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07 Jan 2022 09:08:32
Don’t quite get all the hatred towards Cenk Tosun…he was brought in to play and pretty much ignored the whole time he’s been here.
Never heard him slagging the club off or getting nicked for drink driving, etc
So he’s sitting on his contract that we were stupid enough to give him…we’d all do the same!
Shame it never worked out for him but was never given a chance IMO.

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07 Jan 2022 09:29:41
Agree with you Brett

I think he's been unlucky, like quite a few of our signings through injury and we never saw enough to say whether he was good enough but it was our recruitment people that made the desision to sign him

He's played/ playing the game now his contract is getting close to ending and he's got a decision make - move now and try to get in the World Cup squad or see his contract out and look for a signing on fee

Your move Cenk.

07 Jan 2022 10:45:06
He was never good enough. Needs an extra touch or second to get his feet set and that's painfully too slow in this league. In the box though, he definitely knows where the goal is. A poacher but he's never going to be afforded only that responsibility in our league. He has zero hold up play and can't tackle or get in behind due to no pace. Been unlucky with managers and injuries and I agree he's been exemplary as a professional. The real shame is he was a rushed desperate buy. He shouldn't have ever been sanctioned. He has every right to finish his 60k per week as hell never earn close to half that ever again. Would be a silly move for him personally when in 5 months he can go free and coin in a sign on fee.

07 Jan 2022 11:29:13
I understand the argument for him not being given a chance etc because as fans we can only make our judgments on a prolonged spell of outings.
However SA paid something like £27m to bring him here and succesive managers have not been impressed to say the least, which tells me the PL is not for him, I mean if we have someone like Rondon ahead of him well. . . ? ?.

07 Jan 2022 11:30:57
Agree Brownshoes simply not good enough, these are exactly the type of players we need to get rid if we want to get better, there are so many average to poor players at our Club.

07 Jan 2022 13:33:15
If I was earning peanuts in a crappy league and a club came in and offered me the chance to play in the prem, and give me 60k a week to boot. Then I would be on the next plane out. i wouldn't be thinking am I good enough.
The manager at the time thought he was worth that amount, and the club decided on his contract.
The fact that he has proved not good enough is not his fault. Injuries and a lack of ability have ensured that he hasn't achieving the levels supporters would have hoped for.
As has been said he will never command 60k per week so what should he do? if it were me I would see out my contract and look for a signing on fee from another club. Or agree a release fee with the club and terminate my contract.
So don't blame the player for his talent or lack of, blame the clown who signed him, and the club for listening to him.

07 Jan 2022 13:46:22
Disagree that he’s not good enough.

He has never been given a chance with us.

If he’s that poor how come he does so well in the Turkish National team?

There’s a player there just been unfortunate with injuries and never given a decent run out for us.

I for one would have much preferred to see him given a chance over recruiting Rondon.

07 Jan 2022 14:57:01
And scored against some of the bedt in the champions league.

07 Jan 2022 15:16:01
Yeah so would I dan. He couldn't have done any worse.

07 Jan 2022 15:16:21
Bit I'd have preferred to play Simms or Dobbin over tosun as well.

07 Jan 2022 16:09:46
Spot on Chris. ?.

07 Jan 2022 17:09:41
Most definitely FC - Dobbin and Simms should have been given a chance before Rondon.

08 Jan 2022 08:18:51
If Tosun had been given the same run as Rondon then perhaps we would have seen a player.



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