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29 Dec 2021 11:19:57
I have heard a bit of negativity about Newcastle requesting our match to be postponed? Why?
People saying they have done it to get injured players back and get new signings in.
That is exactly what we was saying when we was complaining about the Premier league being unfair when they rejected our appeal, of course Newcestle are going to act in their own best interests, they are fighting for their lives.
I am not saying this is everyone's opinion on here and I understand the frustration of another postponement but honestly you can't blame them of the FA, rant over! Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.

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29 Dec 2021 11:56:05
Most teams are fielding academy players to carry on so its as if those said teams are being punished by not being able to play because of the likes of Newcastle. Doesn't wash with me I'm afraid. So them canceling games because they are fighting relagation is ok? Because basically that's what your saying!

29 Dec 2021 12:00:42
Agree KD, any half decent owner would do exactly the same mate.

29 Dec 2021 12:13:40
Lancer that is not what I am saying at saying at all.
I am saying you can't blame them for acting in their best interests like we did when we was in the exact same position.
Why wasn't there the same negativity when the Leicester match was called off?
Because Newcastle now have their best two players injured and we fancied our chances more. Plus they have millions waiting for them to spend, yes it is unfortunate for us Newcastle will probably be a lot stronger when we do play them, but that is not their fault.

{Ed025's Note - they are playing the game duaney...just like us..

29 Dec 2021 12:21:21
And its not the PL fault they have a disconnect with the youth team and the 1st team.

29 Dec 2021 13:44:28
It depends on how many players Newcastle had available. I don't know so can't comment but unless their situation was the same as ours you can't say they did the same as us. We had 11 available outfield players including 5 under the age of 20. So we would have been left with a subs bench of 2 keepers and a 1 outfield player. Is that how many players Newcastle had available?

If they have enough players to field a 11 and subs bench and bailed because their 2 best players were injured then I'm sorry there's no getting away from it, that's cheating. And it is in no way shape or form what we did.

{Ed002's Note - The guidance is 14 of the named 25 including at least one GK.}

29 Dec 2021 14:06:24
Presume you think our children should have played against Burnley then Lancer? Or are you suggesting it should be one rule for us and another for other clubs?

29 Dec 2021 14:31:04
That i can't defend however it was rectified quickly thereafter.

29 Dec 2021 14:51:46
Its just an opinion guys but just think clubs need to be more transparent when requesting cancellations not just Newcastle i mean all. The FA should also investigate the reasons why and look more closely at registered players that can play.

29 Dec 2021 15:44:41
The last post I agree with Lancer, it is the lack of transparency that frustrates fans. I think it the premier league and both clubs come out with a joint statement so all fans know everybody is on board with the decision that would make it easier for fans to accept.

{Ed002's Note - Why on earth would the Premier League and clubs do that? The guidance is clear.}

29 Dec 2021 16:15:37
Ed i agree the guidance is clear but doesn't mean that clubs are following the guidance.

29 Dec 2021 16:18:58
I know the guidance is their but as we have seen today fans are split whether clubs are playing the system a little bit, not saying my idea was a good one lol. But I think more transparency would stop fans getting suspicious.

29 Dec 2021 17:59:27
It’s done it’s happened some you will benefit in others you won’t, let’s just get behind the team that eventually does take the field in 2022, all our moaning ain’t going to change anything now.

29 Dec 2021 22:54:17
Not sure why teams bother with under 23s and under 18 set ups if these players can’t be filling the gaps in squads to allow games to go ahead?

All these postponed games are getting ridiculous now - when are they going to get fitted in?

30 Dec 2021 09:26:31
Does anyone else find this a little silly?

We were in the same situation a week or two ago… no one complained then - why are people complaining now when the show is on the other foot?

Just very strange in my opinion.

30 Dec 2021 12:42:30
It worked in our favour when we couldn't field a team without a goalkeeper playing outfield so we just have to bite the bullet when another team get a game cancelled with us.
Newcastle might be missing two of their better players but that's the way it is, the extra time will help us get some 1st team players back from injury too.



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