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11 Dec 2021 21:02:25
Digne been left out again…get this clown out of our club NOW.

{Ed025's Note - rafa does not suffer fools gladly brett, and i respect him for that mate..

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11 Dec 2021 21:12:22
Where have you seen that he’s out? If he is then there will be a reason. Players should be picked on merit. Digne hasn’t been on form for a while. Rafa didn’t play James, Gbamin and now Digne so good on him.

11 Dec 2021 21:22:44
Neither do we Ed025…he has been given free reign of our club after overseeing one of the worst runs ever in our history while serving up absolute dire football…I just done get why he is being allowed to do what he’s doing… he is another Boris Johnson!

{Ed025's Note - we cant just keep sacking managers though brett, it comes from a lot higher up than the manager these woes mate, lets give the guy a chance to turn things around and then reassess i would say..

11 Dec 2021 21:42:21
He's been left out for disciplinary reasons Brett. But after his form over last 12 months, anyone that would have brought him straight back into the 11 over Godfrey the other night is deranged in my view.

The anti rafa agenda is boring. He has inherited a mess, and has been without key players. Our wage bill has been massively trimmed since he came in too. I'm not really sure what you expect him to be achieving given those factors.

11 Dec 2021 21:44:56
I get what your saying Ed025 and after all this forum is all about opinions and everyone has one.
I agree that we need stability and would fully back a Potter, or someone similar who wants to build a legacy Whilst playing attractive football…Benitez is not what we need and although I will continue to support the Club I will never support him…again opinions and let’s see how we do tomorrow without Digne and Rondon back in the team?

{Ed025's Note - i was touting potter even before ancelotti left brett, hes top draw for me but at the moment the guy in the chair is rafa, so lets get behind the boss and the players and see where it gets us mate..

11 Dec 2021 22:03:35
ToffeeDavey I understand your thoughts and agree with some of what you say in terms of the mess the club is in and that the Benitez out campaign is boring…to be honest I actually wanted him after Silva left but now for me it’s a bad appointment and nothing to do with the Liverpool connection. He is a very poor, outdated manager with no plan b, who has done nothing in the game for years and years and years and when he has tasted success it has been after inheriting an already strong squad so nothing to do with him!
He was readily accepting all the plaudits after the fine start we had and no mention of the “inherited mess” then but as soon as he has the bad streak we have had then it’s the fault of Brands and previous managers and a poor squad and injuries…he’s a fraud and I just hope that that is realised before it’s too late…we have one 1 game in 9 which was a last minute winner again shocking Arsenal side and all of a sudden he’s a genius and fully accepted by the fans…no he isn’t nor will he be in my opinion…again, fully respect your opinions and think it’s healthy that we all see things differently…let’s hope we see something better tomorrow.

{Ed025's Note - different opinions is what the site is all about brett, i have some sympathy with a few of your points mate but disagree about him inheriting good sides, he done a great job at newcastle where he inherited a load of crap and he turned them around..

11 Dec 2021 21:53:22
Rafa had always been his own man. We all knew his reputation for his way or the highway. Now I rate Digne highly but this season he has been poor. Regardless of his offensive displays being muted tactically, its the bread and butter of his game that I'm judging him, at the back, he's been unreliable. I guess something irreparable has happened that we are not privvy to. Because if it was a "motivation drop" message from manager to player then surely with the player fit and training (as seen on YT this week) you take him to Palace hoping to see a response, even if you keep him on the bench? If this rumour (I've seen it online too) is true, looks like Rafa is setting up a sale frankly. Guess he's a saleable and profitable player? Looks like a few are in for him too, again if rumour is true. Juve, one of the Milans and Chelsea. So as winter window is usually one that teams have to pay strong money, we should be looking for what? 20/ 25mill (probably euros) I can't remember what we paid but I'm pretty sure he was a "Barca reject" and was less than 10? If this is the scenario then it gives us some useful spending for Rafa. He obviously believes in what he's doing. I guess if we get battered the next 2 games down our left and Godfrey has a mare, it's a gamble and Rafa will be in a terrible position again. Would he really risk his time here considering the past 2 months on a falling out? Seems he will. He must see something that if he was open publicly about (he won't put a player out like that publicly, not his style and counterintuitive for all kinds of reasons) that we'd probably all agree and back him on. Looks like Digne has crossed some kind of line in this apparent argument they had in Spanish last week. Guess it's going to take a few of these uncomfortable decisions to try to right our squad. I expect a substantial change in personal the next 18 months. This is just the start and it's fine by me.

11 Dec 2021 22:16:53
Thanks for the chat Ed025…good to get opinions and I know that we both hope for a result and more importantly a performance of desire and commitment tomorrow… merry Christmas! ?.

11 Dec 2021 22:30:51
Good post brownshoes…let’s see what happens tomorrow, and then Chelsea, and then Leicester!

11 Dec 2021 22:34:57
U wanted RB? After Silva but now don’t?
So u were wrong then or now?
Just support !
It’s 2021 and Rafa is r man So support! At least give the man a full season (a Man U once wanted) before u slag off.

