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12 Dec 2021 18:55:41
Brett, you keep saying rafa out but who would you want to replace him?

Don't give me Potter because he's not as good as everyone thinks. like howe who got found put when cherries went down and has done very little at geordies.

The best guy would be simeone but he ain't leaving atletico.

To me I don't care who is managing our club except for the fact we need to give them 3 years before we make decisions.

Rafa has god awful players to work with and no one (I don't care who it is) would do any better with this crock of sh*t.

I've said it a million times, we need to hold on to the roller coaster and see what September brings after 2 more windows.

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12 Dec 2021 19:11:33
Disagree. Anyone would be better - even DF!
CA had the same squad and though far from great the performances (and results) were much better.

12 Dec 2021 19:13:22
He won't get 2 windows Geoff. He set the team up to soak up pressure from CP? Really? We should be at least giving them a game. They haven't beat us in this fixture for 27 years.

12 Dec 2021 19:13:54
It’s his tactics that are killing the team. I have some sympathy with the players. They must have been buzzing after the Arsenal game. To then be told to sit back and defend against a team like Palace must be soul destroying.
Oh and actually Potter is a very good manager. How often do you see Brighton give up, or sit back. Just look at how they played at Anfield. Wanted Potter before Ancelloti, never mind Benitez.

12 Dec 2021 19:16:31
I really don’t know Geoff but all I know is when you have a manger who omits our best players for disagreeing with him and sets the team up the way he did today and then makes the substitutions he made today and ends up with a 3-1 defeat at a ground where we haven’t lost for 27 years then he needs to be gone NOW…would rather have Ferguson in temporary charge until we make a decent selection and give the DOF a chance to do his job… oh wait we don’t have one, again a Benitez decision.
We are far far far worse off now than before he arrived and with only 2 teams worse than us currently (Newcastle and Norwich) we have a real threat of relegation and there are fans that just can’t see that.
Get him out and get him out NOW!

12 Dec 2021 19:20:36
Don’t agree, Geoff. Don’t want him in the dugout any more.

12 Dec 2021 19:27:00
Dont know how you can say that about Potter? didn't think I would ever say this but I would love us to play like Brighton.

12 Dec 2021 19:52:26
The same Brighton who haven't won in 11 in all competitions?

The same Potter who leaves arguably their best player in maupay on the bench?

The same Potter whose side got booed off after drawing with Leeds a couple weeks ago?

There are pros and cons with any manager but all need time. Klopp got 4 years before winning something and there was even rumours of sacking partway through.

Kendall, sir Alex and plenty others struggled before creating a winning squad.

12 Dec 2021 20:14:08
Mate imo Benitez is no longer the Everton manager. The situation is untenable and the toxicity around the club is here to stay as long as he’s still in charge. It’s finished for the majority of fans from what I’ve seen and prolonging it is pointless.

At this point imo it’s just as much about the sheer dislike of the man as it is about the performances.

Get rid give it to Dunc and hope we can use the fan positivity that will inevitably return to pick up enough points at home to keep us up.

12 Dec 2021 20:18:21
Brett - as much as you don’t want Benitez I genuinely don’t think you can class Digne as one of our best players - he’s been terrible this season. Hasn’t been the same since his injury.

If the manager doesn’t feel Digne is up to it then that’s his prerogative as the manager - ultimately it’s these decisions that will either keep him in the job or get him sacked.

Have a feeling he won’t be round for long if we continue to play like we did today though - but that’ll be his fault no one else’s.

12 Dec 2021 20:56:56
Sir-loin - do you not believe dunc is not part of the problem? He has been the main consistent factor for the last 6 managers and we been poor throughout.

I want us to give a manager time to build their own team and style of play but I feel the fans will force him out as they have wanted to do sin e he signed. they need to forget his red links

I sometimes think would it be easier if we get relegated because all we have done since moyes went was force managers out once we struggle for a few games. The moshiri money skewed our expectations and we have never been happy with 17th, which I'd surely take now with the poor form we have

The last 5 managers have all bought some dodgy players and we are realistically back to moyes time. bargain buys, loans and freebies needed to start building the club up and rafa had loads of experience of this at geordies.

12 Dec 2021 21:10:59
Geoff correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t Brighton above us in the league? Now this is Brighton we are talking about, and they are better than us with a much smaller budget.
So would I have Potter over old man Benitez, bloody right I would.

12 Dec 2021 21:57:13
Brighton had a good run in the league as did we but injuries hampered us followed by a lack of confidence.

Don't get me wrong I'm not defending rafa, per se, but there are other mitigating factors.

Like trying to do an office job without a computer.



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