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14 Dec 2021 21:58:39
Our only saving grace will be that the bottom 6 are as bad or worse than we are. Need a big January to hit mid table.

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14 Dec 2021 22:32:20
True Geoff, but still doesn’t make it any better mate.

14 Dec 2021 22:58:18
Benitez got rid of our DOF and head of medical team…we are hamstrung (pardon the pun) by FFP, our best players are either injured or disillusioned or both and with Benitez’ narcissistic personality and the fact that currently only Norwich are worse than us, we have problems.
You can survive on spirit alone and that can happen under Ferguson, despite the fact I have always been opposed to him managing the team, so it’s time to make the change and spend the rest of the season recruiting a manager with youth, ambition and lack of ego to take this club forward # Benitezout.

15 Dec 2021 01:17:28
Moshiri unfortunately made a mistake appointing Rafa. It just isn't working. Now Moshiri needs to be a big boy for once, admit his mistake and put things right instead of hiding in the shadows, sending texts to Jim White.

Duncan is getting a lot of support and it is difficult to argue with his passion for the club but I still think that he should have left Everton to get experience elsewhere and prove himself before getting the EFC managers role.

I'm desperate to see Rafa gone before he damages the club I love more than he already has. I know it has only been 5 months but who can honestly say that if he does leave now he will be leaving our club in a better, healthier position than it was before he joined?

Personally I would now take Dunc but would prefer someone similar to Rangnick at Man U. Whoever it is it needs to be a short term contract to get us through this horrendous season and give us time to find the right man in the summer. Who we have in our club to make the right decision on a manager though is anybody's guess.

15 Dec 2021 00:13:25
Spirited text there Brett. If only the players could demonstrate that same spirit.

15 Dec 2021 04:30:58
Sorry boys. Don't agree with rafa out. As I've said before, not because it's rafa but no one will be able to come in and play attacking football with this team. We will get torn to shreds on the counter and lose 4 nil every game.

We have seen how bad Keane and Holgate are when we try to play defensive. Imagine how bad they'll be without help from full backs because we only have 1 decent cdm in Allan and he can't help cover both wings at the same time.

We should really try 4231, with 2 proper cdm who will stay back and help cbs. They can also cover wings as required.

This could be Allan and that kid onyango (maybe Davies at a push, the rest are awful)

This can allow the full backs a bit more freedom to push forward to support Doucoure as 10 and rondon up top (only due to injuries) with gray and Gordon either side to support.

We can drop deeper into 433/ 451 if needed and Doucoure dropping back and getting the width from wingers as opposed to full backs.

I am waiting for the plane with the banner for rafa out, another huge payoff which makes ffp even worse, quickly followed by our relegation. cos. we can't spend any money and the players will get even more confused over another different way of playing. 8 managers (including caretakers) in nearly 7 years (Feb 2016 moshiri rolled up) , is a joke by anyone's standards.

15 Dec 2021 05:25:14
Oops 6 years not 7, which makes it worse.

15 Dec 2021 05:50:30
Certainly need a DM to sit in front of back 4. Alan does like to go forward but struggles to get back. A conundrum alright.

15 Dec 2021 08:56:43
geoffjohno, the problem with letting the full backs push up is you've got to have athletic full backs with an end product which we haven't got. Counter attacking is not working because we can't defend and let too many goals in. The only option I can see is to play 4 mids that work their bollocks off and have one creative player to assist which ever forward we have available. Gray needs to be the creative player as he dosen't really do much defending. Benitez needs to shove his pride where it don't shine take one for the team and bring Digne back. He also needs to start playing the youngsters as we need to rotate players as they need to have a break. Oh and before you all start about them not being good enough well they couldn't do any worse and yes professional footballers should be able to play multiple games a week but its quite apparent that ours can't. At least if we play the youngsters they will have had some experience so if we do drop into the Championship they will have at least some idea of what's required.

15 Dec 2021 09:18:09
Seems to me our very own FM has been "a big boy" a little too often frankly and always listens a little too much to fan grumbles and has pulled the trigger with alarming regularity. If I was watching another club. Say Watford? Who appear to be mediocre to poor and spend a fair amount of cash and fire managers all the time, I'd mock and state they need to get behind a manager for 3 years and build themselves out of their situation. We have an awful squad with some very good players. Some out of form, some unmotivated and some in the sickbay. Not ideal. Our fan base hate our manager for historic reasons and are making a very big noise. Looks like the noise is going to get louder the next 2 games and likely result in us appointing Looney and er. Looney as an old boys duo. Might get a bounce, might cheer some up for 10 games until they don't see any improvement in the same group of players again and the cycle starts again. Seems we are currently in a race with Watford for biggest giggle to the neutral football fan base. i'm not saying we should stick with Rafa, his appointment was always a bad idea even if as a coach he's capable if given time to build a decent team. It was a bad idea as it was always going to cause problems other coaches may have had the benefit of the doubt for a little longer.

