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08 Jan 2022 20:53:23
Just a thought.
Under Carlo we started well then fell away. Under Benitez we started well then fell away.
Now is this due to the players or the manager and his formation/ tactics.
I ask this because under Carlo he had certain players he just wouldn't drop. Benitez seems the same. So does this cause unrest within the team and so performances dip.
I only ask this because the team clearly are not playing as a unit right now, and yet have shown in the past that they can, and can be very successful.

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08 Jan 2022 21:26:36
Dunc had em as a unit, Fat Sam had em as a Unit. Moyes after many years had em as a unit. Dunc doesn't fit, Sam hated, Moyes moved on. Martinez bad record? Silva? Ancelotti used us for a quick 11 mill. Me I want a complete clear out, starting with BK.

08 Jan 2022 22:16:28
Hi Dfs, I don’t know why you think BK needs to go, he has a minor share and seems to have little say in what goes on. He didn’t want Rafa apparently and we know how that went. I’m not happy at how are club is at the moment but I don’t think getting rid of everyone is the answer. I’m prepared to give Rafa a chance, we were far from being a well oiled machine when he came in in fact it’s fair to say he’s trying to fix a rolls Royce that the previous mechanics have been fitting Lada parts in . Getting us to be a rolls Royce again is going to take time and a lot of tinkering .
I think we need to be patient and we need to get DCL, Richie, Mina back and a few more out of the door and a few more in.
I know he didn’t score but I thought Rondon put a shift in and he was always only going to be a back up in dire straits unfortunately that’s where we’ve been with successive injuries. Gray, Townsend and Begovic did well today and Mylolenko got a minutes in, we’ve got Leicester on Tuesday so resting DCL and Doucs was practical.
I know it wasn’t great today but a win will help with their confidence and hopefully we can turn the corner but I don’t think it’s Bills fault.
Stay safe and well.

08 Jan 2022 22:34:40
Big C. BK has huge influence, naive to think otherwise. He pushes for Dunc at every appointment, (I agree) , never the less his presence as executive is a hindrance. For complete change BK and his entourage have to accept non executive status.

08 Jan 2022 22:58:50
Dfs, dunc should be moved on or given the full time job. The we would know one way or the other whether he is any good. Can't say he had them as a unit.3 games is new boss bounce. Rafa had 8 games as new boss bounce and now we are lighting the torches and sharpening the pitchforks.

Fat sam and carlo just parked 2 buses and snuck results, getting extremely lucky.8 behind the ball with 3 going forward.

Martinez, koeman and silva may have improved given more time but we will never know.

We have demanded instant success from all of our managers since the money came in.

Now is the time to rip it all up and build a club again. Start with removing hangers on, ineffective people and people who get in the way of the process.

Rafa has done that with medical team, brands and next will be the academy.

Then we need to bring some young players in, ready to learn and improve.

Rafa has done that with 2 full backs and gray. Townsend free so bonus buy.

Then we need to give the manager time to
Implement their own ideas on to new players.

We have players who have had 6 managers sacked because they can't learn or adapt to what they are being told to do, so why would it be any different with rafa.

Not for one second am I saying rafa is the messiah. He needs to bin rondon and 3 at the back.

Needs to go more 433 and its derivatives and give the kids a lot more minutes. they'll either thrive or fail but at least we will know.

I believe we should at least give him til the summer. He's only had half a window really because he joined August plus the few days this month.

Injuries, suspensions, poor players haven't helped. Agreed he sets tactics and picks the, etc. BUT what would you do with the players we have?

08 Jan 2022 23:15:26
BK will not let go of his toy. Rafa himself has said he is not in charge of negotiations. Moshri is not the Boss. It has become a huge 'F' up.

08 Jan 2022 23:23:31
Very good post big c, agree with a lot of that. Didn't like how we set up though. What he sees in Kenny I have no idea the lad is dire. Playing coleman in a 3 with Kenny as a wing back is just never going to work.

08 Jan 2022 23:26:00
Geoffjohno great post o e of the most balanced I have seen.

08 Jan 2022 23:34:17
I would certainly organise them better, and play to their strengths ( yes they do have them) , and I would not play a forward who is clearly out of his depth.

09 Jan 2022 10:56:27
A Rolls Royce really you have never been that good you have had two or three decent seasons in the 80s and that is about it O sorry you got in champions league and was out in first round . You blues need to come to terms with reality you have been poor for many many years you have gone through managers like a dose of Epsom salts and each time your left with the rubbish from last manager and the new manager gets the back lash of you lot as Rafa is now you would not no a good manger if he bit you on the arse. You have spent over 500 million pound and you are no further than when Moyes run you lot. If you have not worked it out for your selves your not just poor on the pitch but right through the club. Who ever makes the major decisions needs sacking now and you fans need to shut up your moaning give a top manager the chance to put things right and educate you how a manger of his stature can turn your rubbish around . How long before you turn on Tony Gordon like you have turned on previous home grown players you are a big club in the lower echelon of the Premier league and will stay that way until you go right back to the root of your problems and may I say in all honesty I hope Rafa takes you to win the FA cup that will be a start to pulling your heads out of your arses.



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