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02 Dec 2021 14:45:37
Hi Ed002. Understand if you can't share or don't have any info, but do you have any insight as to why/ how the club is so poorly run? We seem like a cowboy outfit from top-to-bottom.

{Ed002's Note - The change of ownership and the introduction of two advisors to the new owner had a huge impact. Not letting Brands do his job. Letting the owner decide on the managers.}

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02 Dec 2021 14:51:20
Sounds a perfect storm for relegation! Are the club addressing any of these issues in any way you’re aware of?

{Ed002's Note - This is nothing new.}

02 Dec 2021 15:00:08
Is Brands being allowed to do his job now Ed? His reply to the fan having a go at him saying "is it just the players" has me thinking not?

{Ed002's Note - Not entirely.}

02 Dec 2021 15:10:40
Thanks Ed. I understand they aren't new issues, but I think that's the point, how does everyone else in the footballing sphere see these issues but not the people who can do something about it.

02 Dec 2021 15:12:30
On this depressing day, is their any good news. PLEASE ANYTHING :)

02 Dec 2021 15:45:54
What players has Brands brought to the club? I have no idea which players he purchased that have been flops or successful. A lot of blame is being layed at his doorstep from the fans but when he arrived I thought he was going to develop a style of play for Everton from underage to senior team. I have no idea what his role is or how he is being hindered, so if anyone or eds know can they share?

02 Dec 2021 16:53:34
I always thought the same, Joe. But I was shocked to read last week that he has only just got the youth set up playing the same formation as the 1st team. How long has he been here now? That should have been done a long time ago.

02 Dec 2021 19:58:00
Well Bobslad I was declared clear of bladder cancer ???.

{Ed025's Note - good on ya mate..

02 Dec 2021 18:53:57
playing the same system as the first team yesterday u23s got beat 3-0 at finch farm by Peterborough.

02 Dec 2021 20:35:12
Great news that mate. Wish you all the best.

02 Dec 2021 19:56:09
Ed002 mainly but I and others warned about non football advusors having the ear of Moshri. Not going down that road again but the point about Brands still having his role curtailed us an important one. The bloke has just signed a renewal/ extension, would he have done that without assurances! Personally I think not, which logically means ge was lied to. You all already know my thoughts on BK and I stand by those. The Club us a mess. Son in Law (a Red) saud on way home 'it was toxic in there' I replied 'it wasn't as good as that'. Players are protected from us emotional old farts opinions but just once I wish the Club would make them sit in a room with us and hear a few home truths.

02 Dec 2021 20:46:06
Brilliant news mate.

02 Dec 2021 22:58:35
And it's my birthday.

{Ed025's Note - happy birthday mate..

02 Dec 2021 23:49:09
BP How long has who been with us now? Brands or the 1st team manager Rafa? Rafa only 5 months so it should be little surprise that Brands has only just instructed the U23's what formation to use in the last 5 months. Maybe, like us, he was trying to understand what tactics, if any, Rafa wants to use
Every manager we have had the last 5 years (and there's been many) has had different tactics, the U23's have to know how to play to these tactics and to all the different formations used during matches

Stop being shocked and trying to make out Brands is the only problem we have.

02 Dec 2021 23:59:09
Thanks Ed.

03 Dec 2021 00:48:35
BW, your constant sniping at me is getting pretty tedious, mate. How many posts now?
I'm allowed an opinion and I'm allowed to reply to other people without you trying to enforce your own view. Don't like what I say? Feel free to scroll on, pal.

03 Dec 2021 01:37:59
Of course you are allowed an opinion BP but I struggle with the lack of consistency.

In some posts its everybody is allowed mistakes, As long as we are on the right track its OK
In others it we are not on the right track yet but we are trying to get on it so everything is OK
This is after 5 years of mismanagement!

But Brands = you are shocked that he didn't have the U23 playing the same formation as the first team when they need to be schooled on all formations and Rafa isn't playing the same one each week anyway

I don't know where you are coming from. Why don't you tell us what we have done or are doing wrong as a club?

We probably agree on 90% of it. The 10% we don't agree on? I think the board should be held accountable - you think we should just wash it under the table.

03 Dec 2021 09:20:56
No, BW. I realised this morning where it's all come from. Last week, I called you out for telling GB that you don't want him to post rumours or injuries on here!
You twist my words to suit your narrative. I've repeatedly told you what I was getting at but you ignore it. Have a nice day, I'll scroll past your posts from now on. No talking or debating with people like you.

03 Dec 2021 13:16:38
I'm sorry you feel that way bluepotato but all I have done is disagree with some of what you have said and questioned when you change your version of what you have said which I have every right to do and will continue to do. I still think we agree on a lot more than we disagree on and hope that shows in future posts by both of us. You have a nice day and let's hope we both see a better Everton in the days to come

03 Dec 2021 13:46:16
No, BW, there's at least 4 posts were you childishly throwing 'it is what it is' or 'WE Fans can't do anything'. All out of context but you continue to use it in comments on posts that I'm not even part of!
There's no changing, you just don't want to get my point no matter how many times I try to explain it to you. As I said in the post above, this has all stemmed from a comment I made to you when you were calling out GB. But you've chosen to ignore that too.
If you want to debate things like an adult then that's fine, we will have differing views on certain things. But let's keep it civil rather than the juvenile comments in any post you reply to.

03 Dec 2021 14:27:27
Who was it who said It Is What It Is and we shouldn't complain?
Why is what I say is out of context. Did you say it or didn't you or are you saying yes I said it but I meant to say something else

What has that got to do with me asking GB not to post so many 'press rumours' which are mostly unverified garbage

Please - let's debate things as an adults and you try and be consistent in your posts - not changing every time like a child who has been caught stealing from the cookie jar.

03 Dec 2021 18:27:17
Answers are in the replies, BW. Not going over old ground, yet again, with you.
Call me a child all you like but at least see the hypocricy in your own posts. Gb's post is crucial to your recent trolling behaviour. You didn't like it when called out and you have been trying to cause an argument with me ever since. And he, like the rest of us, can post what we like.
End of conversation with you, Bw, I've got better things to do with my time. I come on here to talk and debate with other supporters, not to argue with people.



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