15 Dec 2021 10:08:38
Hi Brownshoes, I think it is a bit unfair on the fans to blame them for Moshiri pulling the trigger on what, I agree with you, have been too many managers over the last 5-6 years.

I think the only people he has listened to are himself and these advisors of his ( I'd love to know who they are) Between them the club has been mismanaged into the mess it is today. After hundreds of millions we don't have a strong squad and can't buy our way out of it due to FFP

As far as Rafa is concerned the only historical reason I want him out is that his style of football is ancient history and just isn't successful anymore. I agree with you we are laughing stocks in the eyes of other teams/ supporters and they are not scared of us, either at their grounds or at Goodison as we are playing the same negative football wherever we are and whoever we play

It's not ideal but I personally don't see any way out of letting him go as the team, (and it's not a team at the moment) , is spiraling down, out of control and Rafa is too stubborn to realise it and make changes.

I'm 68 and I wish I could say I'm looking forward to seeing Everton win something . Instead I'm dreading we get caught up in a relegation fight that we are ill equipped for.

15 Dec 2021 12:39:20
We won't get relegated. Just like we wouldn't have been relegated before the Big Sam sham that was also fan base generated. That's where all this started to be honest. The teams that go down have the worst squads and concede too many goal's and barely score (I know the response this opens me up to but we do have more goals than those and a slightly better defence) , always have in the last 10 years. We are bad and will end up in a fight for 16th to 10th but this season there is enough teams worse tha the US. If we don't sort it out though, next season could be a real opportunity for the big R. I don't think we will as we have some assets we should sell and use to rebuild. Richarlison 70 to 100 mil. Pickford 30 to 50 mil. Digne 20 to 30 mil. Gray 15 to 25 mil along with all the big wasters that are rolling out this summer at the end of their ridonkulous contracts. Should be able to use some of that to limp over the lime for another couple of seasons until FMs cheque book can come out of the time capsule. Just in time for the new stadium? So the older fans among us probably have to hang on a lot longer to see any enjoyment on the pitch I dare forecast.

15 Dec 2021 13:21:11
Who is going to pay £70m-£100m for Richarlison? He’s another Zaha who works hard and looks the kind of player who could and should win games on his own but his stats don’t back that up. Granted the entire team has but seven goals and three assists last year isn’t worth £70m-£100m.

15 Dec 2021 14:03:35
Excellent post brownshoes. A dose of reality amongst the scaremongering.

15 Dec 2021 00:13:25
Spirited text there Brett. If only the players could demonstrate that same spirit.

15 Dec 2021 17:50:42
Rikky is 10 times the player Zaha is. Deluded comment. Makes you sound like a bitter who has an agenda for some reason. The kids not even in his prime, scores, tackles, wins Olympic medals, will win a couple of copas in his time and maybe even a world cup. You know what, why am I even trying to point out how benign your comparison is? Bitter, get some sleep and go for a walk, try to cheer up.

15 Dec 2021 20:33:14
Brownshoes and NickB57, currently 15th and no win in sight until 30th and even then I am not confident. I know my memory is bad but when did we last have a set of results like this.

15 Dec 2021 20:54:48
The last dozen games that closed last season were probably close to this level Ducks?

16 Dec 2021 02:42:41
Last ten games last season we won 3 drew 3 lost 4

The 2 before that we won 1 lost 1

Not even close brownshoes

As well as only winning 1 this season in last 10 games we have lost 7!

16 Dec 2021 02:48:57
I agree with you Brownshoes Ricky is a better player than Zaha and will potentially get even better

I think though you are being overly optimistic in your valuations. Everton's plight is well known so clubs, and even the players own agents will be pushing the values down

Also any sales will not show in any FFP figures for months after so not sure of the benefit.

16 Dec 2021 06:26:37
To be honest, BW, I think FM has pandered to the fans when sacking managers. Fans wanted Roberto out, they wanted Koeman out, and the same with fat Sam and Silva. A few wanted Carlo out before he jumped ship too. I can't see Rafa getting sacked unless we are on the end of a hiding, like Leeds yesterday.

If he does pull the trigger, then who are we left with to move us forward? I can't see many managers wanting the job and can we blame them? Whoever comes in will have a couple of months with the same shower of sh*te to turn it around, if they struggle from the start they will be chased out of town. The Goodison hotseat has turned into a poisoned chalice, only the brave (or the stupid) need apply!

16 Dec 2021 20:08:10
There's some merit to what you are saying BP and we might be doing it again with Rafa but the current run of form is the worse we have seen for years, albeit that it's been a tough fixture list

We probably can't afford to change but we also can't keep dropping down the table. There's not many positions left!



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