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21 Dec 2021 06:36:04
One thing is for certain is the current situation has polarised the fans. you're either:

benitez out - rednose, old fashioned tactics, doesn't play kids, falling out with digne, etc


Benitez in: poor squad, injuries, discipline, needs time and money., etc

There is very few stuck in the middle.

Firstly, we need improvements in January, ed2 said players need to go before we cam bring in.

Digne be off, hopefully iwobi to the conference league. This may help bring 1 or 2 in.

Problem we do have is the squad is thin and very few saleable assets which will make it difficult to get rid.

Quick question for ed02, we all know everton are skating very close to the wind with ffp, can we, and what are the punishments, if we just went and blew another 100 mil to boost the playing squad?

Technically, no one can physically stop us spending the chairman's money, it's just the sanctions we face if we do.

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21 Dec 2021 07:22:51
As far as I am aware the punishments are largely financial in the form of fines and expulsion from european competition, but it is also down the the discretion of the EPL so points deductions aren’t off the table, which tbh we can’t risk given the current situation. Don’t have that buffer to the relegation zone. Most clubs so far have had fines but I guarantee you that not being one of the favoured clubs we would be the first to get a points deduction.

21 Dec 2021 07:24:44
On another note it hasn’t happened in the EPL yet but several clubs in the EFL are currently suffering from points deductions due to FFP. Most notably Derby.

21 Dec 2021 07:34:02
Cheers gibbo. the premier league has no balls to stand up to the top teams but we just get the rough end all the time. just like we got the first yellow for diving by video.

21 Dec 2021 10:53:28
If we do get any sanctions/ punishments Geoff it won't be anybody else's fault but our own senior management and particularly our owners.

It's pointless trying to make excuses and say something else.

21 Dec 2021 11:23:16
We don't need to spend more money we need to be able to work within our budget otherwise we will continue to be in the same situation year after year. If we take the points deduction that would probably come with breaking of the EPL financial limits what happens if the new editions get injured. We are then forced to use the squad that we have to try to get up the table which means relegation would be pretty much nailed on. To answer GJ's original post I am still on the fence with Benitez. For me he needs to get the team performing at a reasonable level quickly but more importantly consistently. He will have a break due to postponements so I expect to see the necessary changes once the season is in full swing again. He can't keep hiding behind saying injuries are stopping us from performing when we see the team is able to perfrom one week then be shocking the next five.

21 Dec 2021 13:02:59
That's a new one new 'editions' eh? When are they coming out?

21 Dec 2021 15:05:20
I wouldn’t get hopes up on Iwobi moving on. He is on good money and his next move won’t be to a better club so no doubt he will do the same as most our flops and get every last penny out of his contract (and to be honest so would I)

Lastly - I think a few more than just Digne will go - I suspect Mina, Toson, Davies, and maybe Allan could be on the move.

21 Dec 2021 18:07:15
A points deduction would not be this season.

21 Dec 2021 23:40:13
Why do you say that JBtoffee? Derby's 9 nine deduction came mid season as soon as it was proven.

22 Dec 2021 04:39:04
Geoffjohno; don't you mean the Chairman spending the owner (s) money!

22 Dec 2021 10:13:17
BW sure that point deduction for Derby was due to their spending the previous season - and wasn’t proven till this season.

If it had been the same season it occurred then Wycombe would have stayed up and Derby would have gone down.

22 Dec 2021 21:35:30
We have Moshri and Usmanov billionaires, you would think these guys would have good 'special-ist' accountants for every arm of their business. City certainly do.

23 Dec 2021 04:23:02

I don't know all the facts on the Derby issue but would be relatively certain that any penalty was enforced as soon as it was proven that Derby had violated the Profitability and Sustainability codes

If Everton (or anybody else) has breached FFP regs then of course some of then refer to previous seasons as it is based on rolling historical financial accounts

But can you imagine the mess if the EPL decided a club had violated FFP and did not act immediately on it. Any clubs affected by it both past and present would immediately protest that they had been wronged and would start consulting their lawyers.



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