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09 Dec 2021 18:17:38
Well if rumours are to be believed (I know) then we are looking at three 30+ players to fill right back, attacking midfield and defensive midfield.
Now it might just be me. But even if these players came on a free, then surely their wage demands would put us right back in the FFP position we are trying to get away from?
Carry on like this and half our team will be over 30.

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09 Dec 2021 20:22:09
If stop gaps till end of season Brassington then should be ok.
However if they are seen as longer term signings then could be a disaster.

09 Dec 2021 23:41:57
Welcome to Benitez’s Everton.

10 Dec 2021 05:33:06
What would you be saying if these 30+ year old players win you a trophy?

10 Dec 2021 08:06:45
Well done - Dollo, that’s what I’d say.
However if our recruitment becomes recruiting 30+ yr olds on a regular basis and moving away from younger recruits cannot see it being sustainable.
You’d have to be continually replacing these 30+ yr old players.
Whilst it makes sense to have some experienced heads in squad shouldn’t solely focus on those type of players.

Anyway all rumours at the moment, won’t know what Rafas plans are until we see the players he brings in.

10 Dec 2021 09:34:38
You can’t build a team around 30+ players. Short term solution for a long term problem.

10 Dec 2021 12:22:05
Well if we do sign them and Rafa goes then Rooney is the obvious replacement, known for getting a tune from the older generation ?.

10 Dec 2021 14:12:06
We've been linked to plenty of players since FM took over, 90% have been proven to be bs. Take what the papers say with a pinch of salt until a player walks through the doors!
HT, ?? killed me off with that comment mate ?.

10 Dec 2021 14:21:45
Brassington, they don't all have to be slobs mate. Some of you are falling for the over 30 past it narrative. Times have moved on, how old is Ronaldo for instance. It's all relative.

10 Dec 2021 14:52:26
You can’t use Ronaldo as a comparison the guys still class. Unless of course your comparing him to Rondon?
We already have to many overage over paid players here. Why would you want to add more .

10 Dec 2021 15:56:52
The over paid I get. The over 30 I do not. I began triathlons in my 40's, ran my first marathon when I turned 36. The Gym I go to, has men and women over 70, a few fitter than me. Point being Ronaldo may be class but the reason he can call on his full ability is his physical fitness. Rondon doesn't have the same ability and neither the fitness.

10 Dec 2021 16:03:51
Short term solution on reasonable wages and terms could see us through a couple of windows leveling ffp.

10 Dec 2021 17:18:47
Andros Townsend is 30 years old. I dare say he is on a lot less than many of our previous signings. He comes across as the consumate professional. It is a long time since I've seen an Everton player press with the intensity that he does. His attitude is exemplary. Andros Townsend is 30 years old, but he'll do for me.

{Ed025's Note - yeah davey i agree, gives his all every game and that will do for me mate..

10 Dec 2021 17:39:19
No money for another 2 years and some big holes in our team. I guess the important phase now is to improve the playing squad for little to no outlay. So cheap OAPs with
experience who may or may not do a Gareth Barry and more than be great value, supplemented with cheap promising kids from the lower leagues. A few loans too? Seems to be logical to me. We are shopping at Iceland (bad joke in there somewhere) again, not at Waitrose where we've embarrassed ourselves acting like a crass lottery winner.

10 Dec 2021 19:26:43
My point exactly.

10 Dec 2021 22:32:45
None of the players being mentioned will come “cheap” when are you going to get that? Ramsey on 400k a week but hey he will come to us for maybe 60k? Yea right.

11 Dec 2021 09:17:03
Calm down dear.



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