12 Dec 2021 02:16:53
Digne joined us over 3 years ago. Until one week ago I've never heard even a whisper of attitude/ disciplinary problems with him

Now he is left out of an already weakened team for disciplinary reasons by a manager with a record of causing disruption within clubs

Just saying.

{Ed001's Note - and you wonder why your team doesn't play as a team! You never heard of any whisper because previous managers were willing to indulge him. Then other players get upset that some players are given favouritism and the moment there is a bad patch of form no one pulls together as they are not a team.}

12 Dec 2021 04:56:32
Do you know this as a fact ED because I have never ever heard anything so where did you hear it?

{Ed001's Note - from teammates who moan about it a lot.}

12 Dec 2021 05:17:58
Thanks ED

You are an awful lot closer to them than I am.

{Ed001's Note - Ed025 has heard the same thing as well, so I am sure it is not just a few whiners finding excuses for things going wrong. James was another one who was heavily favoured.}

12 Dec 2021 05:42:35
Favoritism divides never unites.

{Ed001's Note - exactly. They need to all be in it together right now.}

12 Dec 2021 00:13:01
Don’t start me off on Potter again Ed025! People will staff to think I’m his agent….

I’m with you though Ed, backing Rafa is the best thing you guys can do. I’m sure at Newcastle he always finished stronger than he started and with players coming back from injury, I feel you’ll have a decent second half to the season.

{Ed025's Note - i hope so smp, we really need DCL back asap and mina would make a difference, maybe a couple of new faces in january (probably loans) will see us safe and we reassess from there, but if we lose a couple of our next games we may need harry potter rather than graham mate.. :)

12 Dec 2021 09:10:21
Well said Ed001.we've moaned about lack of spirit in our team/ squad for years. Now we've got a manager who won't stand for any nonsense regardless of who it is, and people are calling him out on it as if he's in the wrong (because he used to manage Liverpool FC) .

{Ed001's Note - that is maybe a hurdle too far for Rafa though, I am not sure he will ever get away from the tag of being ex-Liverpool.}

12 Dec 2021 10:31:56
We must be hoping for 4 to 6 points from the next 3 fixtures BA. 0 to 2 points doesn't do the atmosphere any good and will force the Rafa question back on the agenda.
I personally think we will do Palace today and Leicester too. Chelsea is always a free shot and sure they've been a little off recently but I think they will have tuned up in time for us
Just hope for another team performance and not a demoralising loss. But 9 points would be hilarious for the anti rafa brigade, never going to happen.

12 Dec 2021 10:38:08
Good on him sorting out the rot inside our club that's dragging us down, these guys get paid a fortune for what? They have let us down for years, players need to know there place inflated egos and spoilt brats not getting there way should be dropped. If rafa needs to tip out all the apples then let him.

12 Dec 2021 12:37:44
I wanted Rafa and yes, I had seen enough over the last few weeks to want him gone, but he ain’t going anywhere fast and while he’s yet to win me over with one win, I think we have to trust him. Maybe it’s just what we need - a manager who will not bow down to the big time Charlie’s in the team and those who think they’re better than others? Maybe that’s what has been wrong all along, player power?

12 Dec 2021 12:51:43
Think Rafa right on this one.
Players are paid to perform and to do that they need to train - if allowed to miss training to go home that’s ridiculous - could you imagine anyone of us saying to our bosses - fancy not coming into work today want to go home?
We’d be out of a job sooner than we’d imagine!

Whilst it does put us in a pickle regarding the left back position Rafa has to stick to his guns.

Teams win games not individuals.

Also if he was to be sold in January would we be that bothered? He was amazing first couple of seasons, but he has been nowhere near the same since his injury. If we get a good price and replace him be happy with that.

12 Dec 2021 14:26:05
Brett Potter is an honourable man from what I have seen and heard, as is Rafa from what I have seen and heard. Potter would not leave Brighton for the reasons outlined. Rafa came to us when nobody else would and received appalling stick for it. You, I, we knew or should have, the mess the Club is in and logicalky it is going to take a good couple of seasons to steady the ship.

12 Dec 2021 15:03:20
Sorry but I cannot agree with any of that brettangel. Rafa has had what 4 months at it. He's had unprecedented injuries and 1.7 million to spend. Personally I would have liked potter but as others have Said we cannot keep sacking managers and he has inherited a shambles which I believe he will sort out given time and at least make us competitive again. To say he's a fraud, far from it. Marco silva, brown shoes should actually be given prison sentences by the same measure!
Digne has been absolutely dross this season. He played godfrey and it paid dividends on Monday, was that not a brave decision? And as for arsenal being poor? The reality is that they aren't poor really are they?! OK there not city Chelsea or lfc but I'm not having that they are poor.



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