it but 17th would be fine for me. Stay up and then o some re jigging in the summer.

02 Dec 2021 00:00:09
How can you say that. He was suspended and we didn’t adapt, that is why we lost. Don’t try blaming the fact one player was missing.

02 Dec 2021 00:19:49
Its all relative Duckypoos. I definitely hope you didn't read too much from my post and think I'm having a Rondon love in? But that was his best performance. Its just a fact. Rikky coming up as striker lost us our impetus, though that LFC is a seriously great side. Sickening as that maybe. A bit of realism is required instead of yet more unrealistic expectations from the very vocal ones amongst us. I mean really where will yet another manager get us other than another massive expensive payoff and a hotseat too hot to handle certain setup to fail. We have all agreed this season was going to be tough, its not a surprise. If some fans get their way, we really will become a laughing stock and seriously toxic club to any future bosses. We need to do what was agreed, wait it out, survive and run the clock down until we can spend some money to fix this dire 5 year nightmare. I understand emotions run high but some of the chat the last month has been as naive as the decisions our owners have made on the pitch since 2016.This is the hardest part of the season fixtures wise and we all knew we'd get battered as we're not equipped. It's certainly stupid to wish for another axeing right? Someone has to get the rub and be given 3 years to try a vision. Rafa will be good for us but he's definitely getting hammered predicted yes, because of history. Sad as fu99 really as we all knew it would happen. News update! Next season is going to be dire too! 100% nailed on. We can't get out of this mess with FMs money because the system is rigged against new rich owners to maintain the establishment monopoly. We all expected to be in our 2nd season of CL football by now, I know I did.

02 Dec 2021 07:11:25
Brownshoes, Duckypoos here. I wouldn't bin Rafa either, our problems are further up the chain. What I would say is his (Rafa's) decisions have been somewhat baffling. Richarlison should play on the left in front of Digne, let Gray roam. Who plays striker is anyones guess but Rondon 11 games to sort of run around in his 11th isn't the answer. 100 percent there were lads in the stands last night that could have put in a better game than some of our lot.

02 Dec 2021 08:55:30
Hi Brownshoes Not sure sometimes if you are on a windup or Rafa incognito

Anyway you might be right that it was Rondons best performance in an Everton shirt but all I can say is that the bar was set very low by what has come before from him and his best performance was average - Championship at best

I'm not getting excited by him yet.



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