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01 Dec 2021 23:55:29
Seen a rumour that we could sack Rafa or Brands by the end of the week.

Now if true who would you pick of the 2?

Think I’d go with Brands as not sure what he’s achieved whilst with us.

Not sure sacking another manager is the right thing to do even though he persists with Rondon and his subs are ridiculous.

{Ed025's Note - it would be brands for me as well dan..

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02 Dec 2021 00:26:17
Brands all day long. You will think I'm mad but I'd leave all football matters to benitez and see what he can do.

02 Dec 2021 00:27:04
If someone has to go its Brands. I feel for the guy as he was a spare cock at an Anne summers party for 3 years as he was constantly dealing with an owner who was telling him who we were buying. When he's been allowed to work, he's done wellish
I don't believe Iwobi for example was anything to do with him for a start. If we get rid of Rafa we really haven't learnt a goddamn thing and will be the biggest joke in world football, as close as we've been for 5 years as it is. Every neutral knows we need to stick to a plan and see it through. It's not even 20 games it's times like this that these echo chambers become toxic and dangerous frankly.

02 Dec 2021 00:37:19
I haven't seen the rumour Dan but personally, if true, I wish it was and/ or rather than just or

To me Brands has been made pretty irrelevant by an owner/ board/ managers who haven't taken most of his advice. We should never have renewed his contract and we will now need to pay a substantial amount of compensation if we get rid it him

Slightly different with Rafa. Can we afford to pay him two and a half years (the remainder of his contract) to get rid of him. Against this, can we afford to leave a manager that I admit I never wanted in the first place to remain when the team is playing so poorly.

Third alternative, the whole board resigns as they and FM are the main reasons we are in this mess. But as some say 'it is what it is' and what right have we supporters have to complain.

02 Dec 2021 00:59:00
Bw, that last sentence ??.

02 Dec 2021 03:36:50
Don't believe that we can afford to replace either Brands or Rafa, both having long contracts and we need what little money we have for new players. What is needed is for a change in assignments. Brands needs to focus on bringing young inexpensive talent into the club and dong the paper work for the players Rafa wants to bring in. Rafa should be solely responsible for player recruitment and Moshiri needs to keep his nose out of recruitment.
Although I would get rid of both if feasible we are stuck with them at the moment, if they did go who would replace them? No money and a sinking ship and a toxic atmosphere is not appealing to most worthy candidates.

02 Dec 2021 04:14:27
BP It is what it is


02 Dec 2021 04:19:58
Don't disagree with what you are saying Mike.
Financially and technically we are f'd
I just wish I had more faith that Rafa is the man for the job but don't see much of a way out of the mess our management has got us into.

02 Dec 2021 06:50:54
First one for me would be Kenwright. To say he has no influence is BS. Even Moshri came in on the promise BK kept the reins. I am still not convinced either that Brands has the powers his job is supposed to have. I get that Bill saved us and believe me this is not personal but a positional opinion. In this Country we have a bottom up approach to departures when things go wrong. Everton need root and branch Managerial audit.

02 Dec 2021 08:05:27
I think they are all culpable DFS.

You can't get away from the fact that FM has owned the club for 5 years. Is he that naïve that he didn't know something was radically wrong with a club he has invested over £500m in. Of course he is part of the problem and has made some wrong decisions

BK is the Chief executive officer same thing

Baxendale might be great in Everton in the Community but has she done a good job as deputy CEO. Not in my book

Brands - toothless, ineffective waste of money as no one listens to him

Grant - supposed to report on and enforce compliance with FFP. Another F ailed

I've been having a disagreement with another poster who says IT IS WHAT IT IS and that we can't change it as supporters

He might be right but we, as supporters should be saying IT'S NOT WHAT IT SHOULD BE and how do we, as a club get from what IT IS to what IT SHOULD BE and pull together as one instead of getting frustrated which I am and I apologise if I have given offense to anyone by venting that frustration

Admitting our mistakes would be a start.

{Ed025's Note - cracking post that bw, kudos mate..

02 Dec 2021 08:46:46
Spot on BW. Thing is about auditing it is catch22 ?.

02 Dec 2021 13:37:23
BW, you've taken the entire 'it is what it is' comment out of context and you know it! The gist is that there's nothing that we, as fans, can do to change what's happened. As long as the club are addressing the problems and are learning from mistakes made, there's little that the fans can do.
Obviously, there's something not right at the club and we all want it sorted asap. I think it's better to look forward and see what can be done rather than wasting time arguing about how much has been wasted etc.

02 Dec 2021 23:10:09
You never want to address the facts do you BP and your posts are always misread and the fans can always do nothing
You want it sorted but don't want to complain, Where is the proof that FM has learned anything - a text to Jim White. Show me a director who has admitted they've f'd up except for Brands 'is it only the players?

Get real.

03 Dec 2021 01:33:58
Been reading this site for many years now, and this is the first time I felt the need to say something. I have lived in the US now for 20 years and miss going to the games so much. Before I left I had a season ticket for 12 straight years from 90-2002. So as you are all aware, those years were not our best. We had some atrocious players in that time, that don’t need to be mentioned. It was very rare though that I ever saw a team go out and not put effort in.
What we are witnessing now needs to be addressed and very quickly. Yes, we as fans can do something. We can protest after the game on Monday after the match (regardless of the result) , stage a sit in by refusing to leave until a board member addresses our concerns. Like who is in charge of purchasing, who is hiring/ firing managers? What are the plans for changing this situation? Is there any accountability for the awful decisions made except the continued manager merry go round? I would love to be back at Goodison to be a part of something like this, and make my feelings known, but we cannot say “it is what it is” regardless of context. This entire board has a lot to answer for. I originally could not wrap my head around hiring Benitez, but I think I know now. They were hoping he would be the scapegoat for the shambles they have created in the last five years. This plan has now backfired spectacularly, because of just how bad it is and we Evertonians aren’t that stupid!
I genuinely, like others have mentioned on here, just do not get the excitement of watching Everton anymore, and I hate that feeling more than anything. I didn’t even celebrate when Demari scored, because we all knew it was merely a consolation, even at that point in the match.
I just want the joy of watching Everton back, and I truly believe us fans have a massive part to play in turning it around. We have to make our feelings as clear as possible to those in charge.



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